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Jackie Aug 29th, 1998 09:01 AM

S.Caribbean--Fascination or Monarch of Seas??
Hi. My boyfriend and I (early and mid-20's) are planning our first cruise for the 1st or 2nd week in Jan. We would like any recommendations/bad experiences with either ship. We have heard that Carnival is more of a party ship and that nightlife on RCCL "shuts down" around 10 or 11pm--true?? Also is the weather decent during Jan.? Would like to book this coming week--responses ASAP appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Monica Richards Sep 3rd, 1998 03:42 PM

I took the Monarch of the Seas cruise last year. I think the weather should be fine in January--my friend spent two years in Jamaica and the temperatures never vary very much in the Carribean. <BR> <BR>I liked Royal Carribean and would take their cruise again. Don't know about the night life shutting down--I was pooped after touring the islands, etc., each day so went to bed shortly after dinner (we had the late seating, which didn't finish until around 10:00 anyway). But there was definitely stuff on the schedule for later. <BR> <BR>Don't skip the Jolly Roger Pirate Cruise. We did it in Antigua (it leaves in the afternoon, so you still have time to explore the island before you go). It was really fun, but be careful of how much rum punch you drink--being hung over on a cruise ship is not good! <BR>

Rachel Sep 11th, 1998 06:01 PM

May be too late for your reservation deadline, and have not been on either ship, but having cruised three times on Carnival and twice on Royal Caribbean, do have some input. <BR> <BR>Carnival IS more of a party ship. Food is plentiful and pretty good, but not as good as Royal Caribbean. Nightlife good on both. Maybe a little wilder on Carnival, but neither "shuts down" early. We closed the disco several nights on Royal Caribbean, along with many other cruisers! Both are great cruise lines, good service, plenty to do. If you are really picky, Carnival might not be as pleasing. But we are a couple in our mid-30s and mid-40s, very active, who thoroughly enjoyed all our cruises on both lines. A lot depends on what you want to do, and the attitude you take. I hope you have a wonderful time no matter which one, and feel free to email if questions.

laura Sep 15th, 1998 10:49 AM

Definately Royal Caribbean. By the way, January is a great time to go. <BR>

cathy Sep 24th, 1998 07:21 PM

Took our family on the fascination last November and had the best time. Was our 4th carnival cruise and was extremely satisfied. But the best part of this cruise was the ports. On St Thomas, go to Trunk Bay in St. John, had wonderful time there, we fell in love with Dominica, would love to go back and spend a week there. Kind of like stepping into Jurasic Park without the dinasours. breath taking. Martinque, Barbados, and St.Maarten were also fun. Would fully reccomend the Fascination <BR>

Anna Oct 4th, 1998 08:03 AM

Jackie, <BR>My husband and I went on RCCL to the southern Carribean with another couple last March (all of us mid-20's). We went on RCCL because we weren't looking for the party all night atmosphere and my friends didn't care for Kathie Lee Gifford who does their commercials! We were the youngest people on the ship besides some of the honeymooners. The majority of passengers were 40's and older (or I guess you could say my parents age). Looking back, I think we should have gone on Carnival - probably more people our age. But, no matter which one you book you are sure to have a lot of fun!!

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