10 week trip to Europe!


Oct 24th, 2013, 02:12 AM
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10 week trip to Europe!

For all you experienced European travelers out there, we're in need of some advise!

Two mates and myself are really keen to go to Europe for about 10 weeks next year as we'll finally be finished up with uni. We're all young and healthy and we're looking to do the trip relatively cheaply while still having an awesome time. At this rate, we'll probably get a 2-3 month continuous europass so that we can keep our options open. How much should we expecting to spend? We'll be staying in hostels most of the time, taking advantage of night trains wherever possible!

So just of the top of our heads, we've come up with a super quick itinerary with very rough time estimates.

London (5 days)
Paris (5 days)

(maybe Luxembourg 3 days?)
Brussels (3 days)
Brugge (3 days)
(maybe The Hague?)
Amsterdam (3 days)

Berlin (4 days)
Heidelburg (2 days)
Neuschwanstein (1 day) mainly to see the castle
Munich (3 days)

Prague (4 days)
Vienna (3 days)
Bratislava (3 days)
Budapest (3 days)
(maybe Bled)

and then starting in Venice, we'd like to spend just over two weeks in Italy, seeing Naples, Positano, Rome, Florence, Pisa and hopefully Como. We're thinking of hiring a car through italy, just to give us even more freedom.

and then finally travel around through Monaco and Nice to Barcelona where we can spend 3-4 days before heading out (probably back to London then back to Aus)

Does it sound feasible? What changes could you recommend? I've got a feeling that it might be a bit much... Any guidance would be greatly appreciated Cheers!

Also, is Summer really that bad for travelling to Europe? At the moment we're looking at starting somewhere between July 1st and mid-August and earlier would probably be more convenient.

Thanks in advance!!!

p.s. if you by chance can recommend a completely different path to follow please shout out
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Oct 24th, 2013, 02:43 AM
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Sure it's feasible. Is it recommended? Depends. You'll get lots of people saying that you're trying to see too much in too little time, and, while I am inclined to agree, you're young so go for it.

Your travel dates correspond with the height of tourist season so be prepared for dealing with masses of tourists walking around oblivious to their surroundings and higher prices for lodging. On the plus side, you'll have no shortage of single serving friends in the hostels you stay at.

Your question might be better asked on Lonely Planet's Thorntree forum, as they cater more to the backpacking/hostel crowd than here.
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Oct 24th, 2013, 03:47 AM
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Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to post there instead
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