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12 day december delayed-honeymoon Rome itinerary ideas

12 day december delayed-honeymoon Rome itinerary ideas

Feb 2nd, 2015, 07:13 PM
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12 day december delayed-honeymoon Rome itinerary ideas

the 12 days leading up to christmas eve 2015, we will be spending in Rome. Tickets bought, hotel reserved (thinking the iq hotel, maybe duca d'alba). we're late 20's somethings that were married last year and we are planning a big gift trip to ourselves for this december. Problem: there's so many things to see and do PLUS the fact that we will be traveling in december... that i'm slightly unsure of where to start. We love museums and artsy places, churches, we definitely want to see the vatican of course... She loves italian food so we definitely know we want to make a side trip to naples for that pizza. I'm a big fan of historical roman military stuff, but we also wouldnt mind a night or two out in an italian pub/night club. Any suggestion on what an itinerary for us might look like? 12-23rd of dec., returning back to the usa on the 24th.
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Feb 3rd, 2015, 02:04 AM
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It sounds like you haven't reserved a hotel yet and you will find it better, I think, to rent an apartment for 12 days rather than be in a hotel room. Not only will you have more room, and it will be cheaper, but you will find that as much as you like Italian food, it can get tiresome (and expensive) to be eating in restaurants 2 times a day. You will also get a wider experience of food by going to the shops and buying cheese, breads and other prepared foods that you can eat at home. Having your own preferred breakfast, alone, is often nicer than the hotel offerings at a fixed time.

Rome can get some storms during that time frame, but they usually don't last long, and if it isn't raining, the weather can be quite nice.

You'll probably get a lot of advice to spend a week in Rome and go someplace else for the remainder. If that idea appeals to you, my suggestion would be Naples. But if you prefer your extended Roman stay -- which many people will envy you for having so much luxury of time -- then I would suggest a trip to Ostia Antica, and would also suggest that you budget 2 day trips to the Naples area, not just one. Use one trip to see Pompei, and another to visit the city itself, including the markets.
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Feb 3rd, 2015, 02:06 AM
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Here's an agency I like to use to book apartments in Rome

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Feb 3rd, 2015, 07:24 AM
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Have you bought a good guide book yet? That is where I would start. Read up on Rome and then just start making a list of what you want to see, then get a map to see which sites are closer together. You may decide, as I did, to use a good tour guide on some of the sights to get the most out of the history of it all. Then start plugging activities into your days. You may need to separate your list into an "A" group (must see) and a "B" group (see if we have time). This really helps narrow down your day. You have a lot of time! I agree on the apartment, much more privacy and a better experiance. We are going to Rome In October and I have my apt booked and my itinerary set, just need to book my tours closer to the dates.
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Feb 3rd, 2015, 08:56 AM
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Okay - while you will find pizza all over Italy (no need to go to Naples for it) - it's generally more a lunch of snack item - not a dinner.

Each area/major city in Italy has a different cuisine and if you are really interested I would explore the cuisine of Rome so you get some of the specialties:

Artichokes - in many ways, especially fried

Saltimbocca (jump in the mouth) - veal medallions with prosciutto and sage

Fettuccine alfredo (there are several restaurants that claim to have invented it

There are a host of others - I would do some exploring online - and avoid pizza except for a quick lunch or snack (pizza in a decent place in the US is just as good - not just any of the chain monstrosities)
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Feb 3rd, 2015, 09:50 AM
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>> while you will find pizza all over Italy (no need to go to Naples for it) - it's generally more a lunch of snack item - not a dinner.<<

This is triply ignorant statement, factually not true at all.

Pizza is a dinner item in Rome and in Naples. That is a fact.

You will not find pizza in many places in Italy, and if you do, it is like finding bagels in Idaho or barbecue in Canada -- or pizza at Domino's in Chicago.

Naples produces a distinct kind of pizza with local ingredients and methods that has no equal outside of Naples. If you care about food and are interested in pizza, you can only taste this pizza in Naples.

As for the rest of the post, Roman cuisine is a lot more complex than that oversimplication indicates, and a recommendation for Fettucine Alfredo practically comes from the super-tourist stone ages. (Note: If you ever go to Atlantic City, be sure to buy a bag of salt water taffy!)

Up to you if you are the kind of traveler who makes an effort to understand the local culture of a country and its true recipes. But don't believe the ignorant tourist garbage you read on the internet no matter what you decide to do.
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Feb 3rd, 2015, 12:15 PM
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Hey there! Regarding hotels in Rome, I can just tell you what hotels we recommend (without knowing your budget): Martino Ai Monti, Aklesia Suite, or slightly cheaper Tucci's House.

