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jackie Sep 21st, 1998 08:11 PM

I'm going on a southern caribbean RCCL cruise in January and I am wondering if it is worth it to bring along a camcorder. Is it much of a hassle? It would be nice to capture the different islands and the ship on videotape but we would rather leave such an expensive and bulky item at home if it is a real pain to carry around. Thank you for any replies.

Barbara Sep 22nd, 1998 12:25 PM

Interesting question, Jackie. I'm would guess that you could ask 20 people that question, and 10 would say yes and 10 would say no. My answer is yes, is is a hassle--lugging it around all the time on all the different tours and worrying about it getting wet at the beach or forgetting it on a tour bus or something. With that said, we would never, ever travel without our camcorder because the videos that we have from different cruises (as well as other vacations) are priceless and have brought us enjoyment for years and years after the cruise is over! Have a wonderful time on your cruise!

ellie Sep 24th, 1998 07:21 PM

having used one on a holiday last year, i would not take one again. My impressions of that trip are now of seeing it through a keyhole. I wish I had just been there and enjoyed it at the time rather than try to capture it for later. Recently trips without it have confirmed this feeling for me. The photos taken by my partner are better than the camcorder anyway and he didn't have the camera up at his face the whole time. Camcorders really come into their own for capturing people and children in action shots.

frank Sep 26th, 1998 11:26 AM

Jackie, by all means take your camcorder. Unless it is one of those monster size hollywood professional types. If it does get to be a hassle, leave the camera in your cabin. I would rather have it with me and not want to use it, then not have it with me and want to use it. Have a great cruise.

Renee Oct 5th, 1998 12:10 AM

If you want to take some of the day trips offered through your cruise line, you can always leave the camcorder in your state room. It will be safe. Taking a video just on the ship can be lots of fun and a great thing to replay on the cold, nasty winter evenings after you are home! <BR>We are going to the Eastern Caribbean during Thanksgiving time and will probably leave ours on ship when we are in St. Thomas. We will be going on a snorkling tour and it has been suggested by our travel agent that we do not leave any valuables on the shore unattended. <BR> <BR>You can take great videos departing, sunsets, bands playing on deck, people in the pool, all sorts of activities right there. If you will not be leaving the camcorder alone while on the Islands those videos would be real treasures over the years. <BR> <BR>Have fun and do take it with..... <BR>

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