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Cheryl Z. Sep 14th, 1998 04:11 PM

2nd pair of shoes-suggestions?
<BR>Whether adult or child, no matter what country, no matter what time of year, second pair of shoes should still be comfortable walking shoes (as so should your first) but something that could double for dressy.

Donna Sep 15th, 1998 04:05 AM

This is excellent advice. I found that, after walking all over all day long in my Reeboks, the most comfortable "dress" shoes you can find are best for going out at night.

scott Nov 13th, 1998 05:47 PM

I was born and raised a boot man. No, not those clunky hiking boots you keep buried in the back closet, but something from Rockport or Bass does the trick. They have solid ankle support (good for rough trails and long city walks) and most of them are dressed up enough that you can get into most restaurants with little trouble. And they usually can clean up with a damp washcloth. Hope this helps (it worked for me in Costa Rica!)

Owen O'Neill Nov 15th, 1998 07:58 AM

Rockport actually makes a men's dress walking shoe called Dressport. They're available in several styles and colors and I've never found anything equivalent from any other shoe maker. Best of all is that the rubber sole/heel assembly can esily be replaced for about $30-35 periodically. They even come in wingtips! Expect to pay about $95-115 per pair including discounts.

Marcia Nov 16th, 1998 02:37 PM

With great trepidation I traveled this year with Birkenstocks, both closed toe and sandals. I had no choice, and it worked like a charm. In the summer at least, we weren't the least out of place in Europe and they were wondrously comfortable. <BR> I also frequently travel with SAS.

s.fowler Nov 21st, 1998 01:58 PM

I'm an "Easy Spirit" person myself. <BR>I've lived in their model named "motion" for years and just found a new semi-walking show named "harbor". In black it looks almost dressy! They also make men's shoes. <BR>

Diane Nov 30th, 1998 09:31 PM

OK I'm a shoe junkie. I pack at least 3 pair. Dressy black patent sandals (unless its winter). Brown low heeled walking shoes. Navy "echos" suede flat walking shoes. And those funny surf socks when we go to the Caribbean.

Sue Jan 15th, 1999 01:44 PM

I'm a Dr. Martin shoe lover. Not only are there mulitple styles (if you're not into the combat boot look) but they are extremely comfortable. I have 4 pairs altogether (2 boots, sandels, dress shoes) and am always suggesting them to friends. I know many travelors who use them as well. <BR> <BR>Doc's can be expensive but I made my first pair last 3 years and ab. 3 months of traveling and walking in Europe. <BR> <BR>Warning: Doc's take ab. 2 weeks to wear in. During that time your feet WILL hurt no matter how mocho you are. Once you wear them in though you'll never want to wear another pair of shoes. <BR> <BR>Sue

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