3 Girls in France trip report

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Day 6

After we got back to our room last night, I sorted all the stuff we had purchased and got it ready to mail home.

So early this morning I got up and headed to La Poste with shopping bags in tow. But no, the bathrobe was safely still with grandma

Really enjoyed getting out early by myself. I like seeing cities/towns that way when things are still quiet. Went to La Poste when they opened, and bought the XL box for international shipping. The box is about 12 x 8 x 18 inches and is a flat fee to the US regardless of weight. So I loaded it up with as much as I could fit in. The rate is 38 euros, and I mailed this box on Saturday June 29th and it arrived yesterday, July9th. Not bad!

After that I hit the boulangerie for a couple croissants for DD and myself. Grandma was still asleep. Back to the hotel and waited for the two of them to get ready. Today was our day to wander Bayeux on foot. We decided to skip the hotel breakfast and find something on the main street. Grandma was getting a bit picky, and we passed a place with large pictures of the food. That is usually a big red flag, but grandma was excited about it so we went. Again, I should have listened to my gut feeling. We order 3 waffles and have them in a flash. Of course they are still frozen in the middle and taste awful. Can't eat them. The cafe au lait was just as bad, so we just pay and leave. I mentioned at that point that we are not stopping anywhere else with pictures of food.

We then wander over to the tapestry. We end up in the middle of a German tour group. The guide is upset that we are breaking up their group, but really it was that half the group was not staying together. Oh well. And at the tapestry, you walk through, silently, and listen to the audio guide, so it is not as if the group has to be tied to each other. Anyway, we go through and the story is as fascinating as is the actual tapestry.

From there we walk over to the cathedral. Wow!!! Beautiful, and especially amazing for such a small town. We buy a few postcards at a shop across from the entrance, and find that there is a separate room full of chocolate/tasty goodies. So we buy some caramels and various items there.

Back down the main street we go hitting various shops. We spent too much time and money in Parfumerie Nocibe. Bath salts, makeup, perfume...you name it! We are in girlie heaven here. DD and I must leave after dropping nearly 170 euro here. I don't recall how much grandma spent.

Time for lunch, so we keep heading towards the restaurants. We decide to go for pizza as Restaurant Pizzeria Bellagio has some nice outdoor tables set up with large umbrellas. Today the weather has been great, but once we sat down it started to sprinkle a bit so we were thankful for the cover. We did not know how big the pizzas were, so made the mistake of ordering 2. One vegetarian and one marguerita. Both very good, but way too much food for the 3 of us. We had kir royals to start, as well as sodas and our total bill was 28 euro.

Back to the hotel to pack up and head back to Paris. Grandmas room here was 90 euro per night and ours was 120. Definitely a great rate as the hotel was perfect for us.

Big dark clouds show up again, so we decide against walking to the train station with our luggage. So took a cab the short distance.

The train left at 3 pm and arrived in Paris at 5. In our compartment was a young man who had just graduated from high school in SF and was traveling around Europe for 6 weeks. He was trilingual (English, French and Russian) and told us of his Russian heritage. DD has a close friend going to Siberia on exchange in a few weeks so it was interesting to talk with him.

We arrive at Gare St. Lazare right on time and head down to the taxi stand. Very short wait and off we go to the Hotel Britannique in the 1st. Beautiful hotel!!!

We check in and find our rooms are on the 1st floor. We open the door to the lift and see that it will hold 1 person and 2 bags, barely. So we go in shifts, lol!

Our rooms are gorgeous! Both face the street, as I requested, and have beautiful windows looking out with flower boxes, and beautiful drapes to accent the windows. Grandma has a king bed and we have two twins. Grandmas bathroom once again has a stall shower, while ours has the tub with half wall. Ours has deep red tile in the bathroom, while grandmas has an orange that was actually really pretty even though it sounds iffy. The beds have the softest covers on them, and are a deep red with tan and grey accents. Really pretty! The windows have build in black out shades so that it made sleeping nice and quiet as well as dark. We had a mini bar here too, and the drinks were reasonable.

Grandmas is elated...this hotel supplies bathrobes, lol!

After settling in, we head across the street to Le Cafe Zimmer for dinner. We each had the 3 course dinner, DD and grandma had steak and frites while I had lamb kabobs. Very good! Desserts were HUGE though...too big actually. But they did have Berthillion ice cream Our bill was 111 euro total.

