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A girly yhing... what to wear in Italy in June...

A girly yhing... what to wear in Italy in June...

Old Feb 1st, 2001, 05:51 AM
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Thanks for your response. I agree with the weight, height, etc. issue. In the U.S., in hot weather, most men/women would tend to wear lightweight, stylish pants or shorts, not heavy jeans. Thus, the question I posed.

The man I'm "dressing" is slender and fashion conscious but also likes to be comfortable, especially while travelling. Given that linen pants don't "travel well" and I'm not carrying an iron or steamer and shorts may not be the "right thing to wear", I wonder what would be the best choice.

The input for womens' clothing has been addressed, and I appreciate everyone's comments and input. I would have gone with shorts; now, I'll pack my capris and skirts!

Old Feb 1st, 2001, 10:37 AM
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To everyone packing anything: BANISH WRINKLES! NO NEED TO PACK IRON! TRICK:
first of all, roll your clothes! really this always works!! and use plastic!! those dry cleaner PLASTIC BAGS work best because they are so thin!!! no added bulk & ABSOLUTELY NO WRINKLES!!!!I've packed linen & silk this way. Now I pack everything this way!! People look at me & always ask if they can borrow my "iron" !! LOL!! I never need to bring one!!
Old Feb 1st, 2001, 01:02 PM
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Dottie, thanks for the plastic suggestion, sorry to be a pain, but how do I get the wrinkles out of my clothes when I have washed and dryed them? I'll be travelling for 7 weeks.....
Old Feb 1st, 2001, 03:47 PM
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To: Rachel:
Not sure how old you were wanting info on but we are in our late 40's and early 50's. So I feel I can answer your question. We stayed in nice places and saw a lot of adults in:
For women: sundresses, sarong skirts, heels, dressy sandles, chic pantsuits, etc.
For men: linen pants and shirts, microfiber slacks, silk shirts, both long and short sleeved. Nice leather sandles, did see top siders, etc.
Did not see tennis shoes, shorts, golf shirts, polo t-shirts....etc.

I travel every week and try to buy my business and casual clothes in the new spandex/polyester/rayon fabrics. They really travel well and wrinkles fall out in just a couple of hours. There are contemporary styles and these are nothing like the 70's / 80's styles. I also use the dry cleaners plastic as mentioned and that really works well around the softer fabrics. Packing a suitcase too loosly will also cause items to move around and wrinkle more.
DOn't forget the steam a shower makes....If I have an emergency for an iron....I turn on the hot water in the bath room and hang the garment on the back door then shut the door. Not always an excellant method but has worked better than nothing!
Old Feb 2nd, 2001, 02:48 AM
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Thanks, Judith for your information. I guess I was surprised about the no shorts suggestions. The last time we were in the Sorrento area it was early spring time and we dressed, more or less, the way we would dress in the Boston area. It was just fine!
In July in the Boston area, depending on the activity, both men and women wear shorts (nice ones, not gym or jogging type) with coordinating shirts, tops, flats, sandals, comfortable shoes (my husband usually wears sneakers) and accessories. It is perfectly acceptable to go out and about sightseeing, shopping, casual dinner, etc. dressed in this manner. It is summer, after all. I was a little surprised that this seemed to be inappropriate in Italy even for sightseeing during the day in the Sorrento area.
I was planning to take some several dress outfits with longer skirts and short sleeved jackets (what I would wear out to dinner in Boston on a hot summer night), short and long black skirts, silk tops, light weight slacks, as well as several more casual items for day time. Fortunately, I do wear a lot of black and beige with some splashes of color. My husband will be concerned about the shorts thing, as that's what he usually wears while relaxing in the summer - and isn't that what a vacation is all about anyway?
By the way, I'm just a smidge older that what you thought - good guess!

Old Feb 2nd, 2001, 05:29 AM
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What about Nike sneakers/trainers ?

Seen as we'll be doing alot of walking these would be the best option.

but they won't go with capri pants! Only jeans and maybe in Sept it'll be too hot for jeans? I would prefer to wear shorts (fashionable shorts). If I wear sandals (wedged heel - quite high) my feet will drop off !
Old Feb 2nd, 2001, 08:05 AM
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We returned to Rome after Florence for the night before flying home. One of the things I had to do before leaving was to get some roseries blessed at St Peters for gifts. We totally forgot about the shorts advice and my husband wore linen shorts with a very nice shirt. He was not allowed into the church. I believe someone mentioned shorts and short sleeves on women, etc. They are correct and you will run the chance at being turned away at churches.

At sites, like the ruins, Pantheon, etc. or shopping.....you can get away with shorts more easily.

Try flat leather sandles for both the man and women. (You won't see socks with leather sandles in Europe like in the states!)
Old Feb 2nd, 2001, 09:19 AM
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uh, oh. Are we going to be the odd men (and women) out in July, travelling through Stresa, Cinque Terre, Elba and Tuscany, wearing shorts and sneakers? In fact, will it be frowned upon in those locations? Not hitting the big cities this time at all. All 40-something. Never occurred to me that shorts during the dog days of summer would be inappropriate, at least during the day (hiking, biking, touring the sights etc.) Helpful advice?
Old Feb 2nd, 2001, 05:29 PM
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Barbara, it may depend on what type of shorts are worn.
Knee lenghth Chinos shorts with a polo shirt and leather boat shoes/leather slip on slides may be ok?
Picture a Ralph Lauren advertisement or Gorgio Armani, very chic is less is more!
In Australia on beach side resorts, men and women may wear this type of clothing and not look out of place. White Nike/reeboks are a definite no no!
If your hiking, you wear hiking shoes etc. It is a pain because upmost you need to be comfortable.
Old Feb 2nd, 2001, 05:56 PM
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Shorts, t-shirts, big hiking boots and sunhats are standard for hiking.The locals in popular walking areas (e.g., Tuscany) are used to seeing European and American hikers dressed that way and understand that it is appropriate and safe dress for the activity. Bikers dress even more strangely in stretchy tight bike shorts, and that is accepted as well. The churches you might visit in the countryside and smaller towns do not have an enforced dress code, though they may have a pictorial no shorts, no sleeveless, no miniskirt sign at the door. But once it is no longer obvious that you're hikers, shorts as "normal" streetwear may be strange and very foreign looking. Better to wear skirts and thick-soled flats or sandals for nonhiking walking days.

P.S. In Crete, on the other hand, I found that the dress code even in very isolated rural monasteries was very strict, and "normal" hiking clothes were a no-no.
Old Feb 3rd, 2001, 06:12 AM
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During the last two summers I spent time in the Greek islands and in Israel, and except in holy sites, shorts and sneakers were well accepted everywhere. It might have been a give-away that we were Americans, but there were no objections or stares whatsoever. I assumed summer in the Italian countryside would be the same. No?
Old Feb 10th, 2001, 07:44 AM
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It just depends if you are more concerned with comfort or more concerned with trying to be fashionable and blend with the locals. Either are ok.

The dress code for shorts / sleeves is strict only in churches.

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