1st time in London - what guidebook?

Old Dec 10th, 2001, 06:14 PM
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1st time in London - what guidebook?

Please tellme what guidebook I can buy to enjoy London. Family of 4, 2 boys ages 8 & 10. Thanks
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Your budget should really dictate what kind of guidebook you get. If you're trying to go super-cheap, try Let's Go or Lonely Planet. A little more cash, Frommers or Rick Steves is a good choice. Fodors is for people who are a bit more flush. Eyewitness are beautiful books, I buy those not as guidebooks but for nice memories.
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Are you looking for a book that helps you prepare, such as finding a hotel, or one that can serve as an everyday guide, with maps and tourist attraction times etc.?

We enjoyed "Idiot's Guide to London" because it explained basic things like how the tube system works (as well as enclosing a very legible map). It also gave very useful insightful informal reviews of major tourist points of interest.

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I like the Accessondon book
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John G
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I just love my Dorling Kindersley "Eyewitness Travel Guides." I think they are the best, with fabulous pictures, diagrams, and descriptions. I would never use anything else.
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If you'd like guidebooks specifically with kids' stuff, I like Fodor's "Around London with Kids". It's compact and each attraction is on 2 pages with kid-friendly eats nearby listed. There's also the Dorling Kindersley "Kids' London" which is a cool children's guidebook. Larry Lain and Michael Lain's "London for Families" has some good hints but is a little too basic for me. I also have Judith Milling's "In and Around London For Kids" with lots of attractions listed. It's also meant for Londoners to use as a weekend country guide so there are things listed you won't find elsewhere (not that we went, but maybe someday). No maps however.

And I rely on Access Guides in general basically for the same reason I like the Fodor's kid guide - I can see where to eat in specific neighborhoods.
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In addition to a guide book you MUST pick up the London A to Z map for use as you explore the city. Be sure to get one that is small and will fit into your pocket. I have been to London many times and know it well, but I would never go out and about without my A to Z map. The streets wind about and change names too often to be without a good map and A to Z are the BEST! Pick one up in any book store. You will appreciate this advise trust me. Remember the title is "London A to Z" accept no subsitute.
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I agree with Curt, a good map is a must. You should probably get one for each of the boys that is kid friendly. As for a guidebook you may want to try one more option. On our last trip in October I got all my guide info from the web. I found sites that listed all the sights in London with detailed info about where they were and when they were open. It is also a good way to get the most up to date info. as well. Have a good trip.

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No contest: TimeOut's annual guide. They're London-based and have super insight into what to do with an active family in tow!

Get a taste for it at:
Huge kids' section at:

Also, just buy a mini A to Zed (London A-Z mapbook) when you hit the ground in the UK, much cheaper. Get the pocket version, you won't need the outlying areas.

HTH & have a great trip!
= ) T
Old Dec 11th, 2001, 08:24 AM
Brian in Atlanta
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I'm with Tracy. For single-city guides, TimeOut are by far the best. And they should have excellent insight to their hometown.

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