1 week in winter. Where to go?


Aug 24th, 2016, 04:59 PM
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1 week in winter. Where to go?

hi there, My daughter and I are looking to take a one week trip to Europe in February when she has off work for a week. Since she just started her job ( and has school loans) she's on a tight budget. I'm heading to Spain in June but at this point I have not been to Europe so it will be my first time. She has been there a few time..
We are used to cold- living the Midwest and East- so that would not be a big issue. We do not want to spend a lot of time in transit once we get there. I like natural scenery, quaint towns and good food/ wine with a couple of museums thrown in. She's pretty much the same but would probably go for a bit more adventure too.
We're really looking for a cheap flight out of either Chicago or New York. She found some very inexpensive flights to Iceland, but I'm not sure that there's enough to do there in winter for an entire week. I heard good things about Budapest, but am looking for ideas/ input. Thanks in advance!!
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Aug 24th, 2016, 07:37 PM
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Some restrictions apply - natural scenery will be wintery, or if it is not, there will be not much green and no flowers. So minimize your expectations about that unless you're looking to go where there is snow and ice and easy access - that means often expensive mountain resorts and such. Some alpine passes close, and getting around is tougher in winter.

Then there is the question of daylight - not much to be had, so again, outdoorsy nature and such sightseeing is not a great option.

How about a really big and interesting city, with culture, history, museums, concerts if music appeals to you, theater, all that good stuff? London, Paris - a week goes buy in no time, and trains can get you to nearby targets and back - you ride early and late when it is dark, and you enjoy during the daylight hours. It rarely snows to the point of things coming to a halt.

Prices in Paris have been falling - ditto in London, and there the exchange rate is favorable. In February you can get reasonable lodgings - try, get an apartment for a week, with kitchen and "home comforts" - you save a lot by having a fridge, no need to run out and eat out all the time.

Another option: A week in Lisbon and its environs. Mild climate even in winter, although no guarantee about weather of course.
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Aug 24th, 2016, 10:36 PM
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Across much of Europe, February is the month where most schools take their "half-term" break, and we have spent two of those holidays in London and Florence. Each time, as with the majority of our holidays, we rented an apartment not only to keep costs low, but also for everyone to have a little space. We lucked out and had pretty decent weather in London, and in Florence had sunshine and blue skies for much of the week.

Central Europe is very gray in February; if you're considering Budapest, there's always the thermal baths to chase away the gray, not to mention the city being budget-friendly. From Budapest, a couple of easy day trips via train might include Szetendre and Estergom for a little change of scenery.
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Jan 19th, 2017, 06:44 PM
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Vienna is also a good option for winter time. There are so many music and cultural events there all the time. Going to a classical concert, going to museums, enjoying beautiful Viennese architecture which is worldwide famous. Vienna makes for a wonderful holiday city no matter the season. The city is so vibrant there’s always something to be done there. The last time I was there was in December 2015 where the Christmas market just took my breath away!
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