After dinner we wandered over to Rue Rivoli, which is only 2 short blocks from the hotel. We find a Yves Roche which has all sorts of lotions, sunscreens, etc. So we are again in girlie heaven here. When we pay, they tell us they are out of bags, but they have these ones we can purchase for 0,50 euro. We opt for that and end up loving the thing! Hard to describe, but a bright floral design, large bag, very thin and folds up into itself when not in use, so very compact. More about these bags later.

Back to the hotel for the night. Turn on CNN and hear about the events in London.

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Hi, MMS.
I'm enjoying your report. Thank you for taking the time to post.
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More of Day 6

I completely forgot to mention that after dinner at Cafe Zimmer, we did the river cruise. I purchased tickets onlin through the Les Vedettes du Pont-Neuf website as you do not need to specify a day or time, but you get a discount doing this. So we walked over to the boat area and were able to bypass the line to purchase tickets. I just showed my computer printout to the appropriate window, and they sent us to the boarding area. We were on the 9:30 sailing, which was nice as it was still light out, but was slowly getting dark so we saw all the various buildings light up. And we got to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. The boat tour first heads down toward the Eiffel Tower, turns around, comes up the river to near the Bastille, and turns around again, ending at the original spot. This way, it doesn't matter which side of the boat you sit on, you will get a good view of everything. There are photographers that come and take your pictures and you can purchase those after the cruise. We didn't feel like waiting at the end, so have no idea if our pic was good or not.
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Your report makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.

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Day 7

Today was to be our day at Versaille. The weather was not looking good at all, and grandma does not enjoy the rain, so we changed plans.

We slept in a bit, and then headed up to Sacre Coeur via cab. The taxi station was less than a block from our hotel, at the Chatelet Metro station. Sometimes it can be quite a wait for a taxi, but eventually they come.

We arrive, and grandma comments that it is a church. I say yes, what did she think it was. She thought it was going to be shopping, lol! I have no idea where she got that, but she was truly surprised that we were going to a church. And she is quite the church lady herself. So, we head up the stairs and arrive just as mass is about to start. We are not too sure about entering as we are not staying for mass. We did not want to be rude. We did go in, as they were ushering visitors around the seating. We just kept quiet, but took in all the beauty.

After that we headedup over to the left of the church (as if you were facing it) and wandered the trinket filled area. We were hungry as we had skipped breakfast this morning (but grandma did grab coffee at the hotel) so stopped at the first cafe we found. We sat at an outdoor table and the sun was shining bright. Of course, after we bailed on Versaille, grr! But this cafe truly had the worst croissants ever...burnt even. And bad coffee. But when you are hungry, you make do. I lost count at how many "artists" wanted to sketch DD. She thought it was funny that they would not take no for an answer, but I let her do the talking and she turned each and every one away.

Grandma for some reason decided she must enter each of the tacky souvenier stores, and purchase the stuff. I still don't get that, but it made her happy. She was buying all sorts of stuff, lol! Finally we arrive at the square where various artists gather and sell all sorts of paintings/etc. When we came a few years ago, I bought two paintings there that I love, and on this trip I found another. It was marked at 180 euro, but got it for 150. I brought it home in my carryon and already have it displayed in the family room.

Also on our trip a few years ago, we had lunch at a restaurant right there by the square at La Boheme, so we decided to try it again. We sat inside where it was cooler, and relaxed. Above the doorway was the a/c unit, and the resident cat was cooling itself next to it. DD has rotisserie chicken, but grandma and I have crepes. We all have lemonade to cool off with. Total bill was 46 euros.

After we left the restaurant, we wandered more streets. The weather was changing drastically, and finally the rain was just dumping. So we ducked in a shop and bought cheap umbrellas. From there we were off to see if any of the fabric stores were open. As I feared, it was Sunday, they were not. Oh well...dreams of buying loads of fabric to redo our bedroom were dashes. The checkbook has a big sigh of relief though.

We try to find our way to one of the Metro stops, but keep finding roads that just stop. So we end up doing lots of stairs in the area. We didn't bother with the funicular (did that last time) as it was more enjoyable to have fresh air.

