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Mamaw Jan 19th, 2008 07:05 PM

Princess Grand Trip Report
Hello and Thanks again for all the great info I got here on fodor's.

My family of 9 went on the PG for a west. carrib cruise. Dec 1-8

My DH and I left 4 days early to have a little fun in the sun and relaxation in FLL/MIA.

We flew DTW to FLL via NWA (159.00 each which was a great deal)the plane ride was boring as hell. And the person in the next seat took up most of my seat too. We ate lunch before we boarded so that was a good thing. We had reservations at Courtyard by Marriott Cruise/Airpot and they had shuttle service. Called when we got our luggage and we were on our way within 20 minutes. Reserved a room with points. When we arrived our room was ready and it was a bigger room with a balcony over looking the Tri Rail and a small lake. We cranked up the AC and called enterprise rental car, we had made arrangements for them to pick us up at the hotel and take us to their office to sign the paperwork. That took about an hour all together. From there it was off for lunch.

Let me say we have Verizon wireless and had the gps turned on and used it through out our time in florida, and it was AWESOME. We were able to put in the zipcode or address of the area and BAM it popped up on the phone. You could ask it where the nearest seafood rest. or circut city or whatever and it gave you directions to the nearest one.

We headed right to sunny isles to have lunch at our favorite deli Rascal's. And traffic was like always, horrible. We always had a joke. When in Florida, the light turns green count to 10 before you go. And when we first pulled up I was worried. I had read online that it was closed. Someone had bought it and was tearing it down to build condo's. I called before we left and they assured us they were open and doing business. But as I said, it looked closed. The windows were dirty and I swear there wasn't a light on in the place. I walked up to the window and seen people so I was relieved and we went in and sat at the counter as usual. There was one man sitting at the counter and 3 tables. Our waitress set us right up and we took a look at the menu (though we already knew what we were having since we've been talking about it for months before hand) and we about choked on our coke. 15.00 dollars for a pastrami sandwich. 13.00 for a beef brisket sandwich. WTF? Are they nuts? I told my husband, let's just split a sandwich. And he said no way, I didn't come all this way to split a sandwich. So we went ahead and ordered what we had been hankering for a long time. This place is just not like it used to be. Our waitress told us their business is awful. With all the construction around them and the fact that a rumor was going around they were closed really was hurting their business. My DH being the ever tactful guy told her maybe you outta cut some of the prices here and you'll have more business. She didn't like that too much. So needless to say, we won't ever be going back there again. Sad but true.

We drove back to our hotel along A1A. And really enjoyed seeing all the old haunts we used too hang out at. We used to stay at the Sheraton Bal Harbour. That was tore down. And once again traffic was horrible everywhere we went. Got back to the hotel. Set up our laptop (free wifi)and took a nap. BTW, our room was like a meat locker. We cranked the AC and baby it was working.

While I was napping my husband went down to the lobby and was talking with the front desk and they recommended a restaurant within walking distance of the hotel. They were known for their fish and had a Bass pro shop next door. So when I finally pulled myself out of bed I got showered and we walked over for dinner. Next to the restaurant was the Fishing hall of fame. I had read about this restaurant online and someone from TA had recommended it. We had blackened grouper and it OK. My DH loved his, but mine was just OK. We had a couple of corona's and walked back to our room. I wanted to get up early and be off to our next hotel. The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne. It was our 22 wedding anniv. and we wanted to stay somewhere nice and romantic.

We really liked the Courtyard. The staff and hotel was very nice. We had free wifi and breakfast was included.Our room was spotless, all the bedding seemed to be new and lots of pillows. After all the great hospitality from them we started wondering if this would be a better hotel for our family who was flying in on Friday. We had reserved another hotel nearby, but this would be perfect for our family. So we inquired about availability for 3 rooms on that coming friday. They had it and would accomadate us. Perfect. We reserved the rooms. We did drive over to the other hotel just to check it out and we were really glad we didn't stay there. It wasn't anywhere near as nice. And when we walked into look around the people behind the desk couldn't bother to look up and say Hello. That did it for us. We left knowing we made the right choice.

