18-38s Trafalgar or Insight Tours ???

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18-38s Trafalgar or Insight Tours ???

Hi folks,

I'm thinking of going on one of the 18-38s age group European tours organised by Trafalgar and Insight. Has anyone travelled on one of these tours or heard anything about them?

Is Insight better or Trafalgar? Any information pertaining to the hotels stayed in, the sight seeing and costs of optional excursions available on the tour etc etc will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jocelyn,
I'm not sure about the 18 to 35 tours but on the regular tours I believe Insight is a bit better than Trafalgar. (Although both are good). Insight has a policy of staying in the city centres and some of the other tour companies don't. Also Insight has more included tours. I've been on 4 Insight tours and really enjoyed.them. Also Isight's tour guides are a bit more experienced.
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Hello Jocelyn. I just returned from a Trafalgar tour of Spain. It was not the 18-38 age group. (Some of us have been 39 for some time now!) The hotels were excellent - all 4 and 5 star. Being the off-season, it is likely easier to get such hotels for less, though I don't know if this is standard. In terms of location, most were quite centrally located, or a short bus or subway ride from main sights, as was the case in Madrid. I had no complaints about location except for Seville, which was a bit further out of things. Considering that I had heard they were often very poorly located, I was pleasantly surprised. Optional tours are generally overpriced and expensive in my opinion, though they sometimes are the easiest and quickest way to get where you are going. The poorest in my opinion are the evening shows, meant almost exclusively for tourists. $40 or $50 including one drink, to see a Flamenco (or other show) is pricey. In Trafalgar's brochure, they suggest $35 to $50 a day I think for optionals. I took a few, but some on this trip went on everything. You just have to decide on your own and pick and choose. Overall, I was pleased with Trafalgar. Enjoy!
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Jocelyn, I have not been on one of these tours but I have been on an 18-38 tour with a company called AESU. They are very obscure and I'm not even sure how I found them. They are based in Vienna. I took this tour to Greece for 12 days. I had fun on the tour because the other people were pretty fun. There were only about 16 people. Some were married couples, some were just couples, there was a group of single guys who came together as friends, and there was a group of single women (of which I was one of them). Coincidentally, all the single women were young, recently graduated college, and Jewish. So we had quite a lot in common. The tour guide was not American. He was not Greek either. He was Austrian! Of course he spoke perfect English. He was also young (about 23 I think), fun, and very cute. He spent a lot of time hanging out with the people on the tour when we had "free" time. Tourguides do not necessarily do this. And they do not necessarily go out to bars and party with you all night in Mykonos while being very good looking and flirtatious the whole time. So, because of these factors, I had a good time.

As far as the actual tour, it was not good. One main drawback which I expected was that we did not stay in any one place for a long enough time. I didn't like leaving Mykonos and Santorini after only two days. This was a big thing for me. The local tourguides which were hired were not very interesting and inspiring, either. Another thing I remember is that some of the transportation was not timed very well and we spent hours and hours waiting in a cafe. The thing I found most disappointing was the aspect of the tour which had sold me on it: they advertised a "Club Aegean," a sort of mini Club-Med where we would leisure for four days. Well, the place was by no means a Club Med. It was the worst place we stayed. All the other places were pretty nice. That place reminded me of the bungalows you stay at in the Catskills (ever see Dirty Dancing?). We did run into some people on a Contiki Tour. They are the youth division of some big company which I forget. They had the same itinerary but had over 40 people who were almost all women. Our group was much more mixed. I don't know if this has given you any insight on the Insight tours (pardon the pun) but email if you have other questions.
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Last summer we took an Insight, 14 day tour to Italy. It was not an 18-38 tour but was comprised of all ages, though 60% were probably over 40. I tried to check out Insight & other groups extensively before picking them. Overall, they were pretty good. But, my complaints were consistently in the same vein: Despite our tour being listed as using 3-4 star hotels, 50% were very disappointing. Our Rome hotel was not centrally located whatsoever and the air conditioning was totally inadequate!! Most all of their hotels shut off the A/C after 1:00 AM and we knew within minutes when that took place!! Each hotel had a "different" reason but the bottom line is that they were obviously trying to save money. We suffered a lot due to the extreme heat of summer. Insight never told us about the A/C going off. Our hotel in Venice was absolutely attrocious!! If you are not going in the heat of summer, you will probably be pleased, 'cause most other things were done well: food, guides, organization, etc. They were just not up front about their accomodations!

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