We take a further metro so that we do not have to change lines. This will be moms first (and only) metro experience so I wanted it to be easy for her. So we walk down to the Barbes Rochechouart stop, buy our tickets and hop on. We are not on it but a few seconds and grandma has nodded off again (this happens frequently, so haven't posted much about it). DD and I just giggle and watch her purse. Which, we are constantly reminding her to keep her purse zipped up and close to her. She is a good sport and laughs, but I am amazed that she was never pick pocketed as she would have been a very easy target.

We arrive at the Chatelet stop, which is enormous, so it takes a while following all the signs to find your way out to street level. Grandma is convinced I am taking them in circles, but no, it is just a big maze.

We go to the hotel and grandma wants to nap for a bit. So DD and I mention that we will go scout out the area for restaurants and find a grocery store. She asks us to bring her a glass of ice for some tea, so I explain that ice is not something we will find. On the way out I ask the front desk for recommendations for dinner. On a map, they mark several places. We head over to one, Au Chien Qui Fume, near Les Halles. The place is packed, so we make a reservation for dinner. Then we wander the streets looking for a grocery. I spot two policemen, so ask them. Of course one is less than a block away. We head in there and buy some cold iced tea and sodas, and slowly head back to the hotel. We enjoy checking out the streets and seeing what all is nearby.

Back at the hotel, grandma is in the hotel robe, lol! But very greatful for the iced tea, even though we didn't have any ice.

She gets changed and we head over to the Louvre. It is the free Sunday, but later in the afternoon so the crowds were not too bad. The weather was back to being muggy, so the fountains near the pyramid were really nice. The wind was blowing just a bit, so we felt like we were getting a full body mist. Felt great!

Airport type security going in...purses on the scanner...but the line went fast and even inside it was not mobbed. This place is huge!!! Even though you can see how large it is from the outside, the inside makes it feel even larger and you sort of feel that you will never find your way out. We just do a short visit here, but did the musts of Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, among others.

We slowly walked along Rue Rivola back towards the hotel. We had to laugh at one of the souvenier places...there were various black and white photographs of the monuments...but they all had this naked lady superimposed on them. Like the Eiffel Tower, it shows her leaning against one of the legs of it. We just giggle and keep going.

We stop for a croissant, then head over to Sephora. Again, girlie heaven. I bought perfume, and it was fun to check out all the ones they had. Grandma and I went down memory lane when we saw ones we wore years ago. We got a few things of nail polish, makeup, etc but not a lot.

Off to dinner now. We arrive at the restaurant and grandma checks the menu and thinks it is great. The place has paintings of smoking dogs all over, and dog faces with human bodies (both dressed as well as nude). A very interesting decor, but fun. We are seated outside, but under the veranda. Perfect.

A few minutes later, 4 women sit next to us. Church ladies from Dallas. They strike up a conversation with us, and grandma is in absolute heaven!!! They are on a choir tour, and my mom is very involved with her church, so they all just click.

We started with kirs, then had the 3 course meal. I had the duck and pear, grandma the rack of lamb, and DD the chicken/potato casserole that came in a copper pot. All were excellent! Desserts we had were the apple tart, profiteroles. We had glasses of wine as well. Total tab for us came to 111 euros.

Back to the hotel for the night.
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Welcome back, mms! I'm enjoying your report so much. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! And I'm glad your French class was so helpful.

I copied and pasted the part about the tennis tour into an e-mail to DS! He's gonna be even more jealous!

I'm so impressed with how quickly you're writing this! Took me at least a month to do mine, start to finish!
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Caph--I was thinking of you while we were on that tour! I was going to buy your DS a t-shirt from the French Open, but all they had left were smalls (which was perfect for the girls) and then we got the last two larges for her coaches. I was hoping to surprise you with one. Oh well. You realize your DS will now need to go, right? LOL! I just kept notes each day, and I keep all my receipts, so that helps. Otherwise it would take me forever too.
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Whew!! I got tired just reading your report, mms. What fun, and what great memories. Sounds like you three got along pretty well together.

Has DD developed her B&W photos yet?
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Oh, mms! How sweet of you to think of my DS and me when you were there! I'm truly touched!

He read what I e-mailed him from your report. He thought it really sounded cool. He told me that next time we're in Paris, we definitely need to do that. Being facetious, of course, as he's never been there!