After having a very nice breakfast at the hotel we said goodbye to the staff and told them we'd see them again on Friday morning. And off to Key Biscayne.

The drive there wasn't too bad. We had left after 9 am to avoid the rush hour traffic. We got there within an hour. I had called the hotel a week before arrival and asked for early check in. The lady I spoke with said there would be no problem. And when we arrived we were checked in within minutes and they gave us a upgrade to a suite on the 12th floor. The welcomed us back to the hotel and off to our room.

We had stayed at RCKB 5 years ago and really liked it. We stayed on the club level and had a great time. The food presentation was fantastic. But this time we chose the re-connect package. Breakfast and valet included along with a island gift. When we got to our room there was a card from the hotel welcoming us back to the hotel. Let me back up, as we were heading up to our room we ran into a lady who works at the Ritz. She came over and asked us had we been there before and we told her yes, she remembered us and we never forgot her. She was a hostess on the club when we were there and she used to be a flight attendent in Latin America. She told us stories that had us rolling on the floor. And really laughing and getting crazy is not acceptable behavior at the Ritz especially on the club level. But we just had a ball with this lady. She told us she had been in 2 plane crashes, Gheeez, are you nuts? One was with American passenger's who were very calm and followed all the instructions and the landing went better than expected and all survived. And the second one was a plane full of Latino's and when the Capt. came on and told everyone to prepare for a emergancy landing the passenger's went nuts. Screaming and getting out of their seats and just causing a mini riot. Well in the end, that landing came out good. And Thank God. But the way she told these stories we just laughed until we about pee'd ourselves. This lady is tiny, like 5 foot and petite and she told us how she had to wrestle some of the Latino women down to the their seats on the plane. I could just see her doing that. Anyway.......She was so happy to see us and if there was ANYTHING she could do to make our stay better we MUST let her know. And she still kept the Thank you card I sent her when we got home. Because she really made out stay there five years ago awesome.

We changed into our bathing suits and headed right down to the pool. It wasn't busy. The towel guy set us up at two lounger's. As usual He asked where are we from and when we told him Detroit He got so excited. So was He. He came down to Miami 10 months ago and never went home. So we talked for a while. He was homesick and missed his momma's cooking. He took very good care of us the entire time. We layed around the pool all day. We had lunch at the Cantina. It supposed to be really good and have the best cevechie around. However, they couldn't make the cevechie my husband wanted. He was really bummed out. So we ended up just having ice tea, salsa, guac and chips. It was all very good, but for the life of us we couldn't get a refill on the ice tea and when we finally got a refill they didn't give us ice. My DH was not impressed. But he did love the salsa and chips. After the sun finally was gone we went up to our room took a shower and rested before dinner at Nemo's.

