114 deaths in plane crash/Milan Airport

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114 deaths in plane crash/Milan Airport

Apparently a small plane got in the way of the SAS plane, forcing it into a building. Nobody survived in the plane, more deaths feared in the building. No word YET if is related to the attacks to Afghanistan. The large plane was heading to Denmark from Milan, the small plane is registered in Germany.
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Latest word I've heard is that heavy fog may have been a factor--in other words it's possible the crash was an accident and not terrorism. However, the small German Cessna came from Germany, and given the number of Islamic terrorist cells in Germany, one has to wonder. Just as suspicions are now rising that the explosion in Toulouse last month could have been caused by an Islamic extremist.
I am glad I flew home from Germany (via Zurich) last night while the U.S. strikes were unfolding and before the terrorists had time to react. My checked suitcase didn't make it to the plane, is still missing, but that's a minor worry at the moment.
BTilke (Brussels)
P.S. Airports in Europe have started stamping passports again. On the way home last night, mine was carefully examined and stamped by officials at each airport I passed through. All passengers at Nuremberg went through very careful screening, not just a walk through of the security booth. They even examined a forgotten pack of Movenpick sugar I'd left in my pants pocket!
BTilke (Brussels)
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A New Yorker
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Thanks BTilke for reporting on this new development from your front. Good luck with your luggage.
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My cousin's ex-wife just heard from her hairdresser that her uncle heard that Liza Minelli chipped a fingernail this morning. No word yet if it's terrorist related or not.
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There is a second person in FL diagnosed with Anthrax. He is a co-worker of the first victim, both worked for the tabloid paper "The Sun", which ran a crazy cover story about Bin Laden on past weeks. These led authorities to test the building; tests performed at the Sun's offices in Boca Raton have detected the anthrax bacteria. What makes it spooky is that Middle Eastern men were believed to have recently visited an airfield about 40 miles from he first victim's home in Lantana (FL) and asked questions about crop-dusters.
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It seems that the German Cessna turned to the wrong side while taxiing in dense fog and got onto the runway just in front of the starting SAS jetliner.

The Italian pilot's association has alleged that the ground radar at Linate airport was out of order, so that the tower had no idea whether the planes had followed their directions. It seems that ground radar had been out of order on many occasions during the last few weeks.

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There are 118 now declared dead.
4 in the cessna, 104 passengers plus 6 crew on SAS, and 4 in the baggage hanger.
The two German pilots do check out and so do the two Italians on board.
No terrorism.

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