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Susan Dec 10th, 1999 07:35 PM

Taking your own beverages on board...
How thoroughly does Carnival check your luggage upon embarkation? I plan to pack along a few bottles of water, as that is something I absolutely WILL NOT pay for. Do they X-ray all bags, carry-on and otherwise? <BR>I've heard they do this after visiting ports of call to take alcoholic purchases for "safekeeping." This I can understand, since they are interested in selling their own drinks onboard. <BR>Regardless, I will take along some bottled water. If it is confiscated, oh well. Any thoughts?

Karen Webb Dec 19th, 1999 08:47 AM

The only thing you are prevented from taking on board is liquor. I believe you can even take a bottle of wine. Soda and water should be no problem. I've cruised before and have taken all these on with no problem.

KC Apr 27th, 2000 06:10 AM

Hi, <BR> <BR>The reason for the policy is really a good one - people used to carry on cases of beer and the like, and that is pretty much why Carnival had developed a bad rep. But there are a few things you can do. First, you will not have any problem taking bottled water or soda onboard in your suitcases. They don't Xray bags for contraband &lt;g&gt;! You probably can bring on modest amounts of alcohol as well, off the record. I usually pack a box of white wine, and the steward has always been very nice about keeping my ice bucket filled, once I asked. You can also order bottles of liquor BEFORE you board from the Bon Voyage office, the address of which should be in your cruise documents. This is perhaps not as inexpensive as you would get at the duty free shop, but if you like a mixed drink now and again, it can be a real money saver. <BR> <BR>One cruise, I brought my own blender, and with some Kool Aid, orange juice and some bananas from the buffet, along with some rum purchased from the Bon Voyage office, I was making blender drinks for all my buddies all week! The steward was lovely about bringing ice, and of course, I tipped him very well. All things considered, I would not do this again (a blender takes up a lot of room in a suitcase!), but it was kinda fun, anyway! BTW, I am a 37 year old mother of three, PTO president - but girls still just wanna have fun on vacation &lt;g&gt;!

Susan Apr 30th, 2000 03:36 PM

Karen and KC, thanks for the responses! With this knowledge, I'll feel much less guilty when I pack all those little bottles of water along! I'm not up for a blender, but I like the idea. Some friends did the same thing on their honeymoon in Jamaica, and I thought it sounded smart then, too! <BR> <BR>Bon Voyage!

parrotfish May 1st, 2000 12:51 PM

I just pack a couple of empty bottles, and fill them up each morning from the melted ice in my ice bucket or from the water taps in the dining room. Any water on the ship is perfectly safe to drink, and if all you want is the convenience of toting your own water on shore excursions, this is less heavy than carrying full bottles in your suitcase. Just make sure you keep the empty bottles in your dresser or closet, since the cabin steward will throw them away if he thinks they are just empty bottles.

Ishoo May 2nd, 2000 06:46 AM

Always took made up martinis and manhattans. Fill small bottles from drinking fountains. I too will NOT pay the exorbitant prices for drinks and water on board.

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