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DARK_MAGIC Jan 31st, 2018 01:22 PM

MSC Cruise????
I have cruised quite a bit but never on MSC. I have had the same travel agent for 20 years and when I mentioned this cruise company she said that she had never booked anyone on this cruise in her entire career, so she couldn't give an opinion on it. Well the reason I want to go on it as opposed to others is that they have some unique itineraries in the Caribbean. One specially is a 7 day cruise that goes to Guadalupe, Trinidad, St. Vincent and the grenadines, and Grenada. I cant find those 4 islands on one of the mainstream cruise lines unless I go an a cruise that's 40+ days! (which I could never do). The boast look great and people say great things about the boats and cabins. But that seems where the praise ends. There seemed to be a lot of negativity on the customer service and things like embarking and debarking. But I would say that a majority of the negative comments were from European itineraries. I was thinking about going on the MSC Preziosa in March oh 2019. Has anyone cruised on this boat or on MSC and can give me any of your thoughts? Thanks.

Sassafrass Feb 1st, 2018 12:13 AM

We cruised on the MSC Divina in the Caribbean a couple of years ago and developed a love-hate relationship.

There was so much wonderful.
The elegant ship was absolutely beautiful and immaculate.
The pools and lounge areas were gorgeous.
The food was very good and dining service was excellent.
The entertainment was truly fantastic!
It could have been a perfect cruise!

Then, Service was excellent to terrible, depending on the venue.
Many activities were completely disorganized. Many were simply mismanaged.
Many passengers were pushy and rude. They paid no attention to any rules, and nobody enforced any rules.
Rather than forming a line which would have made things smoother, many passengers jostled for a space, pushing ahead, etc. making getting on and off the ship very unpleasant.
Even worse were a kazillion kids also following no rules. Mothers took babies in diapers into the hot tub. Just yuk! Staff noticed, but said nothing!
If you have a child, don't even think about using the kid's program. Their ideas were great, but too many kids and not enough staff.

Check the times you are going. We learned that the cruise we took, all kids under 12 went free with the parents on that cruise. It had been heavily advertised for Italian families and there were just too many kids to be accommodated comfortably, and being on holiday - no rules and little supervision.
So, if the problematic areas of service do not bother you and you can avoid the events where people are more likely to crowd together, the rest will be great.

DARK_MAGIC Feb 1st, 2018 06:19 AM

Thanks you, sassafras. That was really helpful. You make s good point. The whole point of cruising, at least for me, is to see many different counties and lands. The boat is just a vessel to me. I have never been in a cruise ship pool or hot tub. I have never been to a show. When the boat docks I get off and donít get back on until the last minute. When I am on the boat and there are days at sea, which I try to limit, my favorite place is the deck that has the life boats above it. I can sit and hear the waves hit the boat, and relax and itís ususlly a ghost town in that area. Go to bed in one country and wake up in another, marvelous!!

jacketwatch Feb 1st, 2018 09:04 AM

I'm with Sass on this one. yes we like different places to see but also like shows and expect at least good service. Their ships look great but until the ratings improve they are off my list. I can spend the same amount of money or a bit more elsewhere and be get a better experience.

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