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Robert Duke Sep 25th, 2000 01:44 PM

72 Hour Poll-Post your Paris Hotel Recommendation
Someone suggested I move this post from the France folder to the more general Europe one. <BR>Thought I might try something a little different here. I am running the same poll on the Frommers website. For approximately the next 72 hours, I want people to post their 2 or 3 favorite budget to moderate hotels to <BR>stay in while visiting Paris. Let's try to keep it in the 1 through 7th but if you have one on the fringe that just has to be mentioned, go for it. I will tally the results once done and post them here. Of course I could probably glean this same info by going through all the current and past discussion's but this seems like a quick way to get it all in one post while presenting all an opportunity to participate with their "two cents" if you will.

Maira Sep 25th, 2000 01:55 PM

<BR>Hotel Muguet in the 6th Arrd. <BR> <BR>Hotel St. Christophe in the Latin Quarter.

Ma Sep 25th, 2000 01:56 PM

OOOPS....Muguet is in the 7th Arrond.

Janice Sep 25th, 2000 01:59 PM

Hotel des Grandes Hommes - 5th <BR>Hotel du Pantheon - 5th <BR>Hotel Vereneuil - 6th

Heather Sep 25th, 2000 02:09 PM

Is $100-120 for 2pp budget to moderate? If so, please put me down for the Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais in Marais. I posted comments on this wonderful small hotel in June. Fabulous place, staff and location.

Judy Sep 25th, 2000 03:18 PM

Hotel de Notre Dame (5th) <BR> <BR>

betsy Sep 25th, 2000 03:32 PM

This is a great thread. How about adding the web address of your recommended hotel if you have it. <BR> <BR>Merci beaucoup

Anna Sep 25th, 2000 07:40 PM

Grand Hotel Leveque in the 7th <BR> <BR>

Diane Sep 26th, 2000 07:18 AM

Hotel du Champs de Mars in the 7th.

Joe Sep 26th, 2000 08:36 AM

Hotel des Grandes Ecoles - 5th

Robert Sep 27th, 2000 07:37 AM

Almost done folks. Not quite the response I was hoping for but then again we did get clobbered by the grab bag issue and an outage so I will keep this thread alive for another day at least. Please take a quick moment to post your vote. Thanks, Robert

Sandy Sep 27th, 2000 01:53 PM

Hotel des Grand Ecoles

terry Sep 27th, 2000 02:02 PM

Another vote for the Hotel Grand Ecoles in the fifth. It is charming,quiet, and inexpensive!

Caitlin Sep 27th, 2000 02:05 PM

Hotel des Jardins du Luxembourh, 5me arr.

Deena Sep 28th, 2000 04:23 AM

Hotel Relais St. Sulpice. 6th Arrond...great hotel, great location.

watchman_33 Sep 28th, 2000 10:35 AM

Grand Hotel de Leveque (7th) ruue Cler.

Joan Sep 28th, 2000 04:18 PM

Robert, I tried posting yesterday but it didn't take. I'll try again: <BR> <BR>Hotel de Turenne in the 7th. We tried it from a recommendation on this forum in August and it was perfect! Great location, comfortable room, pleasant staff and very reasonable. Walking distance to the Eiffel Tower.

Daniel Sep 28th, 2000 10:27 PM

Hotel du Quai Voltaire. Not exactly a luxury hotel, but SUPREMELY located and a great bargain for those who want to be steps from the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay.

watchman_33 Sep 30th, 2000 07:58 PM


Katie Sep 30th, 2000 09:06 PM

Robert: How can you be so ungrateful? Insider advice and you're not satisfied? Shame on you!

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