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Ronanne Aug 4th, 1998 01:07 PM

5 hour layover in Frankfurt
My husband and I will have a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt and wonder if that is enough time to take the subway into town and see some sights. Also, do we have to go through customs again if we do this?

Lee Aug 4th, 1998 02:00 PM

Ronanne: Five hours isn't much time. You could go right into the airport (flughafen) basement and take the U-Bahn into Frankfurt and get off at the "Hauptbahnhof" or main train station. There, you can do some rather quick strolling through downtown into the nearby Hauptwache (main shopping area). Note which terminal your flight is in. <BR> <BR>For customs, I assume that your baggage will remain on your plane (or transferred by the airline), but that will mean going through security again to get to your departure gate (should you leave the area). It's easy if you aren't carrying much with you, but allow some time for possible crowds. If you elect to remain at the airport, there are quite a few restaurants, movie theatres (in english) and even an open-air aircraft museum of sorts on the terminal roof. Have a good trip!

Ronanne Aug 5th, 1998 05:29 AM

Thanks for the info Lee. We will be on our way back from Turkey and will most likely be carrying any breakable items we will have bought and didn't want to put in the check-in luggage. If there are any lockers in the airport then maybe we could put our carry on luggage in them. I understand it's only about a 15 minute train ride downtown but I wonder if it's worth it. We will be traveling on a consolidator ticket so I don't want to risk missing our next flight.

Lee Aug 5th, 1998 07:54 AM

Ronanne: You are welcome. <BR> <BR>I guess that the only advice I could offer up is this: I lived in Frankfurt (just south, actually) for nearly three years and I wouldn't feel comfortable about heading into downtown with only five hours. <BR> <BR>It seems that when you arrive at say, 12:00 noon and have to catch another plane at 5:00 PM, a lot happens in that span. You leave the plane and exit the gate, finally getting your bearings as to where you are. Then you find out where you have to go to take the train, when you arrive at the track that you want and then wait for the train, you could have already used 45 minutes or so (we assume your plane was on-time, also). Now you have just over four hours and you still have the return trip to the airport. It doesn't leave much time in Frankfurt. Probably enough for maybe a schnitzel. I would suggest strolling the airport, have something to eat and a good local beer, check out the shops and maybe go out on the terminal roof and check out some of the vintage aircraft up there. It's so much safer than hurrying everywhere and maybe missing your flight. <BR> <BR>Catch Germany with more time, another time. Have a good trip!

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