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10yrannv Sep 18th, 2009 12:45 PM

3 Nights in Paris Need Apt. Rec.
We (my husband and I) will be taking our 1st trip frm the states to Europe that includes staying only 3 nights in Paris.....I would love to rent an apartment rather than stay in a cramped hotel room, besides it being overwhelming and daunting to even begin to choose, most that I have found that I have LOVED only rent by the week or month??

Our budget is $300 - 350 (USD) per night; but of course would love to find something a little cheaper. I am hoping for a view to take in, a terrace w/a view would be amazing, but would lose both for good charm and character. Don't mind 2 flights of stairs w/out a lift, anymore than that may be pushing it since we will be walking so much.

I think I have narrowed it down to the St. Germain, Montmarte, or Ile St.Louis areas, but I am open to other choices. I do like the idea of walking almost everywhere, so location for me is key. HELP! and thank you! ;o)

Christina Sep 18th, 2009 01:22 PM

I don't have one in specific to recommend where I've stayed as I usually travel alone and thus have rented smaller places when in Paris, and have never had a view or terrace. But I can tell you any places that will rent for three nights (which are very few) usually charge a premium for such a short rental. However, I can recommend that if you really want to walk most everywhere, scratch Montmarte off your list, and that will save you time looking there. It is just impossible to walk most everywhere from Montmartre.

Most vacation rental apt websites don't require monthly rentals, that is fairly unusual. Some websites geared to locals or business people rather than vacationers do, and a few vacation rentals do, of course. I rented one that now requires a month although I was only there two weeks, as I suppose the owner just doesn't want to be bothered with a lot of short-term occupants and moving to accommodate them (it was owner-occupied at times). But that isn't common.

So there are only a few websites that might rent for three nights. Some people like and they will rent for 3 nights, but have a surcharge when they do that. But you should still be able to find something in your budget on there. I don't know any others that only rent 3 nights -- of course some have a 5 night min. and you can just pay that but stay three days. So part of your budget would be going to having an apt for only 3 nights.

Hagan Sep 18th, 2009 01:37 PM

We stayed in an apartment for three nights several years ago and can highly recommend this one:,
ID 24752.
It doesn't have a terrace but it does have those floor-length windows with the wrought iron across, sort of a fake balcony. It's on the 5th floor with a lift, has every amenity. But the best part is the location - just off Rue St. Andres Des Artes, within walking distance to Notre Dame, the Louvre, St. Chapelle, etc. Very short walk to several metros and the RER B.
There's no premium for short stays (at least there wasn't when we rented). The entry is off an historic, pedestrian-only cobblestone lane.
Good luck.

tommyp Sep 18th, 2009 02:29 PM

I contacted Lodgis: and ended up with a VERY nice charming studio apartment on Isle St Louis. Around the corner from the best gelato I've ever had. You can serach by time, budget and location..
We considered ourselves incredibly lucky and thoroughly enjoyed our stay (6 nights). We felt right at home and even had picnic dinners and cooked a few times to save money. Look for something close to a metro line - you can go almost anywhere very quickly...

yestravel Sep 18th, 2009 02:29 PM

One that has rented for less than a week in the past is We never ended up staying in there apts but they did have less than a week rental.

10yrannv Sep 18th, 2009 03:11 PM

Have I mentioned that I love Fodors???....thank you so much for you responses....I am really open to staying almost anywhere due to the metro being so easy to use, but would rather be in a central place for walking....good to know about Montmarte though, some of the apartment owners are calling the arrondissement they occupy as 'the center of Paris & everything that matters (to them maybe)' ;o) --- I am about to check all the above out.

I love the idea of a large studio, -- my motivation for an apartment is also about cooking in,the idea of going to the little markets and gathering up dinner w/wine & pastries, oi vey, I still am pinching myself that we are even doing this! so actually, being near a little market might be a good idea as well....

the more recommendations the better, is there a diagnosis for ocd of paris apartment hunting?

jpie Sep 18th, 2009 03:27 PM

If you want central then it is good to stay near the river and close to the islands-so Ile St. Louis is good and St. Germain and all the latin quarter on the left bank-likewise the marais and as far as the Louvre and 1st area on the right bank. Montmarte is a great area but as Chrsitina mentioned it is both "farther away" (certainly from the river) and just as importantly it is an area of Paris that is hilly in great areas of the neighborhood-which makes it difficult to walk some places.

Most "first-timers" like the Latin Quarter (5th, 6th), Marais/ Ile St. Louis (1st, 4th arrondissement.) If you stay close to the "B" RER line you also have easy access to and from the airport (either CDG or Orly) as well. Another area people here love is the 7th near the Eiffel tower and rue Cler market street, but be aware that in general it doesn't have the easy access of the other neighborhood from the airport-however, it is a little quieter and calmer. As you check out apartments you may want to notice the metro line-you can check the map at

10yrannv Sep 18th, 2009 03:43 PM

We are coming in via train from Brussels to Paris....then after Paris, taking an overnight train to Rome....I have heard the Marais is good, been looking there as well....thank you for the metro map!

tommyp Sep 18th, 2009 04:39 PM

Oh - and we paid about 90 EU a night for the apt. Best bargain ever. jpie is correct - see if you can stay somewhere near the center of Paris. I'm OCD about travel as well (leaving in three weeks for Italy).. I looked for our apartment on Lodgis - foudn this one that's like the one where we stayed.. it has a minimum 1 week stay, but it's only $800 EU a week (BTW - three days in Paris is not enough)

Do a search by district (345 or 12345) then use the Map tool that will show up above the search results.. Happy hunting.:)

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