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SHADRACH May 8th, 2006 02:12 AM

2 nights in Positano and 2 nights in Capri?
Hi! I have this dilemma concerning Capri and Positano.

First, I thought of spending 3 nights in Positano and do a daytrip to Capri, but I've read many posts that claim that Capri is better appreciated if you spend the night.

Then, I thought I'd better spend 3 nights on Capri and do a daytrip to Positano, but when I look up the schedule for ferris from Capri to Positano, I only find ferries that run late in the afternoon.

So, yesterday I thought that it may not be a bad idea to spend 2 nights both on Capri and in Positano, but now I am wondering if all that moving from place to place will be a pain. Besides, adding that extra night (originally I had put aside 3 so now it would be 4 in Campania) would mean taking it off Venice (originally I wanted to dedicate 5 nights so now it would be 4 in Venice).

Would you do this?

Thanks for your opinions!

amarena May 8th, 2006 02:52 AM

2 and 2 doesn't give you much time in either place BUT I do think it makes sense because Capri is fun at night, serene and beautiful in the morning before the daytrippers arrive, and can be a bit crazy during the day. We tried to see things in the early-mid morning and late afternoon, leaving midday to spend by the hotel pool away from the crowds.

We spent 4 nights in Venice, 2 nights Capri, 4 nights Positano, and then 4 nights in Rome on our first trip. I didn't think Positano warranted 4 nights, personally, but we did have fun doing daytrips to Amalfi and Ravello from there. With only 2 nights, I don't think you will have time for any daytrips, though. I did really like Positano, but it is a small place and 2 nights is probably enough to give you a taste of the place. And it is a BEAUTIFUL place!

May I inquire about your transportation from Venice to the AC? Flights are fairly inexpensive, and can save you several hours in transportation time.

ira May 8th, 2006 04:44 AM

Hi S,

4 nights Venice, 2 Capri, 2 Positano isn't too much moving about, and you will enjoy Capri more.


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