10 days,want to see Ger.rome,paris Help!

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10 days,want to see Ger.rome,paris Help!

There are 10 in our group.(2ad,2ch)(2ad,2ch) and (2ad) We are arriving in Frankfurt. We thought we would do our traveling by train. We want to go to Paris, southern Germany and Rome. We thought we would take the overnight trains and get sleeper cars to get to our long destinations and save the day for sightseeing. We are going in June 2001 and would like help on hotels in Paris and Rome. Our price range a night is 100-150.
For Germany we want to see Munich and the castles like Neushw.,Linderhor. We want to take day trips to Salzburg and possible Innsbruk. We would like to see a salt mine.Recommend an area that we could easily acccess the trains and be able to take day trips. Thanks
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Help is exactly what you will need. Way to aggressive in your itinerary for 10 days. I would spend the 10 days in Germany - Rothenburg - Romantic Road- Fussen area- Munich - Bertchesgaden/Salzburg. This itinerary alone would fill 10 days. Or, change your flight plans and fly into Paris and then train or fly to Rome and fly home from Rome spending 5 days at each destination. Good Luck and slow down especially if you would like to get anything meaningful out of your vacation. In 10 days would you consider seeing Wash. DC - NY City and the Smokey Mnts? Regards - Tom
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Tom's right about biting off too much for 10 days. I'd say you could do either Paris or Rome in addition to southern Germany (which is the best of the 3 destinations for group/family travel, I think) but Paris would probably be simplest and most enjoyable.)

There are many towns you might stay in in southern Germany. A smaller town I'm familiar with that would give you easy train access to Füssen, Innsbruck, and Munich is Diessen am Ammersee, on the west side of Ammersee lake. It's a very small place in a pretty setting with reasonable accommodations and just enough services. You can take a paddlewheel ferry across the lake to Herrsching and either taxi, bus, or hike up to Andechs Monastery, a terrific place with lots of cheap, traditional German food, lots of monk-brewed beer, and a huge outdoor patio with a view of the Alps (on a clear day) not to mention an incredibly beautiful chapel. Here's a page of accommodations there (most in German, but with contact information):


Click on the hotels in the boxes containing the hotel name/logo on the right for more information on each.
I stayed at the simple but clean Gasthof Unterbräu for about $30 single. There's a link at the bottom of the page to inexpensive private apartment rentals and home B&B's too -- just click on "Private Zimmer".

You can click around the links to get an idea of the town at its home page:


You'd need to connect through Munich from here to make a trip to Salzburg.

One advantage of train travel around Bavaria is the existence of incredibly cheap daypasses that allow unlimited travel (peak hour restrictions on weekdays) on the local trains. Your group of 10 could possibly daytrip to Salzburg for just under $40 (total) roundtrip with two of these passes (each is good for up to 5 people.)

I'll let the Paris and Rome experts advise you on these places.
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One of my rules: don't backtrack. If you want to visit Paris, fly into Paris, stay for 3 days, take an overnight train to Munich, stay for 3 days, overnight train to Rome, stay for 3 days and fly home from there. With that many people, everyone will be exhausted and irritable (I sleep well on trains; many people do *not*) from trying to get everyone everywhere. Be prepared for short tempers.

A less stressful trip would be touring Germany, and try to stay at least three nights in each hotel. 10 women went to France for two weeks, and that was hard enough to get everyone everywhere; I can't imagine what it would have been like with children, let alone moving every two days.
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One of the fun things about this message board is there is often someone willing to play devil's advocate from the mainstream view. And I like doing that as much as anything.

I submit that you CAN do what you want in this 10 day SAMPLER of three cultures - - recognizing that it will be a sampler at best.

With enough money, for almost any given itinerary, there are multiple ways to skin the cat, and some are a lot better than others. With this itinerary, there are some better ways and some worse ways.

I have looked at a couple different ways to connect the dots, and I think that you might want to consider:

1. starting with Munich (arrive day 1)
2. taking the overnight train to Rome (night 5, arriving day 6)
3. Fly VirginExpress Rome to Brussels (morning of day 8, 6:45 to 9:00)
4. take the train to Paris (morning of day 8, 10:40 to 12:05)
5. and fly home from Paris (morning of day 10 at 6:55 am).

Using NYC as the departure on June 1, and June 11 return Paris to NYC, I get a fare of $744 (British Airways, through London) - - a reasonable - - though perhaps not the lowest bottom basement fare for summer. With 10 in your group, you are going to have to go through the "group desk" anyhow to actually get a quoted price, and you WILL get certain "perks" which may or may not include a 10-15% discount. Call 1-800-AIRWAYS, and you will be directed to the correct extension, which is a group desk sales representative for your region of the US (if not northeast).

The other pieces of the transportation listed above are train Munich to rome - - listed on www.raileurope.com as $87 2nd class; the "real" price is almost certain be to less than that - - buy your ticket once you are there (I cannot get this fare to price on the German nor Italian websites tonight). Note that this does NOT include your "sleeper" accommodation (optional, and extra), for which the choices range from $43 to $177 per person.

Flying Rome to Brussels is currently pricing at $83 (to $162), and the train fare Brussels to Paris ranges from $19 (child) to $52 (travel duo adult fare).

So that's a total of $744+87+43+83+52 = $1009 - - a lot of transportation value for the cost. Naturally, this is a representative example only, as I have no idea where you want to originate, nor on what date. Of course, you will possibly want to upgrade the sleepers, and you might not get the lowest available fare ($83) on VirginExpress, depending on your dates. Finally, it sounds like you would like to get out and explore around Munich, so a three day car rental (two or three vehicles, of course, for the ten of you) - - starting after you've been IN Munich on days 1 and 2 would likely be added to the transportation budget.

There are many other ways to do this itinerary, but I think you can make a very satisfactory trip out of this or some similar variation.

Please feel free to write me directly to kick over other ideas.

Best wishes,


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