We finally woke up from our nap at 9 pm. I got all dolled up and off we go to SOBE. It was like we left it. Bumper to bumper traffic and people who just never took parallel parking 101. There were arguments out on the streets about parking, double parking, valet parking. Girls who had on skirts so short that if they farted the whole ave. would get a show. Funky ass baseline beats and SOBE at it's best. After cruising around we parked (where we wouldn't get a ticket like last time) near Nemo's. Walked in and sat up at the food bar. It wasn't too busy yet. We ordered some cokes and took a look at the menu. The menu hadn't really changed. This is a place we eat at everytime were in Miami. The food is always good and they give the most basic ingredient a savory twist. I started out with oyster's 1/2 doz. They were really fresh, cold and good. The horseradish and marinated shallots were very tasty on top. I didn't use the little bottle of tabasco. I put that in my purse to give to my SIL as a joke. I also had alfalfa sprouts wrapped in salmon with wasbi mayo and salmon roe. It was excellent. My DH had Herb encrusted red snapper with garlic MP. His was cooked to perfection. The only thing wrong with the fish was the price 38.00 for his meal. OK, I don't want to seem like a ingrate, but I too thought that was pretty high, but hey were in SOBE we knew it wouldn't be cheap. I had the vietmense beef salad, which I always have. It's as good as always. Our bill came out to be like 90.00. But we really enjoyed our food and our server was outstanding. He was very nice and went way out of his way to explain the menu and the specials. We got to talk with him a lot through out our meal. He had done some traveling through Italy and we were comparing notes on rome and naples. The cook and his lovely assistants were working very hard as the it got later and the restaurant got busier. They must have had a big party because they kicked out 20 plates of food within minutes. I gave the waiter my card and told him if he was ever in Detroit to look me up. He told me his partner hated the pistons. I told him there was no love lost, we hated the miami heat. We all laughed on that one. Funny, my DH was like..Do you think his partner is a Man? DUH! But I didn't say it to him in a mean way. I love him. Sometimes he's such an innocent. After Dinner we had to walk around and do some people sight seeing. Walked past Gianni Versace's house and fight the crowds of the young bold and beautiful. years ago, We had just gotten home from miami and 2 days later we watched LIVE coverage of Gianni's murder. We were shocked. We just had lunch at the New's cafe days before it happened. It was really late and time to head back to the hotel. We wanted to hang out at the beach and listen to the waves.

When we got back to the hotel and they had bonfire's lit. On the beach and through out the Cantina restaurant. We sat down there and just watch and listened to the waves. It was late and I about had to be carried to our room, I was beat and all the hype caught up to me and I was exhausted.

Woke up late (well, late for me)and my DH was no where to be seen. I took a shower and then called him on his cell. He was in the restaurant downstairs having coffee waiting for me. We had a fantastic Breakfast. I had hot chocolate and it was out of this world. I actually had 3. I couldn't get enough. All the foods on the buffet were delish. Lots of fresh fruit, oatmeal,omelette station, bacon, sausage,danishes,rolls and much more. We threw down. I ate 2 bowls of oatmeal. It was perfect, just the way I like it. Fresh berries and sweet rolls. My DH loved the bacon and made himself the ultimate B.L.T. with a fried egg on top. We ran into a gentleman who used to work at the Ritz Carlton Cancun. He was always so nice to us when we stayed there. So he sat and talked with us for a while. Amazing how the staff jumped to attention when he sat with us. Not that we weren't getting good service. I mean we were having the buffet so we just basically helped ourselves. But when he sat down with us our waiter and busser's were standing at attention next to our table. From then on we got a higher level of service. Come to find out He is now the General Manager of the Ritz there in KB.

Our room was already cleaned when we went back up to get our beach stuff. Wow, that was cool. We stayed down at the pool again all day. It was really quiet and we liked that. The pool area is on the small side. They do have an adults only pool there as well. But we love kids and like to watch them play in the water. They have great pool side service there too. A very nice lady passed out fresh fruits, water,chips, pretzels and apples through out the day. She came by to give us cool towels through out the day. My DH had tipped her the day before and she really went out of her way to give us excellent service. Actually everyone there was wonderful. Our waiter the first day at lunch wasn't the greatest but no big deal. This day we went back to Cantina for lunch again and had a Great watier from Turkey. He was very friendly, spoke excellent english. He worked on Cruise ships for 10 years and had heard of an opening there at the RC so he applied and got the job. He loves it and it shows. My DH had the chips and salsa, I had a chicken ceaser roll up with a fresh fruit salad and it was wonderful. We sat in the restaurant for over an hour just watching the surf and drinking cold lemonaide.

I'm too tired to check for spelling errors, sorry if it's full of mistakes and long winded.