I'm not sure that DD's and my trip impressed him enough to make him all that interested in going to Paris. But now that he's read about your tour...!
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Beachbum--I actually just got back from picking up DD's pictures. I have only sifted through a few rolls so far. The photo store said they were REALLY good, so I can't wait to see them all.

Caph--Well, you can blame me when you get guilted into taking DS to Paris

Another hot day here today...was 105 yesterday. So should get more writing in since I am not going outside, lol!
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enjoying this story of three generations traveling together . . .
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Really enjoying your trip report - especially Grandma!
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A few misc. notes. We had reservations at Le Florimond for Sunday night, but when we were staying at the Muguet and saw how close it was to there, we changed our plans. We tried to get in while we were staying nearby, but that did not work out. So we ended up cancelling our reservation in leiu of something closer to the Britannique.

On the river cruise, there were several areas that people were dancing in. They seemed to be areas meant for gatherings. One area had the younger set dancing, all crammed together. The next one was older people doing more classical dance. Can anyone tell me anything about these?

The Britannique had a few comments in Trip Advisor reviews a while back about noisey rooms. The literature says they have soundproofed the rooms, and I can vouch for that. Total silence! Very nice since we were on the street side.

Day 8

We wandered around the corner from the hotel and had breakfast at Brasserie Le Benjamin, which is on the corner of Rue Rivoli. We each had cafe au lait, oj, and croissants for a total of 25 euro.

Then it was off to Notre Dame. Again, a place that continually amazes me. As soon as we finish and come back outside, the rain begins dumping. We need to find a restroom, and there are some in front of the entrance, near the bridge, downstairs. There was a line, and while not a set fee, the attendant had a basket that everyone just put whatever coins in. You get your own little room in here, with the sink, soak and paper towels right in there.

Today was misc. shopping and wandering. We first head over to the isles. We wander up and down both, stopping at various places. Pylone's was a hit. Hard to describe, but lots of bright fun items for young kids as well as adults. Not expensive either. Lunch was at Au Lys D'Argent and was very good. We had salads, quiche lorraine, and sucre crepes. I don't remember what the bill was, but it was very inexpensive. Great place!

After the isles, we headed back toward the hotel. Stopped at that Yves Rocher again for more of those fun bags. DD kept one in her purse and whenever it would rain, she would open it up and put her purse and camera in this bag and it kept them dry. They were only 0,50 euro, so we decided to bring a few back. Grandma really liked them, and worked with a lot of teens, so she bought 15 of them, lol! Yes, sometimes the cheap things are our favorites

After that we were off in search of linens. Specifically the Les Olivades store. I had a tablecloth from years ago when DH was in the Navy and brought me one back. Then on our last trip, I bought another. Well, I am hooked on these and so this place was one of my musts. We enjoy the walk as the streets are full of various stores along the way. One place, not sure if it was a gallery or just what, but there were black and white framed pictures of people with drawfism, but naked. It was tasteful, but just so different than what you typically see.

By now the rain has stopped and it is really muggy and bright out. We arrive at Les Olivades ( 1 due de Touron i nthe 6th) and I am in heaven I find two tableclothes, one is 108 euro but is 60% off. Score!!! The other is 108 euro, and not on sale. Still, I don't think that is bad at all, so snag that too. One is various shades of yellows in the design and the other is red and white. Then found 4 pillow covers for our living room sofa, again in reds and whites, for 26 euro each. The store is roasting, so that probably helped the checkbook. I could have stayed in there all day otherwise, lol!

Purchases in hand, we head back to the hotel. Along the way though, a purse store calls our name. Max, at 45 due Dauphine in the 6th. I find a Frederic bag that I fall in love with. Butter soft black leather, small, sort of triangle shaped. On sale for 60 euro, so that comes home with me as well.

Back to the hotel to drop off purchases, then back over to the isles. Time for Saint Chapelle. Very long line, and and of course it was quite warm/muggy while we were waiting. The line was to get through security. Here, the security is like at the airport, so it takes a bit. After we get through that line, then you continue outside to another building and buy your tickets. It is the afternoon by now, and when we enter, the light is absolutely amazing with all the stained glass windows! There are chairs set up all along the sides, so you can sit down and marvel at the beauty.

