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Jeff Stair Jun 26th, 1997 02:28 PM

36 Hours in Zurich
My wife and I and our two children will be in Zurich for approximately 36 hours en route to Africa. Does anyone have any suggestions as to essential sights to see in such a short time? Also, any recommendations for restaurants where the kids, ages 9 and 12, would be welcome. Thanks.

Tricia Jun 30th, 1997 09:48 AM

Wow! Africa. Will we are planning a trip to Switzerland and I used Fodor's travel mini-guide at this website. He gives the tourist office English language phone, avail 24 hours, as 1/575-014. Be sure to ask long distance operator if you need to dial more numbers for international calling etc.
You didn't say what country you live in but from US you can call 212/757-5944 and he gives others.
Fodor's top picks for sights and attractions are also given in his mini guide from shopping at the Bahnhofstrasse to churches such as Grossmunster and Fraumunster. Go to home page and click on Mini guide. It's great! Have fun!

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