2 Poor Students Traveling to Europe

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2 Poor Students Traveling to Europe

We are 2 poor students traveling to Europe in June 11-17. We need help with where to stay and traveling on train/other to Ireland and Paris? How long is the trip from London to Ireland and to Paris from London. We want to see and explore Europe, but not pay arm and leg. Is there any ideas that will help us save money on this trip?
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Try LonelyPlanet message board:
This board is for those who stay in high class hotels!
anyway, that is the impression I got.
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You could also try Studentzone at http://www.studentzone.org.uk/

It has a travel section with information about accommodation, rail passes etc.
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also try http://eurotrip.com
very good site for backpackers
will give you an idea re cheap airfares and time, I think the actual flight is only an hour..but you need to arrive at the airport 2 hours before...
http://www.airfrance.com will give you info re flights/price
British midland also may have deals as may
the eurostar is the easiest way to Paris and takes 3 hours.
enjoy your trip.
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To [email protected] This board is for everyone,not just those who stay in high priced hotels, if you were on this board much, you would know that.

Please ask any all questions on this board. Most of us will be nicer than [email protected]

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Lots of people on these boards don't stay in expensive hotels, that's for sure, but there is not a lot of student backpacker advice. Your question is just so broad (re saving money) that it's too difficult to answer to me. try www.eurotrip.com or www.backpacker.com and yeah that lonelyplanet thing. You haven't mentioned anything you've done for planning at all, so it seems obvious but sounds like you know nothing about budget hotels or hostels or railpasses? Buy a budget-oriented guidebook first, that's my best advice (Let's Go or Rough Guide). Also check out student travel site www.counciltravel.com. If there's one near you, drop by, they have lots of info on all kinds of stuff and can get you started.
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Everyone thank you for all your info. I do have the Fodor's 2000(London.) I have checked out couple of the hostel, but it seems like we need to be member. Is it worth paying 25 for membership to stay in a hostel for 5 nights? I booked our first night to stay in one of the Millennium hotels for about $100.00. I would like to see Bath, Paris and Rome, but I do not think we would have time to visit all three and explore London too. We are in adventure trying to explore and save. Are budget is about 140 a day to include food and somewhere to sleep in a clean enviroment and with friendly staff.
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Nope, we are strickly budget when we travel and we post here all the time. However for student and/or backpacker specific information on hostels and such, you would get more info from a Lonely Planet site.
By the way, if you have not done so rush out and pick up your copy of Let's Go, when we went backpacking it was our bible.
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In the very limited time you have, I think the most you can do is either London and Paris or London and Ireland, with maybe a side trip to Bath if you like. To save time and money, you can get an overnight bus from London to Paris or London to Dublin. See

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I think you MAY be trying to cover too much territory in too few days.

Have you looked into staying in university dorm rooms?
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With only 6 days, you need to plan carefully. You'll need a little time to make an adjustment to the different time zone. You could easily spend the whole time in London taking day trips here and there. London housing is definitely more expensive than the rest of England. But, hostels or dorm housing is probably pretty good. Rick Steves has info on the hostels, and you can check the site at www.eurotrip.com for some more info. Unless you fly, Ireland is too far to see in the short visit. Paris can be reached in 3 hours by the Chunnel train, but it costs about $100 each way (i think). There is plenty to see within a short train drive. England is great. Have a great vacation.

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