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Elaine Oct 12th, 2002 11:58 PM

4 nights in Lyon
We're off to Lyon in just under 2 weeks and I'd like to say thanks to everyone on this board who helped with hotel and sightseeing suggestions.<BR><BR>Some of the things we plan to do are:-<BR>Mooching around the Old Town,<BR>Ride up the funicular to see the cathedral and Roman remains<BR>Sunday morning markets<BR>Day out to Perouges<BR>and sample as much good food & wine as we can!<BR><BR>Any other suggestions for things we shouldn't miss? (We're not really that much into museums and galleries)<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

jw Oct 13th, 2002 06:17 AM

Elaine, can't contribute, but I've always been interested in Lyon, so I'll be looking forward anxiously to reading your notes when you return. I'm particularly interested in the feel of the city -- urban? Is it good for those who travel by train? Can you see a lot by walking? And of course, is it possible to enjoy the cuisine w/o breaking the budget. Have a wonderful time. J.

Robyn France Oct 13th, 2002 12:41 PM

Hi Elaine,<BR><BR>We are planning on a 2 day stop in Lyon in May and look forward to benefitting from your trip report. Have a grand time and please fill us in when u return.<BR><BR>Take care,<BR>Robyn France

Graziella Oct 13th, 2002 03:32 PM

Hi I loved the Hotel Royal, great rates with week end the city offers for many hotels. One day free. The Royal was very pleasant and well located.

nancy Oct 13th, 2002 03:41 PM

A highlight of my 2 night stay in Lyon was a boat trip down the Rhone/Saone (hope I have those rivers right). Also, took a bus tour around Lyon and remember stopping in an old Roman theater site ruin.

Christina Oct 13th, 2002 07:28 PM

I think those are the main interests if you aren't interested in museums. Except there is some interesting architecture and scuplture and public spaces, but you can see that by walking around some of the main places (Bellecour and the one where the Hotel de Ville is). If you are interested in architecture, you might check out their opera house which is rather innovative modern design by Jean Nouvel. Of course, Lyon has outstanding, world-renowned performing arts -- opera, ballet and orchestral.<BR><BR>For the other question, Lyon is a very good place to visit by train, you can see all the main interests easily by walking or talking the metro a short distance. I think I saw most of the city by walking, actually -- all of what Elaine mentions, except I did take the metro from the train station to the funicular.<BR><BR>Lyon is urban, as it's a very large city. I believe it's the second largest in France (after Paris). It doesn't seem that big city-like if you stay in the central area, though.<BR>

hanl Oct 14th, 2002 03:51 AM

The center of lyon is so compact it is really easy to walk around. It is not daunting and doesn't feel like a big place, the metros are clean and comfortable and rarely crowded, and there is so much to see! Don't forget to investigate the murals (there are several around the town) including the fantastic, huge scale trompe l'oeil mural in the Croix Rousse district. It's on the corner of Rue Denfert Rochereau and Boulevard des Canuts (meto Henon) and it's really worth the detour! <BR><BR>If you go to Perouges you may find that there is not enough for a full day trip, as the place is tiny and we found that a morning + lunch was enough.

Chris Oct 14th, 2002 03:52 AM

Check out the tours of the traboules while you're in the tourist office -- they do them in Vieux Lyon and Croix Rousse. I took the one in Croix Rousse and it wasn't as wonderful as I had expected, but our French teacher took us through some in Vieux Lyon and they were outstanding. <BR><BR>There is a huge flea market on the weekends just outside of the city and the food market and art market are on weekends. <BR><BR>Depending on how much of a history buff you are, the Center for the Resistance and Deportation is a museum, but not a "museum-y museum". It's very interesting -- I think even more so because it's in the same building that the Germans occupied while in Lyon (Klaus Barbie and his men). <BR><BR>Place Bellecour is rated as one of the best squares in France, and the square behind the Hotel de Ville has a fountain by Bertholdi (who did the Statue of Liberty). <BR><BR>And don't forget the walls -- many paintings are on the sides of buildings and one of the most interesting is the one with the famous people of Lyon (Bocuse, Lumieres, etc.)<BR><BR>You might also consider a trip out to the DeBoeuf place -- great wine selection and presentations on winemaking and different types of grapes, etc. (albeit a little, um, hokey). I believe the tours run on Fridays and Saturdays. You can also schedule these at the tourist office (I think through Lyon Vision, can't remember). <BR><BR>jw, Lyon is extremely walkable and, as Christina noted, if you stay in the center of town (most of the Presqu'ile and Vieux Lyon) it doesn't feel urban at all. <BR><BR>OH!! And don't forget to get out to Bernachon for chocolate. Ummmmm. And if you want the "real" hot chocolate, go to their tearoom right next door. <BR><BR>

hanl Oct 14th, 2002 03:56 AM

I forgot to mention in my last post, if the weather's not too cold then go for a stroll around the Parc de la T&ecirc;te d'Or, it's a wonderful old-fashioned park complete with zoo, puppet show, crepe stands, boating lake, ducks, botanical gardens, ponds... <BR><BR>Oh, and if you can book a table with a view at the restaurant called Maison Villemanzy, on Mont&eacute;e St Sebastian (in the 1st arrondissement) you will not be disappointed! You get a fantastic view of the city and the food's great value and very tasty. Another great restaurant to try is called the Caro de Lyon, on rue du Bat d'argent (near the opera and hotel de ville).

Elaine Oct 14th, 2002 09:25 AM

Thanks to everyone for their great suggestions - especially the chocolate - mmmmmm!<BR>I'll let you know how we got on in a couple of weeks.

Gail Oct 14th, 2002 04:52 PM

Do not miss the Bernachon chocolate bars! Although I got mine in Paris, the Chuao Pepitos is fantastic. They make wonderful gifts for yourself and your friends back home . 42 Cours Franklin-Roosevelt; 69006.

Chris Oct 15th, 2002 08:03 AM

I prefer their truffles.<BR><BR>I forgot -- you might want to check out Les Halles (it's by the mall). A good place to have oysters (it's an "r" month, after all). Great place for snacking too...

Don Oct 21st, 2002 09:58 AM

I just got back on Oct 19. You must see the amphitheatres and the basilica at the top of the funicular. The food is great (to say nothing of the wine) There are some beautiful parks. Take the number 4 trolley to the stop at the museum of contemporary art and go across the road to the Cap d' Or park.<BR>Their transit system is fabulous 3.8 euros a day will take you anywhere as often as you want and it's the best system I've found anywhere in the world.

Don Oct 21st, 2002 10:02 AM

sorry, it's Tete d'Or park not Cap.

lechat Oct 24th, 2002 08:42 AM

Eat on rue des marronniers at least once. Lunch at Chabert et Fils was one of the best meals of our 2 weeks in France. Great service, great food, great (house) wine and I think we were the only two english-speaking people in the restaurant (a plus in my book). Have fun!<BR><BR>

xxx Nov 21st, 2002 01:04 AM

Topping for Pamela.

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