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Single Cruises Experiences?

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Hi there,
I'm really interested in taking a cruise, most likely a "singles" cruise. I as many have posted about, also found the site and so far I think it's a great opportunity. Their cruises use other lines (like carnival), so it's not exclusively single, but that doesn't bother me personally. What I like is they do have special social events designed to meet people (dance classes, wine tasting, meet and greets, excursions for only those in the singles cruise group, and more) and they are all optional. Basically, everything about their cruise offerings so far I love! Here are my concerns, and hopes, please anyone who has taken a singles cruise/cruised solo/known some who has/who has any advice or experience in this area please help!

1) MY HOPE: To meet people, I am not really looking for love, mostly friends. I personally am financially stable enough to travel, explore, etc. with out breaking my bank. My friends, unfortunately are not. Most are still in grad school, or don't have the finances to travel. I'm hoping to meet people, make friends who enjoy and can travel, and have a good relaxing time.

2) MY FEAR: Although I am outgoing enough, I would be able to handle a singles cruise where people are 10 years older then me (I'm in my mid 20's, and I know most single cruisers are 40+), I don't want to book with this cruise line if there's a better option? The cruise has been honest with me about ratios and age, and even suggested certain cruises to avoid so I don't feel so alone, which I appreciated. But if anyone knows of a better cruise to take, please let me know.

3) MY CONCERN: Like I mentioned, I am strong enough socially that any trip I go on, I will enjoy and meet people. I would just prefer to meet people close to my age, and be able to relax. But the stigma behind single cruises does have me concerned because I don't want to be the only one with my mindset...and end up feeling more alone or stressed then able to enjoy myself. At the same time I know that this is a great opportunity to meet people and enjoy life! Especially taking a winter cruise coming from cold winters that last until mid april! Is this "stigma" real for someone my age? (again, mid 20's). Are there better options for cruises? Or even other trips? Or is this all in my head, similar to the idea that Disney is only for children of a certain age, or museums are only for education and not enjoyment?

Thanks in advance!

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    Me personally - I wouldn't go on 'singles' cruise . . . I'd just book on any ole cruise that interested me. There are couples, singles, families and not just a bunch of folks who might be on the prowl.

    >>Or even other trips?<<

    Your options for traveling (other than on a cruise) are totally unlimited -- just depends on whether you want a cruise experience or more land based/sightseeing.

    >>Or is this all in my head, similar to the idea that Disney is only for children of a certain age, or museums are only for education and not enjoyment? <<

    Not quite sure what you mean. Do you think that about Disney and museums - or do you mean that is what some people mistakenly think?

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    There have not been as many young people on cruises I have been on as slightly older with kids, but I have selected cruises more for kids programs and longer itineraries I was interested in.

    There are some ships doing more for singles. One is Norwegian Epic. They have a whole section of the ship with singles cabins and get togethers for the singles. They even have a central social room for singles. The problem, I think is the cost is nearly the same as for a regular cabin. It may be a good option though.

    If you join, go on and either ask a question about it or look up threads about singles cruising, you might get more knowledgeable opinions.

    Another idea is to go at a time when colleges and universities are on break. More young people go then. Of course, there will also be a lot more partying.

    For something other than a cruise, look at Contiki for a tour in Europe. They will pair you with a room mate if you want. It is a fast paced tour by bus, but the age is 35 and under. There will be drinking and partying, but not all, and you will probably make friends. DD did it and loved the ease and all the sight seeing and made friends from several countries. She wishes it was for older people too.

    Good luck.

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    Personally, for the Disney and museum reference... I love both and think truly they are for every age and every season. But there are some people around me aren't as opened minded, and often make me self concious.

    I originally thought of simply booking a cruise and enjoying my time on my own as well! But then I read reviews (including a few from cruise critic) that talked about how it can also be horribly awkward to be by yourself. (Based on a few people's experiences, including some females.) That's why I was leaning towards a "singles cruise." Again what appealed to me was the social opportunity for different activities like classes and games...but also being able to just say, "nah I'm going to lay by the pool all. Day. Long." And have it be ok.

    I didn't mention this in my original post, but I considered a cruise first mostly for price and it has always been a dream of mine. Coming from the Midwest, going basically anywhere is going to be extra spendy because we're so far away. A cruise seemed most budget friendly all around.

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    Would you consider a river cruise? I've been on two, taking a third in October through the Bordeaux region. My first, a Tauck Paris/Provence cruise was a mix of ages but mostly retirees. Then I went to The Netherlands and Belgium thus Spring on Avalon. With morning and afternoon tours one is kept busy the entire day and meals are communal with evening entertainment most nights in the lounge/bar.

    You have a choice of sitting with whomever you please. I found that if I went into the dining room early and sat on my own at a table, before I knew it I would be joined by a single or couple and we'd be off on getting acquainted and enjoying a lovely meal together.

    Tauck does not charge a single supplement. Their cabins are on the lower level with fixed picture windows,must above water level. When Avalon got to the point of dropping the single supplement charge a few months before departure, I booked an upgraded double cabin with sliding glass Juliet balcony for just a bit more than the single supplement charge would have been.

    The large cruise ships have never appealed to me - too many people - a tendency to sea sickness - and I have the impression not particularly singles friendly, cost-wise or fellow cruisers. Whereas, river cruising the maximum is 180 or less on a ship, with a mixture of singles, friends traveling together, mother/daughter combos, sisters, etc. The most recent cruise I went on I palled up with a single 35 year old gal and several ladies in their 50's-60's traveling on their own. We sat together some nights, others with friendly married couple we struck up conversations with while on the morning or afternoon tours.

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    I think the misconception that "traveling alone is awkward" is sort of across the board- NOT limited to cruising. And from my encounters with people who think like this, it is due to 2 things: one, they aren't comfortable in their own company or two, they aren't choosing the right TYPE of travel. If it's one (it often is) they aren't taking full advantage of what's around them. I like sitting at the bar, and I often strike up conversations with folks both single and married. There's always something to talk about- where you are from, why you chose that cruise, have you ever been cruising before, etc. etc. (disclaimer: I do this everywhere except cruises, as I don't cruise- seasickness and confined spaces are my personal hell recipe). You sound a little like me when I was younger- I am capable of having a blast all by myself and my interests are just offbeat enough that even my partner/friends aren't going to want to escort me all the time. And that's fine- because I'll gladly miss their horror movie nights and anything that involves football. And anime conventions. And anything that involves running for "fun". Lol. Back to the topic at hand...

    Then, with type two- you've got to realize that different sorts of people are attracted to different types of activities. For instance- I don't like being on a tour bus with bored kids playing or cranky spouses who have no interest in the actual tour. So now I skip the buses and I really enjoy walking tours and bike tours. Not just because I like to bike- but also because I meet people I have more things in common with and because the people who take biking tours are there because they want to be. They aren't on their iPads or gossiping to their seat mate. If you spend 60 bucks to peddle around a city for 5 hours- you were excited or at least interested in the prospect to begin with. Those people aren't merely ticking off their "city pass" list- there's nothing wrong with that, or bus tours, don't get me wrong, but both often lead to overcrowding, whining and crankiness (I'm not just talking about kids).

    I personally have always disliked singles things- because there is much more to life than your relationship status and I find the people who are focused on that frankly a little boring- or obsessive- or desperate. It's a good idea in THEORY but in my experience the people I'm least likely to hang out with are often the people that would go on a singles cruise. So I think you should find a cruise that interests you and go on it- whether that's River, or Disney, or some sort of educational cruise- because then you will be surrounded by people with similar interests who want to be there. Just my two cents:)

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