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Peter Feb 9th, 1997 08:30 AM

6 hours in Amsterdam

Drop your luggage somewhere in a locker and take the train (buy a two way ticket) to Amsterdam Central Station. You'll arrive in city centre (20 min). Search in the net ( and for info. You can have a good walk for a couple of hours. Or go to the newest attraction which is called Holland Experience on Waterlooplein. This is a 20 min. attraction. They'll show all major aspects from Holland. Lovely to do.



E. Sehn Mar 7th, 1997 05:18 PM

Message to Lisa: Take a canal ride, you can get it just outside of Central Station. The ride is about 4 hours long but you will get a very good view of Amsterdam the way it should be seen. These boats are covered with plexi-glas and the view is fantastic in any weather. NOTE: There are about 1600 bridges in this city. Ed.

R. Witkow Mar 10th, 1997 08:48 AM

You did not say what day of the week and time of the year. Right now, tulips are coming up, and you will want to go to an open market. Anyhow, take the train from Schipohl to the Centraal Station. A 5 minute walk to Red Light District and New Church, 10 minute walk to the Anne Frank House and Olde Church. A 10 minute taxi to the Rijksmuseum - possibly the greatest collection of Rembrandt's in the world! Enjoy

A Press Jun 7th, 1997 06:39 PM

The Van Gough Museum is fantastic. I spent my layover there and was mesmerized.

sfink Jun 10th, 1997 06:00 PM

This is a toughie! If you prefer to see beautiful homes and scenery, take the canal tour-the one we took was about 2 hours. However, you will see alot of beautiful places/scenery everwhere. I especially would recommend the Anne Frank house if you have any interest in WW2/holocaust and eat at the Pancake Bakery nearby. The Rijksmuseum of Van Gogh are incredible - if you like art! You can't go wrong with any of the above! Have a great trip.

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