10 day trip to Italy in October

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10 day trip to Italy in October

We are planning a trip to Italy in October, and I am trying to decide which city is worth visiting in addition to Rome. We had Venice,The Amalfi Coast and Florence in mind, but airfare between multiple cities seems a bit pricy. So we were looking for a city that we could perhaps take a train to, or would the cities that require flying into be worth the money for airfare. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated
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Italy has an excellent train system - you can take the trains everywhere, quite efficiently. When I went two years ago, I flew into Rome and took the train directly from Rome to Venice to start my trip. Some of their trains are speedy. If you will go north try to book an open jaw so you can fly into one city, out of another, rather than doubling back. (E.g. fly back from Venice or Milan or something.)

See www.trenitalia.com for Italian train schedules.

What city you actually want to visit depends a lot on your interests. Many love Florence for its world-class art and museums, but it wasn't my cup of tea. I enjoyed far more my three days in the Cinque Terre (five quaint villages on the coast connected by hiking trails and an old rail line). So I can't really tell you what you would enjoy and not. Do some reading here, see what travelers agree with your tastes and interests and take their recommendations the most seriously.
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with only 10 days I would pick 2 cities as you lose a day traveling between.
I would pick Venice and Rome.

Fly into Rome and out of Venice or visa versa.

What is your accomodation budget per night?
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Hello eleinnet, there is no need to fly between the cities you have listed. The train from Rome to Florence takes about 90 minutes. The train from Florence to Venice about 3 hours.
With ten days (does that include travel time..flying to Italy and fly home from Italy?) 3 destinations would be the maximum that I would do.

If you do a multi-city flight you will avoid backtracking. I would suggest that you fly to Venice and after time there train to Florence and after time there train to Rome and fly home from Rome. Arriving at the airport in Venice is easier then departing from the airport in Venice as usually the flights from Venice are very early in the morning.

I haven't address the Amalfi Coast as personally I don't think you have time to visit there also. If the Amalfi Coast is on top of your list you might look into flying into the Florence Airport, going to the Amalfi Coast and than Rome and flying home from Rome.

P.S. I note that you tagged this question for the United Kingdom. Since your trip will be in Italy may I suggest that you click on the triangle to the far right of the "Add a reply" fill out the box (very user friendly) and ask that this thread of yours be corrected and tagged for Italy. I am sure our Editor, Katie, will be happy to do so for you. Best regards.
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Thank you all for your suggestions many of which we hadn't considered. Our trip would originate in the US and with the long travel to Italy the "double backing" to Rome really would waste a trmendous amount of time. After doing a little research it does seem like the Amalfi Coast might be a bit out of the way for a 10 day trip so we might just narrow our options to Florence and,or Venice. Once again thank you all for your advice
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If this is your first time in Italy, I suggest you slow down, limit yourselves to a single geographical area, and give yourselves plenty of time to really experience all the pleasures Italy has to offer - the food, the wine, the sunshine, la dolce vita.

You could go north, fly into/out of Milan, visit Lakes Maggiore and Como, perhaps also Lugano, and then take the train over to Venice. You might even have a couple of nights in Mantua, to see the astonishing, amazing Renaissance art and some of the best erotic art in Europe, whole rooms covered from floor to ceiling and across ceiling and back down to floor again.
Here is a taste of Mantua: http://jmstudio.fotopic.net/c1670865.html

And here's Venice: http://jmstudio.fotopic.net/c1636029.html

Here are some photos of what you might see on Como: http://gardentouring.fotopic.net/c771444.html

Here are the Borromean Islands on Maggiore: http://gardentouring.fotopic.net/c767587.html

Or visit Tuscany, with perhaps a taste of Liguria thrown in, by flying into Pisa. You could spend several days in Florence, also Siena, Lucca, with day trips to the countryside, San Gimignano, Montepulciano, etc, and also spare a few days for the Cinque Terre. All easily done by train if you want. Here's some Tuscany: http://gardentouring.fotopic.net/c763200.html

Or you could go south, fly into Rome, spend a few days there, then take the train down to Naples where you could stay in Sorrento, a few nights on Capri, in Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, etc. Then either fly out of Naples, or take the train back up to Rome.

Here are some more photos: Sorrento http://gardentouring.fotopic.net/c1661993.html

Amalfi Coast: http://gardentouring.fotopic.net/c814762.html

Capri: http://gardentouring.fotopic.net/c812668.html

If you have the time, and are looking for something very special, and very slow, take the overnight ferry from Naples to Lipari in the Aeolians, down near Sicily: http://jmstudio.fotopic.net/c1461898.html

Of course, if you're crazy for museums and want to skim the surface, hitting all the tourist highlights and hotspots, then ignore this 'romanticizing' on my part, please. My best advice is to do some reading and figure out just what will 'float your boat,' what you want to see and do to make it the best trip for you and you alone. And if it is the tourist trail you're looking for, you couldn't do better than to start with one of Rick Steves' books.
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