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jewelrilis Jan 3rd, 2018 12:47 PM

Worse Customer Service On Holland America
As frequent cruise traveler I was convinced Last March of 2017 to hold a 2018 cruise for only $100 and guaranteed if price changed or promotions were offered I would be given best possible offer. Fast forward to now, I get 3 other families to join with me on this journey but they decide to book now, a year later than I did and are offered a booking for at least $500 less on SAME CATEGORY AS MINE. I call #halland to link our bookings for dinner, explain we are paying more to price match IT as previously told and to hold them accountable to what they previously stated. But now, because I have paid in full, we are instead deceived and have to pay the higher rate while others who wait to book last minute get a much better pricing, and we are not talking one or two hundreds, but a five hundred dollar difference. NEVER book with #HALcruises, they deceive, lie and cheat. AND senior level supervisor instead suggests, that I can instead not pay gratuities to gain my money. SO steal from those innocent people doing hard work because HAL prefers not to match price recent promotions offered to others booking last minute. Great way to do business HAL!

Sassafrass Jan 3rd, 2018 01:05 PM

I think there was a misunderstanding about when they would price match and when they would not. Every cruise company has told me that they offer the price match on special offers until the cruise is paid in full. After that, they do not. What is the penalty if you cancel and rebook? Would it be more or less than what you would save/lose?

Several weeks ago, I booked and fully paid for a cruise for this Spring because prices seemed to be going up and cabins selling out, and I wanted to go on that particular cruise. Now they have some better offers, but I have the balcony cabins I want on the deck I want, so that is that.

One thing was interesting. I made the final payment, then had a sudden thought about any special offers going on. I was annoyed with myself, knew it was too late, but asked the rep anyway. He said, "Oh, let me look." Sure enough, I could have saved $200.00 on the cabin, but not after the payment, made just five minutes before. However, the rep said, he could give me $150.00 in ship's credit to be used any way I wanted, even for gratuities. I thought that was fair.

I hope you still enjoy the cruise.

janisj Jan 4th, 2018 07:08 AM

OP probably won't see your explanation unfortunately -- registered to post the complaint and likely won't be back . . .

jacketwatch Jan 4th, 2018 08:15 AM

Sass is right in that no cruise company that I know of will reduce prices once the bill is paid in full.

Whether the OP will be back of not I don't know if if so read this and know better going forward.

Good luck!


jan47ete Jan 7th, 2018 05:44 AM

I think janis meant the OP seemingly signed up just to write this negative post.

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