After this we head back to the hotel, but stop at Le Zimmer. We sit outside, but in the shade, and I get a large bowl of strawberries, DD gets a coke, and grandma a cafe au lait. The berries were very good and perfect for a hot afternoon!

We go across the street to the hotel and relax in the a/c of our rooms. I know...some of you must be wondering about my weather comments. It was mid 60's while were were here, but much more muggy than what we are used to.

Dinner tonight is at Chez Clement, which we found earlier in the day just wandering. On the way to dinner, we spot a store with sports items, although just a small place. We head in. Lots of soccer and rugby items. Also Tour De France official shirts. So both DH and DS get items from here. At the register, there were several newspaper clippings about Ichiro, the Seattle Mariner. We used to live up there, and went to Mariner's games quite a bit, so I commented. Turns out the shop owners are close friends, so we chat about that for a few minutes, while their dog makes friends with us.

Off to dinner. When we made reservations (when we wandered past earlier), the person spoke no English at all. So once again, I had lots of practice with the language, lol! We arrive, and are seated in the front area, which is all glass enclosed. Great people watching area, and the area is busy so we enjoyed it. We watched one poor lost lady for quite a while. She had a map, kept turning it to get her bearings, would walk off, then come back, do the same thing...several times, lol! Poor thing...but we could really sympathize! Started our meal with a few kir royals, DD and I shared a tomato mozzarella starter and grandma had crab raviolis. For our entrees, we each had the 1/4 farm rotisserie chicken. Very good! Came with mashed potatos. For desserts were creme brulee, sorbet, and then grandma had a crepe that was carmelized and flambeed with grand marnier. Very pretty, lol! A few glasses of wine with dinner as well, and total bill came to 100 euros.

The rain began before we headed out, so the walk back to the hotel was wet. No biggie...Paris in the rain IS beautiful!

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What a wonderful trip for the 3 of you. You will look back and be so happy that your Mother was able to go with you. My daughter, my Mother, and myself did a trip to Hawaii while she was still with us. We still recall funny things that my Mother would say as this was her first trip to fly.
My daughter and I did the Paris trip about 4 years ago. Your post makes me want to return as we did not get to Normandy which both of us regret.
Thanks for making a trip come alive!!
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I am smiling and laughing through your entire report! Thank you for taking the time. Love your sense of humor and detail - I can picture it all.
Questions: You seem SO organized, all your research and getting tickets online, etc. so you don't have to stand in line. Did you do all that the first time you were in Europe too, or did you learn?
What do you mean the Eiffel Tower sparkles? Does it do that every night when it lights up?
I cannot wait to go there -- some day.
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Any landmarks nearby Olivades that would give me a clue I was getting close.

I bought some napkins from their store in St. Remy. I knew about the outlet, but you know, DH and driving, etc.
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maryanne1--Glad we are not the only ones who get giggles out of our mothers Definitely go back and hit Normandy! Honestly, I could go back and spent all my time over there. DH and I are already talking about trying to figure out when we can make that happen.

chilepepper--In the evenings, the Eiffel Tower lights up. But at the top of each hour, for 10 minutes, the lights twinkle...spectacular!!! We have learned a few lessons with travels, but basically I have always been one of those organized people.

hopingtotravel--We walked down, so along the street there really are not any landmarks. But if you look at a map, the street heads straight toward the Palais Du Luxembourg, and the store is not far from that at all. The store is on the east side of the street (right side).

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Thanks mms.

In 3 years I'll be your mother's age. I don't take naps yet, but who knows! Planning our 2nd trip to France and I'm the navigator so I hope I can stay sharp. Your mom sounds very jolly anyway!
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Day 9

We had breakfast at the hotel this morning. Off to the side of the front desk is a nice relaxing room full of sofas...sort of like a study. The breakfast room is just off of this and is very warm and inviting. When you enter, you get a tray, your silverware and dishes. The hotel has its own pretty china also. There is a large basket of assorted mini croissants and breads, then trays of meats, scrambled eggs, and sausages. I did not have the sausage, but grandma and DD said they were very good and not like here in the states. There was cereal, yogurt and fruit offered as well. And of course coffee, tea, milk and water.

