1998 - A Good Year for Travel?

Old Dec 22nd, 1997, 04:07 PM
Jay Frank
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1998 - A Good Year for Travel?

I'm not sure quite how to pose thee question or, for that matter, whether or not it has a usable answer, but ...

It seems to me that the current problems with the Asian Markets will result in both a stronger U.S. Dollar and a marked decrease in Asian tourists in Europe which, in turn, would mean much better deals in the face of declining demand. Does this sound correct and, if so, what's the best best way to take advantage of it? (Sorry if it's an off-the-wall question ...)

Old Dec 22nd, 1997, 06:34 PM
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not a bad question. sorry i cant answer but i'd love to hear what some people might say. i leaving apr98 on a rtw overland trip.
Old Dec 22nd, 1997, 10:52 PM
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If this is what you feel like doing - do it! You could obsess over exchange rates and so forth - but, how much would it really matter? If your budget is an issue, you can adjust it accordingly. The experience will not only be well worth your while, but a memory that will reside in your heart and your mind always. My recommendation would be that you never forego the experience for a "bargain". For example, after many years of travel, my husband and I have determined that it is truly "worth the extra expense" to go when the weather is nice and the flowers are in bloom. Why not truly enjoy yourselve - and the experience? Actually, we have become affectionados of "shoulder" season. The rates for air fares and accomadations are (somewhat) more favorable, there are fewer tourists. Anyone over 20 should realize that to "take advantage" of anything or anyone does not necessarily produce the desired results.
Old Dec 23rd, 1997, 03:38 AM
Jay Frank
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"Anyone over 20 should ..." What a contemptuous and inane little lecture!
Old Dec 27th, 1997, 06:17 AM
Mary Todd
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What a great way of thinking! I love the way your mind works! However, I think your question would be better posted in one of the financial areas. I would be very interested to hear the answer from someone informed. If you do post it somewhere else, would you please share the answer with me via e-mail? I always like to be careful with my $$'s too as we never know what live will deal us when we get past 50!
Old Dec 28th, 1997, 02:08 AM
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If the economic crisis in the East continues in 1998, we may expect fewer tourists in Europe from e.g. Japan. In Bergen/Norway where I live we have had many Japanese tourists the last few years. If a considerably fewer number of them do not travel in 1998, we may expect vacant hotel rooms etc. and maybe a little lower prices than in 97. Economic experts also foresee that the depression in the East may slow down the economic growht in the West. We therefore generally may expect fewer tourists also from western countries. Generally there are a good deal of uncertainty regarding this issue; the economic forces are very complicated and it is impossible to forecast the devolopment for 98. Economic experts often have been mistaken, and so they may do also this time. My best guess is that the number of tourists in Europe will decrease a little, that prices in hotels etc. will not increase in general and that the US dollar and British pound will hold a relatively strong position during 98. If my guess is right, it may be a wise strategy not to order and pay for your travel too early. I also agree that it may be favorableto travel in e.g. september/october instead of in july/august. If you go to Bergen/Norway, I highly recommend end of May and June: Then it is really beatiful here! Best regards from Nils
Old Dec 28th, 1997, 08:27 AM
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Don't worry about it. Just do what I do. I get really loaded on cheap beer, stagger into any airport, buy a ticket, and wake up someplace else. It's not a big deal. 1998 is a good year for anything. Whoa, I better sit down. I almost had the urge to work or get a job.

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