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kgveteran Oct 23rd, 2018 10:29 AM

3.5 days in Amsterdam, what to do :0)
Title says it all, we enjoy walking, eating good food, (i love seafood!!! ) sightseeing. I have had some excellent advice in another thread, but thought this deserves its own thread.

this is all part of a Concert vacation that starts in Antwerp and ends in Amsterdam, wish we had more days available, but there’s always next time. Our ( my wife and i ) new thing is seeing concerts around the world and doing some sightseeing in area’s in and around the concert venues. This is Concert #1

we are staying at the WiechmannHotel, end of May 2019.

thanx for all your contributions !!! and no arguing :0)

suze Oct 23rd, 2018 10:39 AM

Don't miss Vondelpark! Especially in the springtime I'm guessing it would be especially beautiful. Leidseplein Square at night can be fun for street entertainers.

hetismij2 Oct 23rd, 2018 11:13 AM

What sort of concerts do you like? There may be something of interest to you in Amsterdam too.
The usual things to see are the museums - Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, Anne Frankhuis, Stedelijk, Hermitage and any number of smaller, quirkier ones. Plus just walking the canals (and a boat trip around them maybe), enjoying the city.

Pal will be along shortly to suggest a coffeeshop or two, and the red light district no doubt.

You could do a trip out to Haarlem by train if you want to try somewhere a little different, or even a day out in Rotterdam if you want a more modern vibe after Bruges and Antwerp.

kgveteran Oct 23rd, 2018 11:42 AM

Originally Posted by hetismij2 (Post 16813785)

Pal will be along shortly to suggest a coffeeshop or two, and the red light district no doubt.

Speaking of.........

TDudette Oct 23rd, 2018 11:51 AM

What a great idea, kgveteran. What music do you prefer? Amsterdam is still on my list so I'm reading this with interest.

kgveteran Oct 23rd, 2018 12:39 PM

Originally Posted by TDudette (Post 16813797)
What a great idea, kgveteran. What music do you prefer? Amsterdam is still on my list so I'm reading this with interest.

We’ve gone up to Toronto Canada two summers for two big shows, U2 did the 30th anniversary of the JoshuaTree album in 2017, last summer was FooFighters 2018, both were soooo much fun, i thought....we gotta take this on the road Lol.

So, here we are with an epic EltonJohn show in Antwerp Belgium 2019........ i have always wanted to visit the Netherlands, my thought was adding a concert :0)

PalenQ Oct 23rd, 2018 01:18 PM

Paradisio - a municipal youth center in a former church has some big name music concerts - mainly for younger crowd but an eclectic mix.

I'd suggest taking one of the free ferries across the IJ or harbor from behind Centraal Station to the other side to glimpse the neat visages of Amsterdam from there - with a string of old warehouses lining the quays framing Centraal Station. And check out the new multi-media Adamtoren Tower with many attractions and a rave high-up view over Amsterdam.

A'DAM Toren ? Hello, I'm A'DAM

As for coffeeshops - I have no been in Amsterdam in several years and things change - if interested you can Google many sources - I do think popping into one just for a look or more - free entry - is eye opening for many not from the few states allowing them - I believe that travel involves for me at least checking out things that are unique - same for red-light district - one of the very top tourist sights in Amsterdam - for good or bad - but world-famous so to close eyes and not see it to me is missing out on a very very famous and historic part of Amsterdam. Hetismij and other locals are understandably ashamed of it - local government figures are trying to and have trimmed it down and maybe abolish it but whatever your outlook is I would suggest at least a quick look to know what it is all about.

So hopefully not to disappoint hetismij I mention those! (As well maybe as the Sex Museum' Torture Museum and Hashish Museum if all are still going strong.)

Actually some of the lesser known museums are charmers - like the Rubens House; Lord in the Attic; Jewish Museum; Dutch Resistance Museum; the Purse Museum; Troppen Museum; Maritime Museum; a branch of St Petersburg's Hermitage; royal Palace; New Church; Old Church and more - get a National Museum Card at any museum and if going to the big 3 - Rijksmuseum-van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House - all fully covered - the card probably about pays for self and gives priority entrance at some and you can come and go and also hit several lesser museums.

Sue81 Oct 23rd, 2018 02:31 PM

hI be sure to get a good current travel book on Amsterdam and figure out what is possible in list aboue. One place the is left out, is the Keoukenhof Gardens (spelling might be off a bit), not sure what might be blooming in May, but it is awesome when the spring bulbs are out/tulips/hyacinths/ and millions more. A short ride out to the gardens. much to see in AMsterdam.

PalenQ Oct 23rd, 2018 02:56 PM

Keukenhof Gardens will be closed well before end of May - last day May 19, 2019. And tulips will all be gone well before then too.

menachem Oct 23rd, 2018 10:36 PM

Amssterdam has no Rubens house, PalenQ, that's in Antwerp.

Anyway, here's a site with the concert listings for any particular date.

hetismij2 Oct 24th, 2018 02:21 AM

You might enjoy this;

jilliane Oct 24th, 2018 03:52 AM

HI there,
I'd just walk around and get to know the tiny streets and the good food!
there are also lot's of great museums and a lot of things you can explore! 3.5. days are easily filled!

Sue81 Oct 24th, 2018 06:21 AM

Hi It is the Rembrandt house and I found it very interesting to see. He had light that came thru the windows early in day on one side, and small beds in the wall as one sees during this period. You get a little feel for his life in Amsterdam of this great artist. See Nightwatch at Rijks as you enter.

PalenQ Oct 24th, 2018 10:05 AM

Yes not Rubens but Rembrandt House - slip up.

janisj Oct 24th, 2018 10:37 AM

Originally Posted by PalenQ (Post 16814249)
Yes not Rubens but Rembrandt House - slip up.

Easy mistake - both starting with R and all . . .

joannyc Oct 24th, 2018 10:58 AM

Buy Anne Frank house tickets online very early. Always sell out.

PalenQ Oct 24th, 2018 01:17 PM

Janis - I gave good info with a minor slip up - what is the purpose of your post - how does it help the OP?


menachem Oct 24th, 2018 06:55 PM

Originally Posted by PalenQ (Post 16814249)
Yes not Rubens but Rembrandt House - slip up.

Not for the first time, I might add.

Sue81 Oct 24th, 2018 08:07 PM

we are not perfect, I mispell too much.

kgveteran Oct 25th, 2018 04:43 AM

What i really see here is people helping, i have a list a mile long of information given by well meaning members.
The anxiety i felt when this began was in a mild way, very overwhelming. You all deserve a big pat on the back for offering up free friendly advice to a total noob :0)
i will always advise friends to hit the forums for advice, ur a wealth of knowledge, even if theres a bit of very light squabbling Lol, and you guys/girls even maintain politeness when squabbling :0)

thank you all

Now, back to Amsterdam, are there icecream shops LOL I would love to visit a coffeeshop then an icecream shop :0)

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