If you'll go to Vatican, note that you can even meet the Pope (for free)! Vatican museums are a must if you like art.

Back in Rome, Le Domus Romane is a unique art project that uses lighting to show how the palace looked like a thousand years ago.

You should also check out the archeological site of Pompeii.

A trip to Naples is doable, it takes around an hour to get there by train.

I'm sure you'll enjoy your honeymoon..!
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Feb 3rd, 2015, 02:04 PM
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Thanks for the replies everyone! I was talking with a friend today who suggested that maybe I add naples in not just as a day trip but for maybe half of the trip since theres so much to see down there that would fit right into the honeymoon theme (capri, etc) how does this sound:
first 4 nights after landing, rome. Transfer on tuesday to naples and stay there till monday which would be the day we take a return trip to rome till the morning of the 24th, when our plane leaves. I'm thinking capri, pompeii, maybe Herculaneum, she could take a naples cooking class perhaps, the weather may be a bit warmer as well. We would still get to see much of what rome can offer but cover a lot of ground for not much more money (the hotel in naples would be cheaper than the hotel in rome). thoughts?
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Feb 3rd, 2015, 02:27 PM
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I think Naples is a great idea, but since it is only an hour south of Rome, I would suggest heading right there to begin with, and then having an unbroken stay in Rome. Historically, Naples predates Rome, so there is a certain chronological argument for it too. However, up to you if you feel like you'll need the immediate rest upon landing, or would prefer to plunge right into Rome.

I have spent time in mid to late December in Naples and did find it to be a bit warmer, but one can really never tell. Like I said, Rome too usually has favorable weather for walking around without heavy winter gear.

However, Capri might not be doable -- or at least not pleasantly so. There is daily ferry service (possibly hydrofoil service, but I am not sure), but even if it is sunny you can get winds and seas that are choppy enough you might prefer to skip the trip. Also, even if it is pleasant weather in Naples you might find it too cool to enjoy Capri.

But Pompei and Herculaneum are great excursions, and the city itself has immense fascination. As a fan of things military, you might enjoy a trip up to the Castel St Elmo/San Martino complex, which doesn't date back to Roman times, but still has some quite impressive features and revelatory views.

Most everything in Naples in cheaper and, again, I would recommend checking out renting an apartment. It is never a great idea to stay in the train station area, so I would rule that out, and something to consider in both Naples and Rome when it comes to choosing lodgings is how much sunlight you will get. In December, the daylight hours are short, so it can help to have something of an open, airy feel to where you are waking up in the morning!

Food in Napoli is just outstanding and spending some days there will give you a chance to space it out and really enjoy it. Everything -- from coffee, to pasta, to vegetables, fish, pizza and pastries is just a lot of fun.
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Feb 3rd, 2015, 02:47 PM
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Sandralist you have lots of very good ideas, thank you! so far, I;m thinking this would maybe be a good schedule based upon what you said (we arrive at fco friday night at 11pm, i don't think it would be feasible to go straight to naples at that time of night):
12/11: arrive, stay @ rome airport hotel
12/12: morning of Saturday the 12th transfer to naples
12/13: naples
12/14: naples
12/15: naples
12/16: naples
12/17: naples
12/18: morning of Friday the 18th transfer to rome
12/19: rome
12/20: rome
12/21: rome
12/22: rome
12/23: rome
12/24: Thursday AM the 24th transfer to airport to go home
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Feb 3rd, 2015, 03:28 PM
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If you are arriving as late as 11pm, you will need to get a taxi to an airport hotel unless you walk to the Hilton which is right inside the airport. If you decide against the Hilton, then once you are in a taxi, you might as well go all the way to Rome, since it is only about 35 minutes.

I would probably want to sleep in a bit -- at least until the hotel boots me out -- and make a lazier trip to Naples the following day, not too early in the morning.

Even though lodgings in Rome cost more, you might want to divvy up the time so you leave Naples on the 17th rather than the 18th to give yourself a little more time in Rome so that the sightseeing doesn't start to feel wall-to-wall with no breathing room.

If you are concerned about costs of Rome hotels you might start another thread asking for recommendations for option within your preferred budget, whatever that is. You can find charming and comfortable lodgings in Rome for less than what the Duca d'Alba charges if you are interested. just be sure if you start another thread that you specify your budget.
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