Mamaw Jan 20th, 2008 03:13 AM

What a relief when we go back to our room. The 5 boxes we had shipped to RCKB were in our room. I had been emailing the hotel to ask if they would let us have these boxes ups to their hotel. They were full of toys,school supplies,lotion,braclets,scoccer balls and stuff like that for the children's home in Jamacia and school's in Cozumel. So I was so happy to see they made it.

We took a little nap and got cleaned up to head into Fort Lauderdale. The GPS for our laptop wasn't working fast enough for my DH. So he wanted to buy a new one. OMG, the traffic was unbelievable. I never had seen it so bad. It took us 1 1/2 hours to get to FLL. We got to best buy and my DH talked with a tech there. He suggested we buy a new one and return the old one when we got home. OK, go ahead I said. He had to have GPS to track our route on the cruise. Like he's the capt. or something. We spied a pf changs down the street from the best buy so we headed there for dinner and watch Thurs. night football. There was a line out the door. But we always like to sit at the bar. Found two seats and watched the action on TV and behind the counter.

Didn't leave pf chang's until the game was over. Traffic was light on the way back to the hotel. We had a really long day ahead of us on Friday so we needed to get back to the hotel and get some sleep.

Mamaw Jan 20th, 2008 12:23 PM

Sad, we had to leave the RCKB. We had lots do do. But no before having a huge breakfast. We headed right back to where we started Courtyard. We werent' sure if they's have the rooms ready but we took a chance. TA DA all 3 rooms were ready. We had connecting room to our DD room. Perfect. Dropped our stuff off and headed to Payless shoes to buy shoes for a family in Cozumel. A man on TA had asked if I could possibly pick them up for him, no problem. And had to finish getting the rest of the things we needed for the Girls home in Jamacia.

My Husband's parent were arriving at FLL at noon and we wanted to be there to pick them up. FLL airport has a great cellphone waiting area. It has screens to show arriving flights. So it's shaded and we went there and hung out until the plane landed. They called us and off we went to meet them. We took them back to the hotel and they wanted to rest.

We had plans to take them to My big fat greek restaurant. So when they got up and ready off we went. We arrived and no one was there eating. We were kinda put off on that, but when we walked in the staff were super friendly and sat us and hooked us up with awesome bread and a greek dip simular to hummos. We all ordered huge dinners. I had lamb chops, FIL had pork chops with feta melted on top with a side of spinach, My DH had moussaka and MIL had chicken. All our dishes were fantastic. And the service very good. Along the restaurant there was a canal, suddenly I see what looks like a gator, I jump up look out the window and tell everyone OMG there's a gator out there. The waiteress says NAH, that's a lizard. and I'll be damn, it was a huge lizard/dragon thing. There were several in the tree's waiting for a bird to land to eat. The waitress took us out there with some bread and we feed them. Very cool. Funny too, when we first walked up I could smell mint, basil,rosemary and sure enough they grow their herbs along the side and front of the restaurnt. I though that was really cool. No room for desert so we just paid our bill and off we went. We drove down to the docks (port everglades) to see the ships. By that time my inlaws were wacked and ready for bed. So we went back to the hotel. They went to bed and we layed down to wait for the other 5 members of our family to arrive at FLL. That was going to be a midnight.

Because our rental wasn't big enough the hotel was great about making arrangements for the shuttle to pick up most of our family. Since my daughter was traveling with our 2 year old grandbaby for the first time and it being so late we thought picking her and the baby up right away and letting the other come in the shuttle. So it ended up working out great. I waited for them in the airport and it was funny to see my GB wearing only a diaper and her hair sticking up like albert einstien. She was happy to see me and we rushed out to the waiting car. Took her right back to the hotel. The others got there within 30 minutes. So now it's after 1 am and we are all just getting settled.