Todays weather was very windy and rainy. Perfect day to shop and stay out of it, lol! So we grab a cab and head to Au Printemps. We arrive a few minutes before they open, but join others huddled in the doorway waiting anxiously.

Doors open and we head straight to the Welcome Desk to get our 10% visitors card. Off to the Longchamp area after that. Finally, Grandma is in a normal dept store and so feels comfortable to venture off by herself for a bit. So the three of us agree to shop solo for a bit and meet up in 15 minutes by the escalator. Of course after 15 minutes, we need more time, so we keep doing this, setting new times, lol!

I start in the Longchamp area. I find a beautiful wallet for myself, and ones for DH and DS. DD finds a casual large fabric purse that was only 15 euro on sale. From here we decide we need to start at the top of the store and work our way down. The swimsuit dept was interesting. If you had two sizes of the same suit, they would only let you take one in the dressing room at a time. But you could have other suits in there. Interesting. Anyway, none of us finds the right suit, but DD finds a cover up.

We check out each floor, not finding much. Even the shoe floor...which we thought we would be in heaven. But it was too mobbed and the shoes were sort of in disarray, so it wasn't real pleasant for shopping.

DD wants jeans, so we check those out. The only ones she likes are 300 euro. She knew better than to even ask, lol!

We are in need of some coffee, so we take a break and stop at Laduree for some cafe au lait and tiny macaroons. Loved it! So girlie The coffee and milk are served in silver with special paper holders for the handle so it does not burn your hand. The macaroons are to die for!!!

We hit the rest of the floors and are not very impressed, so head back down to the main floor to all the accessories. We separate once again. Grandma finds a few items...jewelry and a purse. DD finds all sorts of inexpensive jewelry, a couple wallets, and then we spies a cool pair of shoes. Ballet flats, black suede but the front is gold sort of lacy design...very Asian looking. On sale for 15 euro. We wear the same size, so we can share

The brochure the welcome desk gave us said they will do the detax form and will ship. So we tried to do that. Nope. Got the detax form no problem, but after asking several people they were clueless about shipping. So I was not going to put my faith in it, so we hauled it all with us.

We head across to the beauty and home store of theirs, which is in a separate building across the street. While the womens store left us unimpressed, this store was a hit!!! Where to start...we found some great espresso sets, so got a few of those. I am still kicking myself for not getting a certain red ceramic coffee container though. We slowly wandered each floor and were in heaven. Oh the bedding...I could have gone crazy in that dept! I resisted though, and only bought 2 tea towels.

We head up to the top floor and decide to have a light lunch. They have a sort of cafeteria up there with panoramic views. We bought salads, and found stools at the counter that goes all the way around the room, so we were right at a window looking out to the city. Of course it was very rainy, but it was still pretty.

We figure we have done enough damage, so time to head back to the hotel. We catch a cab back and relax a bit. Then it is time to start sifting through the various purchases from the trip. Time for a run to La Poste. So the 3 of us sort everything out as to what will go in each box, and head to La Poste. It is late in the day and they are swamped. They were very nice though and pulled us aside and did our transaction in a corner so we didn't hold up all the locals trying to take care of quick business. We think 3 boxes will do it, so that is what we purchase. Nope...we need more. But don't want to annoy them as they have been so gracious. So we finish the transaction and leave.

We wander the area for a while as the weather has cleared up. Fun to just stroll and see where you end up.

I go back to the post office as the line has died down, and purchase 3 more boxes. You pay at the time, they give you the box and the paperwork, and then you can bring them back all packed and just drop them off. Very easy. Should have done that the first time.

Dinner tonight is just around the corner from the hotel at Le Tete D'Or (6 rue des Lavandieres Ste Opportune in the 1st). This is another place the hotel recommended. We have passed by it many times and it is always filled with locals. So we head in for dinner. Yes, we are the only tourists here. Upstairs was a large gathering...looked/sounded like a birthday party. There were several other groups of 6-10 people gathering after work for dinner. And then us, lol! Our server spoke very little English. We start with kirs once again, then have the steak and frites for dinner and lemon sorbets for dessert. Tab comes to 112 euro.

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This sounds like so much fun. I have never been to Paris at sale time, you were so lucky, all that shopping. Do you remember what the boxes were called that you sent home? I am thinking of doing this in September.
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