3 wks in Paris-Wanted: good value meals

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Here's another vote for Leeds. Every place we tried was exactly as described. I also found a few excellent recommendations not listed anywhere else in the Unofficial Guide to Paris. In nearly every neighborhood, there are casual, well priced restaurants, along with a variety of shops offering a fabulous array of "take-away) selections. Since you're staying for three weeks, it would be a good idea to explore the neighborhood where you're staying for possibilities.
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We look to the local neighborhood. We ask people staying at the hotel. We had a great 150ff meal in Paris do to asking people at the hotel. Also ask the hotel staff and let them know how much you want to pay. We found a great cheap place in London from the Bell Hop.
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I second the warning against ordering soft drinks. We stopped in a brasserie near the Pont d'Alma after a ride on the Bateau Mouches. It was late in the evening and we wanted a snack before heading back to our hotel. The waiter looked unhappy when all we ordered were bowls of onion soup, coffee for us and a Diet Coke for out daughter. When the bill came we had been charged $8 for her Coke!
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We took Rick Steves advice and ate in the rue Cler area, I think they were called Cafe de Marche, Cafe de Bosquet, etc. Really good and inexpensive. The more we walked around Paris and read sidewalk menus, the more we realized his suggestions were cheap and very good. Agree that Gustafson's books was a help as well.
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If you're so smart and sharing all you're experience and advice via your website, why, oh why aren't you the ones making recommendations here??? I, myself have every tour guide ever published on visiting Paris and have searched the web diligently. AND, I've perused all the message boards on the web for recommendations. Have you?
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Don and Linda
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This is especially for you, Almalia:


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Hi guys - there are some many places with good value meals especially if you are content with pleasant atmosphere and tasty food. I'm not a total foodie - meaning I recognize good food but generally my categories are bad, nothing special, good and great. We ate at Chartier and given the atmosphere and price (cheap) I would throw this into the good category. I enjoyed those cheap simple pleasures street food (ie fries and crepes) offered. A couple of my favorite meals were at a cafe down the street from our hotel (not a famous one) where I had one of those delcious fresh green salad, chesse and bread and some Sancerre white wine. A treat. Do picnic as others have suggested. There are so many breads, cheeses, meats, produce and wines to be found anywhere including around Rue de Buci - that you can put together a lovely simple and romantic meal at the venue of your choice. I was enchanted with Luxembourg Gardens. I did too much restaurant research before going and had a couple of disappointments even with tons of recommendations fo those places. Explore and enjoy your exploration. You are very luck to have the time to try lots of things and see the city.
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Jerry Yares
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Don & Linda: Many years ago, fresh out of college, I took my first job and found myself travelling to New York City. I asked a colleague where to eat. His advice I've continued to savor--"There are so many restaurants in New York and each day some are opening and others closing, so you could eat each of three meals a day in a different restaurant and never eat in the same one twice. So, go and try 'em all!" Same applies to Paris and other cities. In Paris, I am told, bad restaurants close quickly. And don't judge by the decor--Parisiennes are far more interested in food than stuff. Plus menus and prices are always posted outside for you to examine.

So, eat wherever you happen to be if they are serving what you want and the price seems right. And if nothing appeals to you, grab a quick baguette sandwich to tide you over until the next place.
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Sargent Recruiter on the Isle de Cite.

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