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kelly50ca Sep 2nd, 2017 02:12 PM

port excursion recommendations
Hello travelers or locals I want to say sorry for the length but I hope you hang in there for me ;) I would love to get any recommendations from you all about port excursions. the ports of call are Newport, RI. ,Boston MA, Bay Harbor, ME, Saint John and Halifax . I know everyone has different ideas as to what they are interested in and if you have a few minutes I would love to hear everyone's ideas on how and why they would spend their day at any of the ports mentioned above cheap or costly either is fine. traveling hopefully mid sept or early Oct. I know weather might not be great but that's out of my hands. I already plan to see in Newport The breakers & marble house. also I heard that Peggy's cove In Halifax is a must ? beside these
I have some of the ship ideas what do you think.? Boston: 1.Quincy marketplace & Faneuil hall 2.public garden 3.newberry St 4.Freedom Trail 5.North end 6. Lexington & concord others not interested in myself
Bay Harbor:1 Acadia Natl PK 2.27 Mile PK 3. Cadillac MT. 4. Victorian Harbor 5.Cranberry Is.
ST. John: 1. reversing rapids 2.old city market 3.St Andrews 4.Fundy PK & Hopewell Rocks 5.St. John area 6.Carleton Tower 7. Bay of Fundy 8.St Martins & Sea Caves
I hope you were able to hang in there and if so Thank you for your time and suggestion Happy traveling.

Cathinjoetown Sep 3rd, 2017 03:01 PM

Newport is very compact. The Breakers and Marblehouse will certainly give you a view of how the super wealthy of the gilded age summered in Newport. The historic old town and harbor are also interesting with I believe the oldest synagogue in North America, lots of small shops and restaurants.

Unless you are in Boston over night, you won't have time to get out to Concord and Lexington as well as poke around Quincy Market, Fanieul Hall, etc. So, if you are just docked for the day, either do a tour of Concord and Lexington or do Quincy Market, F. H., if a nice day add parts of the Freedom Trail, maybe to the North End and Old North Church or the other direction toward Beacon Hill, the Boston Common and Public Gardens.

Newbury Street is just beyond the public gardens, a long street of boutiques and restaurants. That's just the tip of the iceberg for Boston but you can only do so much. I lived an hour north of Boston for many years and regret never getting to the Kennedy Library. We plan to fix that in November. Taxis are plentiful, I'd walk as much as possible then grab a taxi back to the ship when you run out of steam.

Weather (and the foliage) could be gorgeous, you just never know.

Bar Harbor, Maine, is another pretty, old summer resort. Fun just to walk around, you would need some sort of transport to drive through Acadia and up Cadillac Mountain.

Can't help you with your other ports, would love to get there some day.

norfolkanway Sep 13th, 2017 10:05 AM

The wife and I are taking our first cruise in November which includes Boston in its post of calls. We were fortunate enough to tour New England in the Fall of 2013 which included 3 full days in Boston. We thoroughly enjoyed so much on that holiday but the 'Must do' on our Boston return is Quincy marketplace & Faneuil hall. It's Boston's answer to London's Covent Garden (we're Brits). Al-fresco dining and street performances are just some things that help create a fantastic atmosphere. If I'm not mistaken many of the port excursions from Boston offer the option of dropping you off there (but you have to make your own way back to the ship, easily done by taxi).

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