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ribeirasacra Jun 25th, 2014 02:13 PM

10 Spanish museums for all tastes
All in the link:

traveller1959 Jun 26th, 2014 06:59 AM

Thanx for the link. I have been to five of them so far, so I have still five to visit in the future. Seems a good list to me.

Revulgo Jun 26th, 2014 10:32 AM

My personal addition to the very best of museums would be the National Archaeological Museum.

PalenQ Jun 26th, 2014 12:52 PM

topping - great info - thanks for posting!

Graziella5b Jun 26th, 2014 01:09 PM

I have visit a few of them, no museum ever touched my heart like the Prado.

danon Jun 26th, 2014 02:28 PM

Seen seven .Spain certently has a wealth of art and history .

IMDonehere Jun 26th, 2014 02:51 PM

7 museums and we were lucky enough to see the real Altamira.

One of our favorite smaller museums that is rarely mentioned is The Royal Tapestry Factory in Madrid where they still use Goya designs today.

ribeirasacra Jun 26th, 2014 11:45 PM

I am pleased to see other suggestions here. These will be useful newbies to Spain and to some of us regulars who have not seen all of the country.

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