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ccatone Feb 19th, 2016 09:23 AM

2-3 weeks Eastern/Southeastern Europe
I'm looking to travel to Eastern Europe for 2 to 3 weeks. This is my first time traveling to this area and my particular interest lies in Romania. I would like to visit Bucharest as well as Transylvania. I am trying to figure out what other countries I can visit that would be nearby and would be worthwhile seeing in that time span. I was considering landing in Bucharest and then making my way to Berlin through Budapest, Vienna, Prague and maybe Bratislava. I'm just not sure how much I will actually be able to see in that time span. Some people have advised I pick a few cities or make a loop around Romania. Another option I was considering was visitin Kiev and making my way to Budapest via Romania. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

PalenQ Feb 19th, 2016 10:31 AM

landing in Bucharest and then making my way to Berlin through Budapest, Vienna, Prague and maybe Bratislava.>

Going by train? If so check the Eastern European Railpass that lets you hop on most trains in Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic - the more days of travel the cheaper per day and gives you total flexibility - for lots of great info on trains in that area check; and

annhig Feb 19th, 2016 10:37 AM

Another option would be Bulgaria - we had 3 brilliant days in Sofia a few months ago and we'd like to go back to see more of the countryside which looked very interesting; there are also the Black Sea resorts, and you could end up in Istanbul.

Otherwise, you could of course head north-west, but beware spreading yourself too thin - there's a lot to see between Budapest and Prague.

PalenQ Feb 19th, 2016 02:28 PM

I was considering landing in Bucharest and then making my way to Berlin through Budapest, Vienna, Prague and maybe Bratislava>

IMO and my mode of travel plenty of time in 3 weeks but 2 weeks maybe land a bit further north like Berlin and work you way down to Vienna and Budapest.

again are you going by train or car or hitching? Makes a difference on how much you can cover

I'd do Berlin - Prague - Budapest - Vienna (day trip from there to Bratislava is what I did and felt that was enough for me - though of course and large city can occupy days)

Fly home from Vienna - if going to Bucharest I'd go Prague-Vienna-Budapest-Bucharest or of course in the other direction the whole thing.

And weather can be fickle at times even during summer - you may want to start in Berlin in the hottest weather but if in coolish spring you may want to start in the south and make your way north.

kja Feb 19th, 2016 06:34 PM

I'm sure you can have a wonderful trip no matter what you choose, but I think you are wise to consider whether you really have time to visit all the places you might want to see in the time you have. And the ONLY way I know to actually figure that out is to decide what YOU want to see and plot it out on a calendar.

I recommend that you get some good guidebooks (or spend some time with a few in your local library), identify the things you most want to see in each location, check their opening/closing times on the internet, and mark them on a calendar. Then pencil in your transportation, add some time on either side (for getting to/from your lodging, checking in/out, packing/unpacking, getting oriented, etc.). Only then can your see how things fit together, and begin the (painful) process of deciding what to skip.

Good luck!

PalenQ Feb 20th, 2016 02:23 PM

Plot out you itinerary with travel times factored in - you may not have as much time as you think but again this is all a subjective thing - to me in 3 weeks you have time to do that all but in 2 weeks cut something.

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