A challenge for Irish Fodorites

Feb 3rd, 2008, 04:05 PM
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A challenge for Irish Fodorites

Hello Fodorites...
My husband and our 2 month old son are moving to Dublin very soon. Possibly the end of march. I'm American and my husband is Hungarian. I'm issuing a challenge to see who can give us the best advice..
Ok...I have some questions...please..help where you can...ALL suggestions are soooo appreciated!!!

1.We want to stay in a hotel or a B&B in Dublin. We don't have to be smack in the middle of the city. But we would like to be able to catch a bus from where we will stay so we can look for an apartment. I noticed that most hotels and B&B's are priced by person. Ok...so does Ireland have motels?? Which part of Dublin would be decently priced (we want to stay 5 days in a hotel/B&B and search for long term accomodations). and would be safe for us?? Where would you recommend for us to stay for those 5 days?? Which would be more economic..a hotel or a B&B?? Is it cheaper to go in the beginning of March or the end? I know St.Patricks day will be slammed and pricey!

2. Is all of Dublin..."city-like"? I'm just wondering if it will be easy to catch a bus or tram or trolley in every part of the city?? Is there a part of the city that is more family friendly?? I know there are parts that are student friendly. But we don't want to be living next door to loud discos or anything because of our baby.

3.Is it cheaper to buy like a monthly pass for public transport or just a daily thing? Which is the best form public transport?

4. Which newspapers are good for searching for apartment rentals and possibly jobs?

Ok that's it for now...
Thanks in advance!!!

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Feb 3rd, 2008, 04:29 PM
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Some initial reactions:

B&Bs are almost invariably priced per person (with the assumption of double occupancy). Not all of them welcome infants. With hotels, you are often quoted a rate per room (breakfast, if you take it, being an extra charge).

Dublin is generally safe but, as with any city, there are some areas that are a bit less comfortable. I would advise people who are not familiar with Dublin to be careful of the north inner city (where a lot of the cheaper accommodation is to be found).

There is public transport just about everywhere, but be warned that Dublin is choked with traffic and some short journeys can take a surprising amount of time.

Do some preliminary searching for accommodation here: http://daft.ie/ and http://myhome.ie/

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Feb 4th, 2008, 12:41 AM
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Padraig gave the best websites for accommodation. You will NOT find a place in 5 days...its competitive here and not cheap. Saying that you have an advantage as a young family and are more likely to be rented to than students etc.

Dublin is a walkable city and easy to get transport around...its not that big to be honest but compact. Unlike many cities families do not tend to live city centre and the apartments are that bit smaller here. What price range are you looking to spend and what facilities do you want near you as that would narrow areas down to help you.

Its tough getting accommodation around St Patricks day. Maybe a short term apt rental would be good. Also just thinking yhere...I ass7ume one of you is coming for work so I would get some advice and see if they can help on the temporary accommodation part.

You can Buy daily, weekly or Monthly rtransport tix. The bus is the most common method withsome parts coming into the city. The dart is a small commuter train that runs the coastline and the Luas tram goes south and west of the city.

The herald is ok for apts but I think students check more there...the websites would have a better choice and more listings. Thats what I would use myself.

Jobs...if you have no job I would be concerned coming over here cold turkey. You should check www.monster.ie, Irishjobs.ie and recruitireland.com The pay rates are not as high as you would expect in the U.S. and I would be Very wary moving a family here with no job set up. Do your research before coming and set up appointments. The Independent on Thursday has a job section and the irtish Times on Friday. Also agencies and some specialty ones will help.

Maybe give us some more info from your side and that would help to get a better idea what your needs are.

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Feb 4th, 2008, 10:30 AM
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thanks for the advice and the links...

My husband is going to be working...he's a Hungarian citizen and is able to work without a permit. I'm in America and I'm a stay at home mom.I'm also a writer...when my son sleeps... (It's hard to tell now but he's in my lap so typing one handed) So I would like to be close to things to do so I'm not stuck at home with my son. We want to spend no more than 1,200 euros a month on rent. We only want a one bedroom. Small is fine for us. the smaller it is the less I have to clean and worry about taking care of..my son is a high needs baby.

I went to daft.ie to look for a short term apartment and I didn't really know where to look...seeing as I'm not sure which part of the city we should look??? I'm curious if 5 days is not enough time..what would you guestimate a time table?? I know you aren't the realtor or landlord...just a guess??? I would prefer a short term apartment, but again I'm unsure of where to look.

Unfortunately we are all to familiar with crappy pay and high cost of living. We live in Hungary for 6 months out of the year. The economy is terrible over there!!! We are looking for a place to stay longer than 6 months. I'm tired of going between Hungary and America.

I just want to thank you both for your recommendations...I really appreciate it.I'm spending a lot of time looking as much up as I can.

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Feb 4th, 2008, 11:50 AM
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You should do a search for postings by jumper22. She wrote about her experiences of moving to Dublin from the U.S. last year when her husband had a temporary assignment there. They too had a very young child. She was very good about describing her efforts to find housing and transportation, buying groceries, etc.
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