9 days Rome and Amalfi

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9 days Rome and Amalfi

4 adults and 1 baby (1 year old) will be flying in and out of Rome for a 9 day trip (fly out on 10th day). We land early morning after long overnight flight so day #1 I don't expect to do much since we will be tired. Typically when my husband and I have traveled it's just the two of us and we hop around quite a bit but with two older adults and a baby this time I want to make sure I keep our itinerary as easy as we can. However, I really want to make our way into Amalfi Coast for 2-3 days if it's not going to make things too exhausting.

Should we stay in Rome for 4 nights then train to Naples and stay there for 2 nights easily drop off luggage - or just keep it going with the luggage and train to Naples then bus or ferry Positano (or elsewhere in AC).I think I read somewhere that there's a direct train from Rome to Salerno and then we could stay there. I just want to make it easy with luggage and a baby. We would then need to head back to Rome for 1 night so we can make our flight out the next morning. Should we look into a private driver instead of train maybe? It seems like driving takes longer and with a short trip I don't want to waste too much of a day.

Update: This is a Spring trip - last week of May

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It would really help if you told us what time of year this would be.
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Spring - last week of May into first week of June
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I usually urge travelers to press on to Amalfi the day they arrive, but in your case I don't think that would not be advisable. I think the easy train to Salerno and a ferry to an Amalfi Coast village would be doable in one shot. I would ask the parents to trade off so you can go out exploring one day and they can do the other. Pottering around town with a one year old would be more pleasant than all of you boarding the ferry, etc.
I'd only include the Amalfi Coast if you can give it at least three full days.
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I agree that the train to Salerno would be an option worth considering. FWIW, I thought Salerno itself vastly underrated -- the lungomare is truly lovely, and the old town has some very interesting elements. You could base there, and -- depending on your interests and energy levels and baby-care arrangements, take a boat (or bus) to one or more of the towns along the Amalfi Coast, visit Paestum, etc.
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Personally i believe that to explore the Amalfi Coast you need a car, no matter if you hire a driver or you rent a car.
Even if you travel by train, a good idea could be to leave most of the luggage in Rome and to bring with you only what you need for 2-3 days.
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I think it is best to step through your itinerary to validate you are getting what you think you are looking for.
Going straight to Amlfi Coast on landing vs. staying in Rome first.
Here are some items you might not have thought about.
What you are proposing involves 3 hotel check-ins and check-outs. If you go straight to Amalfi on landing, you reduce this to 2 check-ins and check-outs. Your current thinking also includes a unproductive one-nighter at the end.
Does staying in Rome on landing actually offer you a less exhausting itinerary? Have you automatically assumed this or thought about what would actually happen?
Say you land early in Rome, and your are tired. If you head to Rome on landing, are you actually going to get a relief? Are you going to pay for the previous night before arrival to make sure you have a room to crash when you arrive in Rome? If not, what are you going to do until you can check-in? Are you going to walk around Rome in zombie state with two older adults and a baby? Are you going to take a nap in hotel lobby?
Now, compare this to going straight, for example, to Salerno. If you take a train, you are provided with comfortable seats where all but one person (to watch belongings and take care of the ticket inspector) can doze off for at least two hours. You are making progress towards a destination while you are catching zzz and kill time until you can check-in and eliminate one check-in/out cycle.
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Can you fly into Naples instead of Rome?
Last September I stayed in Rome after 10 days on the Amalfi coast. It's a long ride from the airport to the railroad station but the trains are frequent and quick. I think the taxi ride was about an hour from my hotel which was near the termini. Train ride to Naples was a little more than an hour if I remember correctly. In Naples I was met by one of the drivers our small group was using. The tour leader, a friend, posted the company on her blog Giuseppe Castiglione at Amalfi Coast Driving Dreams. Guiseppe is a licensed guide. Our group required more than one van. The other driver was Lorenzo. Both were wonderful and we all greatly enjoyed their spotless vans and incredible driving skills. We were based in a small town and they drove us to different places each day and provided itinerary advice to our leader based on what days were best in different towns (when cruise ships weren't there). They would leave us and then pick us up later in the day. Our big meals were usually at lunch. I know they also drove for other parties in between the times they drove us around. We went to some fabulous restaurants that sometimes were a few miles outside of a town.
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I think you are right, sucking it up and making one travel day really long but then only having only two check-in's to worry about will make overall the trip less exhausting - just the first day will suck. We have to fly in and out of Rome since we are using credit card flying points and this was only option so can't fly in or out of Naples. It seems like the easiest thing then is to take the direct train from Rome to Salerno and make that our home base for few nights and then head to Rome for tail end of trip. I don't hear much about Salerno though and if nice or really just a transportation hub. Or is there benefit to getting a private driver to pick us up from airport and drive to another town instead? The grandparents are our babysitters (we covered their flights in return) so my husband and I can have time to go out an explore on our own occasionally but I want to make sure if they are staying behind they still can have a fun time with my son in a safe town.
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Salerno is what I call an underrated city--it's not unpleasant by any stretch. But if you had your mind set on an idyllic Amalfi coast village, then you need to press on with one more leg of your journey. The villages at the mainland end would be a short drive if you don't want to use the ferry (or it does not work out for scheduling reasons).
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Salerno may be an underrated city, but it is a larger, busy city on the water, and is very spread out; it’s not an especially quaint and charming town, although it does have an old downtown. I appreciate that there is more to the city than just the downtown, but I would not want to use it as a base if I was looking for the lovely Amalfi Coast town with a view.

We were just in Naples, Sorrento and Atrani, which is a very tiny town a short walk from the larger town of Amalfi. At the end of May/beginning of June the whole region will be very busy with tourists. Staying in a smaller town like Atrani might be the ideal way to spend a few days on the coast.

Sorrento is a great location and, while not on the actual Amalfi coast, it's a good place to base -- but it is filled with tourists. We happened to like the town - it's got great views and a lot of options for activities and restaurants, in addition to being a good base.

We LOVED the town of Atrani. You would never know it was next to the very busy Amalfi (which is, IMO, a very attractive if busy town on the coast). Our guesthouse in Atrani was a tiny place but it was a lot of steps up from the beach and to the guesthouse itself. Still, it was a wonderful place to stay because it didn't feel like a "tourist town". If you like the idea of a smaller town, there are other smaller towns along the coast that might be a good place to visit.

I'm mulling over what I would do if I were you - given that you have so many folks in your party, I would first look into the cost of private car and driver picking you up and driving directly to your first location. If this is too much, yorkshire's recommendation above is probably the easiest and most relaxed public transportation method - taking the train to Salerno and then ferry to your destination.
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