11 nights in Italy itinerary

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11 nights in Italy itinerary

Hey everyone! I'm travelling to Europe for the first time and will be in Italy from the 1st of May until the 11th.

So far I have a rough plan but want some opinions about anything I can improve on (e.g if I'm being too ambitious some days or if there's any must sees I'm missing). Thank you!

Day 1 - Free
Day 2 - Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Roman Forum, Colosseum
Day 3 - Vatican Gardens, Vatican museums, St Peter's Basilica, St Peter Square
Day 4 - Villa Borghese, Spanish steps, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona
Day 5 - Free

Day 1 - Academia, exploring
Day 2 - Florence cathedral & Campanile di Giotto & Piazza della Signoria square, Mercato Nuovo
Day 3 - Uffizi gallery, Ponte Vecchio
Day 4 - Cinque Terre or any other recommended day trip

Day 1 - Grand canal - gonala
Day 2 - Ponte di Rialto bridge & Piazza San Marco, Basilica di San Marco church
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I'm glad to see the 2 "free" days in Rome. What I don't see is an indication of travel time which will help you get a better feel for the real time you have for activities.

One suggestion, I'd cancel the Cinque Terre day trip and add it to Venice. It will give you time for some islands, a real treat I think. But it's a personal preference, a slow day nearby rather than a long commute.
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You need to make reservations for some of the places in Florence you are planning to visit (and for the Galleria Borghese in Rome if you plan to take that it). Otherwise, you need to be a bit flexible regarding weather.

There are lots of plausible day trips from Florence other than le Cinque Terre (which you should only visit if it is sunny, and it is a very long train ride each way). But it depends on what you want out of your visit to Italy -- famous sights? Hilltowns? a look at the sea?

I don't think you are being too ambitious for most of your itinerary, In fact, I suggest you look more closely at guidebooks as to what else you might like to specifically see in Rome and Florence.
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( I am puzzled by the remark that you need to figure out your "travel time" between the places you mention. With the exception of your train travel -- which you seem to have accounted for -- most of the sights you mention are 20 minutes apart, walking, or all in one place.)
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My first trip to Italy was very similar to yours...

5 nights in Rome
3 nights in Florence
2 in Venice (We did enjoy visiting Murano and Burano Island)

It was so much fun. What ever you decide will be great.

First time to Italy your trip sounds wonderful! Your Itinerary is great.
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I agree that your plan makes sense, and I congratulate you for not cramming WAY too much into each day. I also agree with the suggestion to bag CT and add the day to Venice. 2 nights in Venice equals one full day, and while the trip from Florence to Venice takes only about 2 hours, (leaving time for exploration on the first day in Venice), by the time you find your lodgings and check in, the better part of Day 1 will be shot. Ditto for your segment from Rome to Florence (although that takes only about 1.5 hours). Be sure to investigate buying your train tickets as soon as possible to get the best fares. You may have already waited too long for the very best fares, which go on sale about 90 days prior to travel.
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I agree with the suggestion to skip CT "day trip" and add that day to Venice. I might also move the "free" Rome day to Venice as well... but then... I really loved Venice.
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I think you need to clarify your dates. Do you lad on May1 - if so then you have 1/2 a day jetlagged.

Do you fly back on May 11 or May 12? If it't on May 11 then you have to remove a day somewhere. You have not put the dates of each day so it's not clear.

Also - where is your time between cities? Do you take the train from Rome to Florence at the end of Day 5 or the beginning of Day 6. The same is true of the train from Florence to Venice. (While the train itself does not take that long you need to allow the best part of an hour on each side to check out of your hotel, transit to the train station and arriving 15 minutes before departure to get to you specific platform.
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If your Day 1 in Rome is May 1st, you'll find that most museums and similar ticketed attractions will be closed. You might want to move a couple of your Day 4 sights to Day 1.

The train ride from Florence to the Cinque Terre will take 2.5-3 hours each way. Definitely don't go if there's a chance of rain or wind. If you 'must' make a day trip somewhere, I'd pick a closer destination, like Fiesole, Siena and/or San Gimignano by bus or any of several options by train (Pisa, Lucca, Montecatini Terme and Alto, Bologna, Arezzo). All are within 90 minutes of Florence. If this day trip is on a Monday, make sure what you want to see in the destination town is open that day.

Adding to nytraveler's comment about the duration of train journeys... Unless you select a hotel in Venice close to the train station, you could spend another 30-45 minutes getting from the station to your hotel.

Are you flying home from Venice?
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Sandralist, I have made reservations for the most popular sights so that's sorted As for the day trip, I want to see someplace scenic - preferably a seaside town but hill towns are nice too.

Joy2, wow you're so lucky to have been able to go to Italy so many times! and I'm glad you approve of my itinerary!

Nytraveler, sorry I wasn't more specific about the dates. I was originally going to land on the 1st of May but now I'm looking into tickets a day sooner so I'll actually land on the 30th of April. I'm planning on taking the train from Rome to Florence on the beginning of day 6, which is why I've left the first day in each city mostly free or made them very light days to account for travel and hostel check ins. I'm leaving Venice on the 12th and heading to Salzburg

Jean, I realised May 1 was a public holiday but didn't mind since I was going to be jet lagged from a 29 hour flight. But since I'm now landing a day earlier, I'll definitely take that suggestion and move my Day 4 sightseeing to Day 2 (now May 1st).

I was keen on Cinque Terre but everyone seems to think it's too much of a hassle from Florence so I'll look into a closer seaside day trip.
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There are a few scenic hilltowns easily reached by train from Florence (I'm assuming you don't want to hire a driver). Check out Montecatini Alto or Certaldo Alto. I have never been to Bagno a Ripoli, but people speak very highly of it


I am not sure if one goes there by bus or train, but it is quite close to Florence.


It is harder to get something truly scenic by the seaside without going to le Cinque Terre. Most of the beaches that the Fiorentini locals go to are flat, and they are mainly set up for people who want to bake in the sun and swim -- and even if you have sunny weather in the first week of May, it is still likely to be a bit too breezy to want to hang out in a bathing suit by the shore. Forte dei Marmi is the most popular beach "resort" destination. You might check out Pietrasanta to see if it interests you. The old historic town, which is a source of marble sculpture production dating back to Renaissance times, is not right on the sea, but up in the hills. However, if you want to visit the beach, it is easy to do with a short taxi ride, or even walking or renting a bike


There are lots of other more obvious choices, some of them mentioned above, and a handful of pretty beaches near Livorno, but it would be easiest to reach them if you were willing to spring for a taxi from the Livorno station.


Or check out the historic funicular in Livorno that goes to Montenero and reportedly offers a panoramic view of the sea (never been). But keep in mind these places are not as perfectly picturesque as Le Cinque Terre, and also rather time consuming to reach by the time you've negotiated all the logistics.

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>>>Day 2 - Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Roman Forum, Colosseum
>>>Day 3 - Vatican Gardens, Vatican museums, St Peter's Basilica, St Peter Square
>>>Day 4 - Villa Borghese, Spanish steps, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona

Many places are lit up beautifully at night. Piazza Navona, Trevi, and Spanish steps are the places I would walk by many times during the stay in the evenings, as opposed to a specific visit during the day time. If you are a photographers, most places are practically abandoned before 8am or even 9am.

If you are in Forum/Colosseum area, the Palatine hill is a gimme included in the same ticket. Pantheon usually does not require a special visit if you are staying in the core. You will be passing by during the open hours many times over. Piazza Venezia itself is an insanely large traffic junction you would be passing by without making any effort as you crisscross Rome. Colosseum is another place beautifully lit at night.
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