My oar in on Carnival......

Jan 7th, 2000, 10:14 AM
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This member of the common proleteriat is off with the other common folk to experience a week on Paradise. Seriously, I will take note of all of the negatives....and positives...and will report back. I will also see if they are serving Big Macs.....
Jan 7th, 2000, 04:45 PM
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Have a wonderful cruise Mitch.
I hope it is a good one..........
But after all the defending of Carnival that you have done in the past, I will really be interested in what you think of the Paradise.
Jan 20th, 2000, 04:46 PM
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Dear Mitch,
I have been enjoying your discussion somewhat vicariously for a while. My husband and I, with our 2 kids ages 5 and 6 are booked on the paridise for the week ending feb 6th. As you will be just returning I think it would be a good time to join in. This trip was planned to celebrate our tenth anniversary. Cost of the cruise was a big factor in choosing carnival, but had also considered the "kid friendly" sound of it. ( i don't want to get thrown off of the ship if my kids play under the table at dinner) Smoke free is a bonus, however my greatest expectation is that this will be something special for our anniversary. I want to see and enjoy the islands and have fun with the kids on the boat.
Please let me know what your experience was. If you have and tips to share (with the benifit of hindsite).Also any specific suggestions for the island tours woulld be greatly appreciated.

thank you, gabi
Jan 21st, 2000, 01:39 PM
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Hi, Gabi: We recently returned from a great week aboard Paradise. For details see for Carnival Paradise, 12-19-99 cruise. Cheers, Gary.
Jan 21st, 2000, 03:59 PM
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hi gary
i had allready read your glowing review of the carnival paridise. i have also read a few of the BEWARE CARNIVAL reviews. i believe people are more likley to take the time to vent when they have had a bad experience than to report that they experienced all that they had dreamed of. HOWEVER, seemed to have so many rave reviews and so few bad ones. I couldn't help but wonder if the company picks the reviews it wants people to see. (as you know,the travel agent is just a click away from the review page).
Anyway i feel the opinions here areun-censored
Jan 25th, 2000, 05:17 PM
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Regarding CruiseOpinion---- I have
read plenty of negative reviews and
plenty of "average" or "so-so"
opinions on that site. I think the
way the reviews are set up--- rating
each feature of the cruise experience
BEFORE writing the commentary
on that cruise forces most writers
to be more objective and discourages
inflammatory comments/reviews.
After all, they got to back up what
they say on the ratings of cruiseship's
features. Just my opinion.
Jan 25th, 2000, 10:05 PM
Paul Therault
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Geez Melinda, is there a negative club that gets together to sail on Carnival Ships? Where do you find all these cruisers that complain about these cruises? I there a "complaint room?" I'll have to look around next time I sail.

I have been on 56 cruise ships (including the Paradise). Carnival has more than one pool (did you spend the whole time sulking and in your cabin)? There is a quiet pool (the one with the sliding roof). All Carnival ships have one.

There are also quiet lounges, such as the piano bar. How about the library? What about the big-band ballroom dancing (or is that too noisy too)?

There are so many different venues on a Carnival ship it is meant for all ages and types.

I go on a Carnival ship because I want to have fun. And I do not mean drinking fun.

If I want real quiet I choose Holland or even better Radisson, Silversea, Seabourn, Crystal or Cunard.

Your travel agent should advise you. Just state your lifestyle.

Jan 30th, 2000, 01:58 PM
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My family and I (husband and 7 year old daughter) are booked on the Paradise this summer. Western itinerary. All three of us did Disney and the Big Red Boat in the summer of 98. We loved the cruise, but decided it was too short. Our daughter did not want to leave the ship. I chose the paradise this time because of the different itinerary, carnival's reputed good children's program, and the longer length of the cruise. I would like to hear from anyone else who has experienced this trip with kids. I am not sure which shore excursions or off-ship activities my daughter would be interested in. (She is not a very good swimmer.) Please respond if you have any info that would be helpful for us. Thanks!
Jan 31st, 2000, 10:48 PM
Paul Therault
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Message for Lisa,

All Carnival ships have three days at sea where your daughter will have time for the children's program.

For port days, do the sightseeing half day tours. Promise her some type of gift (for being good, etc). These tours always have some sort of shopping included.

Don't forget, this is your vacation too!

Feb 1st, 2000, 06:36 AM
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There are a number of things to do on your cruise that your daughter should love. You don't have to be a swimmer to snorkel when it is from a beach area. Check with your Shore Excursion person and find out what the snorkeling area is like. How about Chankanaab in Cozumel? Grand Cayman has wonderful beaches. In Ocho Rios you might try Dunn's River Falls. She'll love climbing up the rocks. Just be sure to bring aqua-socks or old tennis shoes to climb in as it is really slippery. I'm sure you'll have a great time!
Feb 1st, 2000, 06:41 AM
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I should have added Grand Cayman Turtle Farm and Stingray City as good bets with children. ( Or adults for that matter!! )
Feb 1st, 2000, 01:38 PM
Melinda Kazmer
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Paul - do you work for Carnival??? We have cruised with many, many other lines and never had a problem. Cruising is, in fact, our favourite vacation. We couldn't spend time inside the ship because the air-conditioning must have been 55 degrees - it was very cold - I didn't see a "quiet" pool anywhere on the ship. The whole layout of the ship was confusing - I think our biggest problem with it was that it is a "floating hotel" and not a cruise vessel. We are not old, but have been cruising for many years and have come to value smaller ships that are meant to cruise - not entertainment meccas! It is a matter of taste - we made the wrong choice and will never do that again. By the way, have you read about the class action law suit against Carnival by Paradise Millenium passengers??? Enough said.
Feb 3rd, 2000, 08:34 AM
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Just back from cruising Carnival's Sensation. We had a fantastic time. The cabin was so much larger than our last cruise. The food was above average and some meals were excellent (loved the Prime Rib!). The staff is well trained. Even with 2000 passengers, we weren't tripping over people. Everything, that Carnival had control over, ran well. Can't wait for our next Carnival cruise.
Feb 3rd, 2000, 02:24 PM
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Thanks to those who have replied to my earlier posting. I have heard lots of good things about Stingray City. We went snorkeling with stingrays when we were in the Bahamas (on the big red boat.) Is this one really so spectacular that we would want to do it again? Does anyone know how deep the water is? I think the child might be afraid of the stingrays, but we may try it anyway! All of the Ocho Rios tours that I have seen seem to end up at Dunn's River Falls, so we will probably go there. I am counting the days til our cruise; I am a schoolteacher and eagerly await summer anyway! Please reply if you have anything of interest! lisa
Feb 5th, 2000, 08:33 PM
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The Carnival quandry continues......

We went on our first cruise last year on Carnival Celebration. For one reason, money. Or rather lack of it. The ship looked like it had been decorated by The Brady Bunch. It seemed very old.

However, we enjoyed the casino, several shows, and standing on the bridge after dark. The food was usually very good (except when they tried to serve me half-frozen Tirimisu) and the staff very helpful (except the people in the Pursers office).

There were good points as well as bad. This year we're going on Fascination. Will we continue to go on Carnival? Probably not when we can afford to "upgrade". But like several others have stated, I don't eat McDonalds now but it sure got me through college when I was broke.

Carnival was my introduction to cruising. I hope to take the good points and keep improving on them with each subsequent cruise for a better and better vacation experience.

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