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Al Sep 28th, 1998 05:11 PM

MS Carousel
Looking for info on the Southern Caribbean Cruise on MS Carousel. Food, Entertainment, and Room

Keith Sep 29th, 1998 02:36 PM

Hi Al: We went on this cruise in January 1997 from Aruba. The best thing about this cruise is obviously the ports-of-call. You can't beat them. <BR> <BR>This was our second cruise, with the first one being on Carnival. The ship is small, yet very comfortable and clean. If you are going expecting a 3 star resort type of cruise, you won't be disappointed. The value for the $$'s is certainly there. <BR> <BR>You will depart from Aruba, and we were also there on a previous trip. If you want more specific information, just e-mail directly, and we can provide you with more details. <BR> <BR>Have fun!!!! Keith & Karen Pinn

Tom Oct 10th, 1998 09:43 AM

We are also looking for info for this same cruise. Mainly about the ports-of-call, which excursions to take, etc... <BR>Any info would be helpful. <BR>Thanks.

pam Oct 11th, 1998 02:39 AM

Hey there: My hubby and I went on this cruise in Feb. '97 - what a wonderful experience we had. I can guarantee you that you won't be disappointed. If you're expecting a high glitsy ship, than this cruise is NOT for you. The rooms are clean, the food is okay, the crew and staff were wonderful. If you go onboard this ship with the thought of what exotic ports of call you're going to, you'll have a great time. <BR> <BR>You leave from Aruba and are at sea that whole nite. First port of call is Barbados - we did the "rhum runner" on this island, what a trip. We had so much fun on this excursion, it's a MUST DO, but do be careful of the rum punch, it'll knock your socks off, it kinda sneaks up on you and BAM, you're done for the evening. <BR> <BR>On the island of Grenada, be careful of the locals meaning, there will be a local greeting you as you walk thru the gates after leaving the ship and will start telling you all about the island. If you don't want a tour guide, you must tell him right away or it will cost you dearly. We decided to let the poor guy lead us around, and it was a great tour, it cost us $40 US for this tour. It was informative and he was extremely helpful in explaning things. This island is noted for its spices and the like. Personally, I would never go back to Grenada for a vacation, but glad I had the opportunity to see it. On this island we did the snorkeling excursion, which was disappointing. The reefs were dead and other than seeing a couple of sea urchins, didn't see many colorful fish. <BR> <BR>On the island of St. Lucia, we did the half day jeep tour - this is a MUST. It was great fun, saw banana groves and my favorite was the rainforest tour. Magnificent, island people are very friendly, but you are not allowed to take their picture, alot of voodoo on this island and they believe that if you take their picture, you take their soul. If you do want to snap a photo, you must ask their permission first. We sat at a sidewalk cafe drinking beer and had a great time. This is a beautiful island, wanna go back for our 25th wedding anniversary. <BR> <BR>Margarita Island, well the only thing I can say is that it sucks. We took the bus tour, 1/2 day I believe and the bus took us to a beach. It's a 45 minute ride to anything there. They claim you need your passport to get off the ship, well no one even asked to see ours. I don't really have much to say about this place, would certainly never go back there. <BR> <BR>Curacao - beautiful dutch island, very clean, people are most helpful and nice. The "downtown" of where the ship docks is within walking distance. We took the half day bus tour of this town and saw many beautiful homes and then again, the poverty. We stopped for about an hour at the seaquarium, this was great. This is a definite need to do tour if you want to see most of the island. We also stopped at a booze factory which produces the Curacao (pronounced Cure-a-sow) liquor and of course, they did give away free samples. I came home with a bottle of all five different types, yummy!!!! <BR> <BR>And then of course back to Aruba, beautiful, busy island and very expensive. Hubby and I went into the McDonald's, ordered two hamburgers two small fries and a med. soda and it cost us $13 US - holy crap!! <BR> <BR>Back to the ship, it's small, it's an older ship, but clean. The cabins are small, but hell who cares, you only sleep, shower and change clothes in it!! It's not a carnival or a royal caribbean, but it will get you to where you're going. Hubby and I are not the type to sit and watch entertainment in the lounges, but what I heard from other people was that it was great. They have a very small casino and it was packed every night. Hubby and I just enjoy the moonlite and the tropical breezes. <BR> <BR>Hope this was helpful and bon voyage, you'll have a great time. If you want any more info, feel free to email me.

Al Oct 15th, 1998 04:07 PM

Keith can you email may. Can;t get through to yours

Al Oct 24th, 1998 04:58 PM

anymore Sunquest travellers?

Linda Oct 25th, 1998 02:26 PM

So is Sunquest the name of the cruise line or do they only have the one ship (Carousel). How do you contact them? <BR>

Al Oct 26th, 1998 02:03 PM

Hi Linda! <BR>No, Sunquest is the name of a Canadian package tour company which in turn is owned by Airtours of England (One of the largest in the world). They own 3 cruise ships, and are affiliated with Carnival Cruises and many other travel companies.

Meinrad Oct 31st, 1998 08:32 AM

Actually Airtours now has 4 ships <BR>The Seawing,Carousel,Sundream and new for 1999 The Sunbird -ex Song of America <BR>RCL. Sunquest has a web site at <BR>Happy cruising

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