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2 day break from London: Edinburgh, Dublin, Luxembourg, Paris, York?

2 day break from London: Edinburgh, Dublin, Luxembourg, Paris, York?

Jul 29th, 2014, 06:14 AM
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2 day break from London: Edinburgh, Dublin, Luxembourg, Paris, York?

I have a work trip to London in 3 weeks and am considering leaving NYC friday night to spend a weekend somewhere. I've been to London a bunch of times and have been to Paris a few times.. I need somewhere that has a major airport to which I can land sometime early saturday and then leave out of either late Sunday or early Monday. Here are the options:

1) Paris…because it never really gets old
2) Edinburgh..is 36hrs enough?
3) Dublin…seems not that exciting?
4) Luxembourg..is there anything to do?
5) land in Brussels and take train to Brugge
6) land in London and take train to York (or Sat in London and day trip on Sunday)

Anything else? I am leaning towards #2 or #6. #6 is appealing because it's less travel to/from airports. I am also going flying to Dusseldorf and then Barcelona after London..so looking for something easy. I've done the other day-trips from london already (bath, stone hedge, oxford, etc..).
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Jul 29th, 2014, 06:43 AM
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For York, it's easier to fly to Manchester (whose airport has a train to York taking about as long as the train from Heathrow to Kings Cross to get the train to York).

Dublin isn't quite as devoid of things to do as Luxembourg, but it's an acquired taste unless you've got specific things to do there. It isn't even the most interesting Irish city in the British Isles: Liverpool and Glasgow are all the things Dublin is, but far better.

Paris may not get old, but do you really want to revisit it?

York, Bruges (which I assume is the place you're talking about) and Edinburgh are very different cities, all worth spending 36 hours in (and, IMHO, all offer equally an pleasurable 36 hrs, unless you're really into Flemish art, for which you might use a bit longer in Bruges)

There's no point recommending one over another: only you know what you want.
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Jul 29th, 2014, 07:01 AM
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Edinburgh or York or Bruges would each be great. I'd try to fly open jaw to maximize your time and reduce the hassle factor.

In to GLA or EDI; in to MAN; in to BRU . . . home from LHR.

Me -- I'd be happiest w/ either Edinburgh or York but that is just me.
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Jul 29th, 2014, 07:06 AM
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Is it really worth flying to Manchester to go to York? It seems I can just day trip it from London on Sunday..seems small enough to cover in a day. It would also be 1 less unpacking since I can stay in the same London hotel I would be staying in on Monday/Tue for work. So you are nixing Lux. and Paris. The plane then train travel seems a bit too time consuming and considering I really only have 36hrs..doing Bruges is not the best option either?
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Jul 29th, 2014, 07:31 AM
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I'd probably go for Edinburgh if you haven't been, unless your time frame would put you in Festivals season and it would be hard to find lodging. (I haven't been during this time of year and can't give more info than this link, but there are other threads here about it.) If the Festivals sound interesting and you can find lodging, go for it; if you'd rather see Edinburgh during a less crowded time or lodging is too expensive, York is an easy trip either way.


For York - just depends on whether you want to do an overnight or just have one long day.
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Jul 29th, 2014, 07:36 AM
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IMO, yes, flying into MAN is worth it IF you want to spend some time in York. While York is a doable day trip from London -- you lose more than 4 hours just in travel time. And sometimes more because Sundays is when any major engineering works is done on rail lines so you might be bused part way.

What I would NOT do is fly in to London and take the train up to York that day since you'd have to schlepp all the way across London to Kings Cross to catch the train to York.

If you don't have to be at work til Monday AM - I'd fly into MAN, stay two nights and take a morning train to London. (Or a late Sunday night train if you need to be in London early Monday AM)

Paris is doable -- but you'd need to do open Jaw in to Paris out of London or it is just too much h hassle.

Edinburgh is very doable - IF you do Open Jaw into EDI and out of LHR (you might get routed through LHR up to EDI but at least your bags would be checked all the way through)
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Jul 29th, 2014, 07:45 AM
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hotel prices are insane everywhere in the UK for the night of the 16th. $300-400 in Edinburgh..200-300 in york..london has slightly more options
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Jul 29th, 2014, 08:10 AM
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Edinburgh makes sense -- smack dab in the middle of the festival/Tattoo so most rooms have been booked up months ago.

There are many B&Bs in York that would be cheaper - but perhaps there is a special event that weekend . . . we have a few Yorkshire Fodorites who might know something.

Paris might actually cost less.
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Jul 29th, 2014, 08:23 AM
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York prices wow... there is racing at the end of that week but that should not have an affect. Medieval month on going. Even Premier Travel Inn is >£100
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Jul 29th, 2014, 08:58 AM
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Luxembourg City is absolutely charming! I love Luxembourg. However, for your time frame, I vote PARIS. Have fun!
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Jul 29th, 2014, 09:39 AM
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Paris hotel for saturday night is much cheaper than anywhere I have looked in the UK..even London. The sunday evening flight or train from Paris to London is about same..pricey, $180. Sunday night hotel is covered by work because of Monday work. Paris is also much easier to get into because I can do a direct flight from NYC. I was just in Paris over new years but I love Paris!
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Jul 29th, 2014, 11:09 AM
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Look into the price of the early morning train on Monday morning from Paris to London. It is easy to take the first train and be at work in central London by 9am...assuming your work us in central London?
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Jul 29th, 2014, 11:50 AM
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I would pick Paris, but I love the city and welcome an opportunity to see it again. If Bruges is still on the table, I would suggest Ghent as an alterative. It's nearly as pretty in my opinion but isn't chock full of tourists like Bruges and, in my experience, can be a bit cheaper. It's an easy train ride from Brussels.
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Jul 29th, 2014, 11:53 AM
Original Poster
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that won't work. I'll have a hard time expensing the sunday night hotel in Paris where is as long as I stay in London, it won't be an issue. Either way, I looked and the difference is between $150 and $190. Not drastic.
Basically, I am down to 2 options:

1. Spend Sat. in London and day-trip to York on Sunday. ($150 AirBnB apt + $200 train)
2. Fly into Paris and Eurotunnel Sunday eve to London ($150 AirBnB apt + $190 train)

cost-wise, its the same thing
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Jul 29th, 2014, 12:01 PM
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By euro tunnel are you referring to eurostar? Euro tunnel generally refers to a train that takes cars to France as far as I am aware.

You should book your eurostar tickets here www.eurostar.com
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