I got up early and headed down to the lobby for coffee and wait for the others to get up. We all had breakfast together. We had a few hours before the shuttle left for the docks so some of the family walked over to the pro bass shop and took a look around and the rest of us stayed in the lobby drinking coffee. Since the hotel's staff were so good to us, we told them not to rush to get us to the dock, take the other people waiting first. So it ended up the shuttle taking us along with 18 pieces of luggage, 6 boxes, 9 backpacks, 9 carryon's. WOW. He got us right up to the princess entrance and unloaded all our stuff with the porter. We tipped him huge and Thanked him and now the cruise vacation begins...

Boarding the ship was fast and easy. We got in the capt. circle line and were all checked in within 15 minutes. We all got our picture taken together and boarded the ship. Yeah, finally. 3 months, dozen of phone calls and many family meetings, we are finally here.

We had 3 mini-suite and one balcony room. We had a room 2 doors down from my DD and her family. Inlaws on one floor below us and the others were above us 4 floors. We were on Dolphin deck. Our room was nothing special. Our room attendent was wonderful. He was really good to our family through out the trip. After dropping off our stuff we all headed up to the lido deck to have lunch together. The horizon court was packed. But we found a big table and took turns watching the baby as her parents went and got their food. We sat and talked about taking a rest before dinner, but that wasn't going to happen.

Before we knew it was time for the muster drill, that took forever. Some people are so disrespectful. The crew had to keep stoping because some people couldn't shut up so they could finish. Finally we got to go back to our room and it was time to shove off.

The baby was so excited to be up on deck with all these people. She freaked when the horns started blowing. I couldn't believe how fast time went, it was time for dinner before we knew it. We had the early seating and had to get ready. At that point I didn't care, I just changed my shirt and pants and met our family in front of the restaurant.

Of course it was mass chaos in the dining room. People not happy where their table was, blah blah. We had been assigned a table for 8 people and a baby. Our table fit 6 people. So we had to stand inline and wait to talk with the head waiter, it all go straightened out and we were able to all sit together. I think it was too much for the baby, after we finally got settled and our fantastic waiter and buser took our order she wouldn't sit still. So my SIL took her out for a walk and ended up taking her back to their room where she fell fast asleep. We all ate and then my DD and SIL went upstairs and had the buffet while I stayed with the baby. We all had a good night sleep that night.

Mamaw Jan 21st, 2008 02:38 PM

I don't think I will finish this trip report. Seems no one is interested, and that's OK. Just won't waste my time.

njsusan Jan 21st, 2008 03:47 PM

Hello!Hello! Please don't stop.I am enjoying your report and looking forward to your visit to the school.

Theresa Jan 21st, 2008 04:34 PM

CruiseCritic is a more active board - you may want to post your review over there.

Mamaw Jan 21st, 2008 05:38 PM

nj Thanks for responding. I will go on. OMG, I sound like celine dion...

After my DD and SIL got back from the buffet dinner we kissed them all good bye and went 2 doors down to our room. Changed and
We had filled out our little card left on the pillow for room service in the morning. We ordered coffee stuck it to the doorknob and walked around the deck watching several other cruise ships trailing us. Our room steward did such a great job turning down our room. He put extra towels in the bathroom, fixed our toiletries, put our suitcases away and left heart shaped candy on the bed.

I was up at 5am. I called room service and got the coffee delivered early. Our phone rang and it was my DD, did I want to go have breakfast just the 2 of us while the baby and her husband slept. I told her give me 30 minutes and off we went. That was the perfect way to start the day. We went through the buffet got all the good stuff we like and had a wonderful time eating and watching the beautiful water out the huge windows in the horizon court. It wasn't long before my DH showed up and sat with us. He didn't eat, he just wanted to hangout and wait on his parents.

Let me just say, the coffee you get through room service is MUCH better than what's in the horizon court and the restaurant we had dinner in each night. We did buy the coffee card because we are coffee drinkin fools. So that did come in handy after dinner when we wanted cappacino's.

about 2 hours later most of the family was down at breakfast. Finally the SIL and Grandbaby came strolling in the dining room. She was happy and hungry. After getting her fed we made plans to meet at the pool and take her swimming.

