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Les Aug 27th, 1998 08:18 AM

Renaissance Cruises
Has anyone returned from the shakedown cruises of the R-1. I am booked on it in December and would like reports on food, accomodations, service, activities, etc.

Anita Sep 15th, 1998 12:49 PM

Les: I replied as well to an earlier post of yours. In case you didn't receive it, here it is again: I do not have any first hand experience with Renaissance; however, I, too, have a Med cruise (16 days) booked for April 1999. There is a complete review (complete with pictures) on the internet of the R1. Go to I am really looking forward to the smaller ship with concentration on the itinerary. I just returned from an Alaska cruisetour with Princess. The Sun Princess is a beautiful (and big) ship with many activities for young people (I took my 12 year old niece who loved it). I am most eager to compare the Renaissance R1 with the very large Sun Princess. Enjoy your trip. P.S. As for all the complaints on having to pay full fare up front with Renaissance, THAT IS WHY YOU BUY TRIP INSURANCE! <BR>

Lori Cunningham Sep 19th, 1998 11:17 AM

Hi, Anita <BR> <BR>Comment: <BR> <BR>The full payment at booking requirement with Renaissance. <BR> <BR>and purchasing travel insurance: <BR> <BR>Travel insurance will only reimburse you for cancellation penalties IF you cancel for a COVERED reason. <BR> <BR>The travel insurance does not compensate you for Renaissance using YOUR money for months. <BR> <BR>I would be very cautious booking a cruise with Renaissance too far in the future. I have concerns about their financial security. And because of this, I believe they will HAVE to discount their cruises heavily. There will be lapses in quality somewhere. <BR> <BR>My thoughts... <BR> <BR>Lori Cunningham <BR>Skyscraper Tours, Inc <BR> <BR>

Jeannette Sep 19th, 1998 06:29 PM

Hi Les, <BR> <BR>I am booked on Renaissance for May 1999. <BR>I booked through a Renaissance agent on the internet and I think I got a great price and they WAIVED the requirement that I pay up front now. I had to pay a deposit, of course, but I won't have to pay the balance until 120 days before the trip. If you book, get your travel insurance within 7 days so that pre-existing conditions are waived. After 7 days, the insurance companies won't waive them. C.S.A. is really cheap if you're under 55.

frank Sep 26th, 1998 11:59 AM

Perhaps many of you aren't aware of Renaissance policy toward travel agents and commissions. They offer a commission of $500 max per stateroom and because of this, many agents will no longer recommend this cruise line. Different strokes for different folks, etc. I'm sure if you run into travel troubles during or before your cruise, that Renaissance will be of help, but then again who knows. Above all, for any travel, get a good travel insurance. Jeannett is offering good advice in regards to CSA insurance and pre-existing conditions being waived if you purchase travel insurance through them within 7 days of booking your travel.

Jeannette Sep 29th, 1998 06:04 PM

My last reply did not post so I will try again. I found a lot of reviews on AOL. Most of them were extremely positive. If you e-mail me, I will send them to you. Jeannette

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