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clevelandbrown Dec 1st, 2004 08:13 AM

Its certainly hard to imagine why a security agent might think an Irish woman might be involved with bombing! Seriously, random screening is a part of our lives, and it would be ineffective if the individual screener were able to give a person a pass. If all aged persons were excluded, you can be certain that the terrorists would learn that and employ aged persons.

The problem with all this political correctitude is that it ignores the fact that stereotypes and prejudices based on them have some basis in fact. I attempt to reach a benign prejudice, and blond Swede is the closest I can come. I think we probably all recognize that stereotype; the point I would make is that if there were no blonde Swedes, that prejudice would never have survived, as it would contradict reality.

I think the most that we can hope is that each of us realizes our own stereotypes and prejudices, and works to realize that they are generalities that do not apply to all individuals.

NYCFoodSnob Dec 1st, 2004 08:40 AM

<i> would be ineffective if the individual screener were able to give a person a pass.</i>

I disagree. Smart individuals with common sense give people passes all the time. It's called Positive Profiling. Am I the only person here who's gone on a commercial audition?

The truth is too many people DON'T have common sense, therefore, the TSA has no choice but to make the rules apply to everyone across the board because they can't afford even one failure. It seems were stuck with the lowest common denominator method of safety.

Shoe removal is not random at many airports (except maybe for certain sneakers) and NOBODY is suggesting that ALL people of a certain group be excluded. (Why are people so quick to see only in B&amp;W and speak in extremes?)

Is it not possible to teach common sense?

llamalady Dec 1st, 2004 10:58 AM

Answer to Mimi:
No llamas just a cat that is llama-ish
coloured and is Himalayan so is really
lama and llama.

And in my r&ocirc;le as grandmother I am
called MiMi!

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