Here's what kinda sucked. Though we paid 800.00 dollars for a 2 year old baby who hardly eats (but made up in milk consumption) she wasn't allowed to go in the pool. Are you kidding me? We could take her up to the kids area and take her in the pool, though she couldn't be in the children's program because she wasn't old enough. O.K. But we put on swimmers and rubber pants and took her in the pool with us. She had a blast. We all took turns swimming with her. We kept checking to make sure there would be no accidents. Constantly asking her if she had to go potty or ka ka. There were so many kids and teenagers in the pool it's hard to believe non of them pissed in the pool.

It was HOT in fact everyday was HOT. We were very lucky the entire trip having excellent weather. So after being in the pool and sun for a while it was time for lunch. The dining court was packed. It took us a few minutes to find a table but we did. Got the baby in a high chair and got her some fruit. And then we got plates of salad.

Here is my opinion on the food.

Breakfast and Lunch were very good. However, not much choice on the fruit. Just watermellon, canalope,honeydew and mango once or twice. Never berries of anykind. No kiwi but some of the best pineapple ever. We couldn't get enough. I ate alot of oatmeal, cream of wheat. Cold ceral and bread for breakfast. My SIL and DD tried just about anything and everything. The said most was good. I always enjoyed lunch. They have 2 great salad bars going so that was good enough for me. They did serve beef, pork chops,chicken served to order with all the trimmings. Lots of pasta salad,seafood salads. 3-4 desserts. Jello everyday which I love and a sugarless dessert of some kind. I drank a lot of milk. They were in a small carton,cold and plenty of them. I only drank coffee in the room or after dinner. All my inlaws thought the food was good.

The let down was Dinner. I can honestly say my DH and I didn't really like any of the dinners. Our waiters were outstanding. Took above and beyond measures at dinner time for the entire family. They were especially good to my grandbaby. Had the highchair all set up with little plates and a fork for her. The gave my DD many choices for her, she ate spaghetti and meatballs everynight. Well, she wore most of it each night. They made her little ice cream sundaes for dessert each night. But the menu offered each evening whatever we ordered seemed tasteless and had no TA DA to them at all. My SIL and FIL tore up the crablegs and lobster. My DD had steak and they just couldn't cook it MW no matter what. The other family members ate a lot of fish and pasta. The bread and butter was to die for and they knew we loved it and had extra bread at our table everynight. We don't drink so they had our pops and lemons for water waiting for us everynight. This is just my opinion. We traveled on the GP 3 times and the other 2 were so much better.

After Dinner most of the younger people went to the comedy shows. All us old people basically went walking around or to our rooms to lay low. That first night we took the baby so our kids could enjoy themselves. We put the baby in the stroller and walked around the decks until she fell asleep. Took her back to the room and went to bed early. Jamacia was our first stop and I wanted to be ready and rested.

We had made arrangements with a taxi service to take our family around the island and take us by the Windsor Girls Home to drop off gifts and visit with the girls.
We got up super early and had breakfast and met everyone on the dock to meet up with our driver. I was a little worried about finding the driver and we had emailed each other a few times before hand, but He knew it was us and we all started to pile in his van. One problem, the baby seat he brought was for an infant, not a toddler. Well, we decided to seatbelt her in and start the tour. We went to the Dunns Falls and just walked around. No way was our inlaws going to be able to do this. The hawker hanging around there drove us nuts, our driver chased them off. We toured around the island, stopped at some churches and at one there was a group of elementary children all dressed in their cute uniforms singing christmas carols. So the teacher had them sing us a few and it was just so sweet. We all put in some money and handed it to the teacher and told her to buy the kids some ice cream or something. Next we headed to the girls home.

