$890 to Paris in December

Aug 29th, 2008, 08:37 AM
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$890 to Paris in December

I can't quite bring myself to "pull the trigger" on this R/T fare yet. But it's come down a few hundred dollars the last couple of days, so I'm wondering if it's trending downward or if it's some sort of a pre Labor Day sale.

We all know the cost of fuel is driving fares through the roof, but $900 still seems high to me for a flight to Paris in December (SNA-CDG).

Anyone have any thoughts/opinions? I know we can't forecast what will happen this fall with airfares, and most people expect them to go higher, but I want to see what other people think before I do anything.

Thx for listening!
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Aug 29th, 2008, 08:51 AM
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It would seem a little high for me from the US east coast, but it doesn't seem high to me nowadays for that airport. I had to look it up, but that is John Wayne Airport in LA -- which isn't a big hub, anyway. So you are paying a lot just to get from there to some departure point to Europe. Do you know how much RT airfares just in the US between coasts are nowadays? If you've checked those out, that wouldn't seem surprising to me from what I've seen.

I just got some sale notice for Air France and the fares were around $900 RT to Paris from the East Coast, I believe, but that was for Fall travel. So $900 RT from California in December doesn't really surprise me at all.
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Aug 29th, 2008, 08:52 AM
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When in December? What day of the week for travel? Both can significantly affect fare.
Have you checked on http://matrix.itasoftware.com ?
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Aug 29th, 2008, 08:54 AM
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I've been looking at PHL-CDG for next march and am getting $900, too! if it's come down recently you might want to go ahead with it.
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Aug 29th, 2008, 08:57 AM
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Dec 29th, which is a Monday. And no, I haven't checked that website yet, but I will. Thanks for the feedback!

And yes, Christina, you're right that SNA is a smaller airport, so we will be connecting. I actually checked flights of LAX on AA and they're not showing any direct flights either. AA has quite a few flights out of SNA to DFW, which is where we're connecting, so I'm not sure that's actually the leg of the trip that's driving up the price. But who knows...could be.
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Aug 29th, 2008, 09:00 AM
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Thanks for the comparison, Melissa...yikes! That's a lot from the east coast in the spring, but it's on par with what Christina said she has seen.

Maybe you're right-- I should just pull the damn trigger on this fare.

I think I'm hesitant too because last year on 9/8, I booked flights to Munich and they were less than $700 each. Munich, in my experience, is a more expensive airport to fly into (not surprised why; you could eat off the floors in that place), so I think that's also skewing my thinking.

But I realize that was a year ago and the airline industry has changed considerably since then, as has the cost of fuel.

Maybe if I talk myself in circles long enough, I'll get dizzy and accidentally just buy the $890 ticket
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Aug 29th, 2008, 09:19 AM
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I'm from L.A. area. Isn't John Wayne Airport in Orange County...not L.A.? I haven't ever flown out of it, so off the top of my head can't remember exactly where it is. I use LAX and Burbank airports for my flying needs. Happy Travels!
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Aug 29th, 2008, 09:37 AM
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Yes, SNA is in Orange County. I'm actually looking at it from my office right now It borders Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach.
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Aug 29th, 2008, 10:01 AM
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you could probably wait another few weeks to see what the fare does. if it starts to go up, jump on it. but in september it could go down at least somewhat.

you're so lucky to be going to paris in december!
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Aug 30th, 2008, 06:02 AM
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you're traveling during the peak holiday season as well (the Christmas / NYE bridge week).
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Aug 30th, 2008, 06:24 AM
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2 items in today's news; Alitalia is filing for bankruptcy protection, and more apropos to your question read the following "More Adversity in The Air".

Seems like the "Fall Sales" might not be there.
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Aug 30th, 2008, 06:26 AM
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Sorry try this to get the article.http://www.heraldtribune.com/section/business
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Aug 30th, 2008, 07:25 AM
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$890 sounds really good for SNA, and you dont have to drive to LAX! I'd grab it. The guys in our Irvine office leave their cars in the office underground parking, so their isnt even a parking charge. They walk over, or even catch the shuttle from the Hotel next door for a few bucks.

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Aug 30th, 2008, 07:37 AM
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I just deleted an email from Sidestep about a special international fare sale from Orbitz through September 3. I have copied and pasted the text of the email for you.

Orbitz and Lufthansa have just extended this sale that offers great deals to Europe and beyond this fall and winter. Travel from over forty U.S. cities for as little as $459 roundtrip!

Sample roundtrip fares include:

New York City - Frankfurt... $459
Chicago - Zurich... $580
Los Angeles - London... $605
Phoenix - Munich... $633
Seattle - London... $639
Atlanta - Amsterdam... $647
Boston - Athens... $666
Philadelphia - Paris... $670 Pittsburgh - Dublin... $671
Dallas - Amsterdam... $695
Denver - Rome... $739
St. Louis - Paris... $739
Denver - Moscow... $755
Miami - Cairo... $990
Washington, DC - Dubai... $1169
And many more...

There are deals from dozens of departure cities across the country for midweek travel from October 27-December 11, and from December 25-March 25, 2009. Hurry, you must book by September 3 to reap the savings.

Click here for more information, a full list of cities, and to book with Orbitz.

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Aug 30th, 2008, 08:21 AM
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Kylie and Kellye, et al:

Do the above sale fares include all taxes?? I recently got a fare, AA LAX to London, BA to Moscow, return Kiev to London to LAX via DFW (Oct12 and return Nov. 3rd)for just over $1000, including hefty taxes.

Please be sure to check it out,because many times fares in newspapers or the internet will include an innocent little statement in fine print, "not including taxes"...

stu t.
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Aug 30th, 2008, 10:07 AM
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Lufthansa can be very wierd with taxes. I priced the same flight on different days, one had taxes of $200 USD the other (a lower fare) had $500 in taxes making it overall more expensive
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Aug 30th, 2008, 05:37 PM
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I have absolutely no idea. I was in the process of deleting the email since I won't be travelling anytime soon, but thought I'd pass along the possibility.
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Sep 2nd, 2008, 08:19 AM
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Thanks for all of the help, everyone!

I checked yesterday and the fare had gone back up on AA's website, but alas, it's down again today to the $890 mark (that does include taxes, Stu). I'm thinking FrankS might be right...pull the damn trigger!

Just put it on hold again so I can think about it for the rest of the day. The same flight on Orbitz is $1061, so AA's own website is still coming in the cheapest.
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