travel with child

Feb 16th, 2001, 12:29 PM
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travel with child

Hi. I am traveling with my 6 year old son on Carnival Victory to the Carribbean in a week. can someone reassure me as to the safety of a ship? I have visions of my sone climbing on a rail " to get a better look" and falling overboard. Is this possible? ( I don't mean in our cabin- , but around the ship). Are there any risk factors to my leaving him in the care of the counsellors at Camp Carnival?
Second question, and much more banal, does anyone know what the hairdriers are like on board ship?
Thanks in advance!
Feb 16th, 2001, 03:52 PM
Paul Therault
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Hi Don,

The rails on all cruise ships are designed so that it would be very difficult for a child to climb over unless he/she has superior upper-body strength. The rails are approximately 4 feet high.

They can not get a foothold since there is plexiglass below the rail.

Of course if he/she really wanted to jump, a piece of furniture can be placed up near the rail. I do not believe this would ever happen.

If you have a balcony cabin, and you are concerned, have the cabin attendant remove the furniture from the deck, or bring it inside. The door locks are very difficult to open even for an adult.

Your child will be perfectly safe in the children's program.

I would be more concerned at the pool area. I see many parents that do not watch their children.

Feb 18th, 2001, 11:52 AM
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Hi Don, In reference to your first question,I am in complete agreement with Paul. It is not easy to go overboard.To give a response on childcare on board I would have to give Carnival an A+. Camp carnival is a great program. With the exception of Disney Cruises I would willingly say that Carnival has everyone beat, hands down. Their nighttime sitting service is about $4.00 an hour. There are so many things for your son to do he won't even miss you.
Feb 19th, 2001, 02:24 PM
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Hi. The hairdriers are usually pretty weak. Will dry your hair, but slowly.
I need a stronger drier to make my hair look fuller, and the ship driers just won't do it. So I bring my own. Have fun!
Feb 20th, 2001, 05:04 AM
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Thanks for all your replies. I will bring my own hairdrier ( but no moveable furniture!)

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