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Kittycat Apr 3rd, 2002 08:11 AM

1 day in Rome
We are in Rome for just one day in June- what are your highlights/what shouldn't we miss?

JBX Apr 3rd, 2002 08:35 AM

-<BR>MUST-SEES<BR> + St. Peter's <BR> + Coloseum<BR><BR>

Vita Apr 3rd, 2002 08:40 AM

I love these kinds of questions because I love talking about Rome. With One full day, I'd start with St. Peter's. It opens at 7am so you can get there very early and there aren't as many people. Then I'd head to ancient Rome, see the Colosseum and the Forum. Then head over to Piazza Navona, then the Pantheon. Have lunch sometime in there and gelato as needed. Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona are all open in the evening.

Amy Apr 3rd, 2002 08:48 AM

I just did a one day excursion of Rome, and did pretty much what Vita suggests above. However, plan your day carefully because some sites close early. For example, the Sistine Chapel closed at 12:30 when we were there. It may be later in June, but check before you go, and plan your day around the sites around the closing hours or else you may miss out! As for gelatto, I think I'd skip the tartuffo at Tre Scalia (sp?) and head for Giolitti on the way from Piazza Navona to the Trevi Fountain instead.<BR><BR>Amy

zs Apr 3rd, 2002 08:49 AM

One day in Rome, what is your major intrest: religion, ancient history, culture? I personally would recommend St. Peters, the Pantheon, and definately the Forum and Coloseum, and if you still can stay awake check out the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona at night. Just remember to budget your time.

Rex Apr 3rd, 2002 08:52 AM

Your one day plan will be different for Wednesdays (and maybe Sundays?). St. Peter's Basilica is closed in the morning while they have the giant papal audience in the Piazza. But that makes it (being part of the audience) an attraction in its own right.<BR><BR>If you have the stamina of a teenager you can also take in the Vatican Museums, and the Pantheon - - especially since the days are so long in June (but will you hold up?) - - and are you spending the night there? or have to return to somewhere else before bedtime? Rome is great from 7 pm to midnight also - - almost worth a nap and go again, if you have that option.<BR><BR>Best wishes,<BR><BR>Rex<BR>

dan woodlief Apr 3rd, 2002 09:00 AM

I would do basically as Vita suggests. Get to St. Peters early, perhaps skip the museums unless you love museums (they are pretty darned great though), visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum, then the Pantheon, and see the others Vita listed last because they don't close.

all Apr 3rd, 2002 04:54 PM

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