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roguemh Apr 13th, 2007 11:20 AM

13 Day s - Amalfi & Greece?
Hello, my husband and are are considering the Amalfi Coast and Greece for our honeymoon. For Amalfi (5 days), we may stay in Positano and visit Capri, Ravello and Pompeii as day trips. For Greece (6 days) we are clueless and need advice as to which islands are the must see islands and which island we should make home base. Also, what's the best way to get from Amalfi to Greece? Help!

marketsquare Apr 13th, 2007 12:56 PM

Hi: I'm in the middle of planning my first trip to Greece, so can't give you any first-hand insight, but have been to Italy 4 times over the last 12 years. I'm sure you will hear from posters with a lot more Italy experience than I have, but my recommendation is to pick one or the other. Either is well worth a 2-week visit. One trip was 2 weeks that started and ended in Rome. After spending 5 nights in Rome, which is unbelievable in every way (Hotel La Residenza, highly recommended), we rented a car and drove in a loop that I can't remember all the details of but included 4 nights in Positano (Hotel Miramare, also highly recommended). From there we went one day to Pompei, one day to Capri, and the other 2 hanging out around Amalfi and Ravello. This was in September and the weather was great. The problem we are having with planning the trip to Greece is that we have 2 weeks and there is way too much to do: 3-4 nights in Athens, Crete for 4 nights (fly back & forth), and a car trip to a few places on the Mainland is what we are thinking of but that does not leave time for any of the islands (this time around anyway). Maybe you are experienced travelers and know what you're doing but I think one or the other is the way to go. Have fun!

brotherleelove2004 Apr 13th, 2007 12:59 PM

Consider Santorini in the Cyclades islands for your base, it's the most spectacular island in the Aegean. There are many other islands nearby if you want to see more than one. The best way to get to Greece is to go back to Rome and fly. Aegean Airlines has excellent fares. Your other option would be to go to the east coast of Italy to Bari or Brindisi and take the ferry across to Patras and the bus the rest of the way into Athens.

sshephard Apr 13th, 2007 01:18 PM

Here's an unconventional answer:

Do both Italy & Greece but instead of going to the traditional trendy Greek islands, take a train from the Amalfi coast to Bari (or Ancona) and take an overnight ferry to Corfu.

I found Corfu by accident trying to find an answer to the same question you are asking. And I have fallen in love with it. The Greeks are great, the food is good, and the prices are fairly reasonable.

The problem with Corfu is that is isn't really trendy and it isn't what people think of when they picture a Greek Island - no barren hills and no white-washed, blue domed buildings (to speak of).

But there are great, sandy beaches, beautiful country side and plenty of room to stretch out in.

After your stay on Corfu, take a morning flight ($100 per ticket) to Athens and end your trip there.

Carolina Apr 13th, 2007 01:24 PM

I would choose either Italy or Greece. There is loads to see in both countries and both are beautiful. If you really want to combine them, you could catch a train from Naples to one of the Italian ports (Bari or Brindisi) and then take a ferry to western Greece. You could visit the island of Corfu or take the ferry to Igoumenitsa and go somewhere on the mainland from there. If you combine Italy and Greece in a relatively short trip, you will spend a lot of time in railway stations / airports instead of relaxing and enjoying your honeymoon.


steviegene Apr 13th, 2007 01:28 PM

I would do 3-4 days Rome
2 days Naples (with one day visit to Pompeii)
3 days Capri
5-6 days Positano.
Fly out of Naples

Weadles Apr 13th, 2007 03:21 PM

If you really want to combine the Amalfi Coast and Greece, I think your best bet is to go back to Rome and fly to Athens. Otherwise, you'll lose too much time, and you don't have a long trip to begin with.

I think if I had to choose one island in Greece, I would also pick Santorini. It's a quick flight from Athens, and one of the most beautiful places that I've ever seen, maybe more so ( is it possible?!) than the Amalfi Coast!

seeall Apr 14th, 2007 09:47 AM

Hi roguemh,
I just came back from Greece. We visited Crete(Chania and cities around it), Santorini, and Athens. I travel a great deal and have visited most of the Europe but Amalfi Coast remains my favorite. SO, As I was romancing with my husband down the narrow streets of Santorini (with the sad news of the ferry sinking in front of our view) my husband asked me if Santorini was more amazing than Amalfi Coast? I couldn't say which. Santorini is simply breath taking and different. If you plan ahead, it is very much doable to see both countries. I would limit Greece to a flight into Athens, catch an Agean flight( They are great, always on time very professional and have a policy that who ever makes reservation ahead of time gets the best rate. They always have few seats starting at 19 Euro and up)to Santorini. I think Chania in Crete is amazing too but if you are in your honeymoon, I would only stay in Santorini(my choice from the only 2 Island I visited). The weather was great during Easter break and some days it was a bit hot! so I can't imagine how hot it will be during summer. Best wishes for you.

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