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Eileen Sep 30th, 1998 03:26 AM

Mediterranean cruise via HOLLAND AMERICA
I wonder which line offers the best cruise of the Meditteranean? <BR> <BR>Have you taken Holland America before? And do you recommend this line? Is it true that their ships are the newest among all others? <BR> <BR>My parents & I are planning to join a cruise but have no idea which one to choose. Please share your insight with me. Thanks.

Lynn Sep 30th, 1998 03:23 PM

My husband and I cruised HA to Europe last August and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. They are first class all the way adding special touches that other cruise lines don't. HA also has the "no tipping" policy, so what you pay is what you pay for the cruise (obviously not incl. excursions and drinks) with the option to tip "if you like". Most people still did tip something, though probably not as much on other lines. The food, service and ship (Maasdam) were all about or close to the best we've gotten on six cruises. Princess and HA are about even as far as the best lines we've been on. As for HA on the trip to Europe, they watched over us every step of the way, even when we stayed on in Rome at the end of the cruise, there was a HA representative at the hotel to help us with excursions and other problems until our departure. Would highly recommend them. <BR>

Marian Oct 7th, 1998 04:40 PM

I ditto all of Lynn's remarks. Holland America is top notch. I have taken cruises on the Veendam and the Ryndam and have nothing but praise for the ships, crew, entertainment, tours, food--everything is first class.

sandy Oct 18th, 1998 06:17 AM

I prefer a smaller ship than the Maasdam, which carries 1200 passengers. The Radisson Diamond (350) and Song of Flower (175) provide a much nicer experience, and even though they are considered luxury cruise ships, the prices are quite competitive with Holland America. And they include a lot of extras, such as complimentary wine with dinner, free airfare from the East Coast (low add-ons from Midwest and West), and NO tipping. On the Radisson Diamond, all the staterooms are outside suites, and gorgeous. The staff is European, not Indonesian, so communicating with your waiter or stewardess is never a problem. Ask your travel agent to send you a brochure. <BR>Another excellent choice is Crystal. <BR>

Judi Oct 26th, 1998 11:05 AM

<BR>Just returned from Eastern Med. cruise on HA Rotterdam VI. This is their new flagship, launched last fall. Cruise was wonderful (Greece, Egypt, Israel, Turkey,Croatia, Venice). Especially great was the ship had immigration officials on board one to two days in advance to clear the ship when it docked. We were very pleased with HA, except would have appreciated cruise documents and excursion info. two weeks in advance of departure.

hans Oct 29th, 1998 12:17 PM

hi, <BR>recommend h.a.l. as the very best. this summer they will have 2 ships in the med: the newest rotterdam, which I could visit when recently in holland, and the maasdam oin which we enjoyed the panama-canal last year. You will not regret choosing holland-america...

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