Now I had been emailing the home and never go a response. I called there from here and it was impossible to understand the person on the phone. I was really frustrated. So when I emailed the van service I asked him to call and make the arrangements for us to come by and bring gifts for the girls. He was able to go by there and talk with someone and made arrangements for our family to come by. When we pulled up to the home there this huge gates were locked. He called to let them know we were there and a man came down and unlocked the gates and locked them when we drove up the drive way. Our driver told us he'd go in and see the man he had talked to. A few minutes later he came down and got me. The superviser wanted to talk to me. The driver took me up these stairs and I was somewhat scared. The home was rundown,dirty,boarded windows and I was put off by this. The Sup. was very stern and somewhat standoffish. But after a few minutes of us talking and me telling him my entire family was in the van and we had new clothes, lotions,shampoo,braclets,books and pencils,crayons and all sorts of goodies that seemed to break the ice. I went back down to the van, got my family out and all the boxes. He led us to a class room with about 20 girls. They were very sad,eyes down and not smiling. I felt so sorry for them. I stood there and told them we were from Detroit and we brought these gifts for them and would love to talk and pray with them if they'd like. I started to feel like I wasn't going to get through to these girls. I knew most of them were abused,from the streets and most had no parents. But what broke the ice was my grandbaby. The moment my DD came into the room with the baby all the girls looked up at her. Several got up and went over to touch her blonde hair and skin. One of the girls held out her arms to the baby and she went right to her. THANK GOD! All the girls wanted to hold her and play with her. She is not a shy baby. That is what really turned the whole trip there around. The sup. brought out some of the boxes to show the girls what we had brought, they were so thankful for the goodies. We all said a prayer. I told the girls we were very proud of them. And that they have made the steps to better their lives and to take their studies serious because that is the key to success. We told them we would stay in touch and send more things to them.

After leaving the Windsor home we went to a beach to hang out and cool off. We had some jerk chicken and pepsi and just relaxed. After a couple of hours we headed back to the ship. I has asked our driver if there was something I could bring him from states and he wanted size 11 men's black dress shoes. So we had brought those and gave them to him along with a big tip and bid him good bye at the dock.

We went right to our room. I wanted to shower and take a nap. Tonight was formal night and I wanted to dress up.

Lordy Jan 21st, 2008 09:13 PM

I am enjoying your report.
Look forward to next installment.

LLindaC Jan 22nd, 2008 09:26 AM

this sounds like my Mom wrote it. The woman can talk for an hour without anyone getting a word in....EDIT!

emd Jan 22nd, 2008 10:12 AM

I like the report and detail and appreciate the amt. of time it takes to do it. I am considering a princess crusie so please, go on, Mamaw.

emd Jan 22nd, 2008 10:23 AM

mamaw, did you just find that girls home on the internet or thru your chruch. I think it is admirable that you somehow hooked up w/this place and visited and took those needed items.

Mamaw Feb 7th, 2008 07:05 AM

sorry, I didn't realize someone had posted on this....

I always check here or the cities web site for children's home or homeless shelters. You can always give to the local red cross in any of the cities too.

I mean really, who needs a souviner? My neices and nephews have everything. I did give them all 25.00 for christmas, and most of them gave it back to me to buy something for the children's home in Cancun. Now that's what I'm talking about.

GoTravel Feb 13th, 2008 11:19 AM

Mamaw, great report and you should post it on the US board as a lot of it is valuable South Florida information!

Love the Rascal House! Massive portions of food and love the sweet cucumbers!

What was the name of the restaurant you ate at in Fort Lauderdale?

Mamaw Feb 25th, 2008 09:43 AM

We ate at my big fat greek restaurant and a seafood place right behind the hotel, I can't remember the name, My honey liked it, I thought it was ok. We ate at PF changs one night too. But mostly ate our meals at RCKB.

Debbiekep2 Feb 21st, 2009 05:45 AM

Mamaw- I just found this trip report. I have read and enjoyed your other reports as "Theresa". You make me laugh so much. Do you have more than 3 trip reports?? I want to read them all!
And, is this one finished?? Obviously it must be. But, I don't want it to end! ;)

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