is august a bad time for a cruise?

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is august a bad time for a cruise?

My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon.
The thing is, we keep hearing that the carribbean is off limits because of hurricane season, mexico is in its rainy, humid season. etc.
Here's my question: We're coming from oregon, we don't want to spend a ton on airfare, so we can't go too far away. (no europe, asia, hawaii, australia, etc.)
Has anyone been on a cruise to the other tropical places in august? We need some advice about WHERE it would be safe (as in not being rainy or too muggy or too violently hot the whole time). Thanks!
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Paul Therault
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Hi Caitlin,

Your key word is tropical. There are no tropical areas to visit in August that are not muggy or sometimes rainy. Usually the rain does not last longer than an hour.

There is an extremely slight chance that it will rain your entire vacation but what is nice about a cruise for a honeymoon is that you can stay dry on the ship. There are covered areas outside that you may sit in the rain. I would call this romantic but coming from Oregon you may not think rain is romantic. If you book a hotel vacation you may have to walk to get to the restaurants, showrooms, pool, etc. You also may not have a vacation if the hotel is destroyed in a hurricane.

A cruise vacation means no hurricane worries except you may sail a day later or return a day later. Your itinerary will change since a ship will not go anywhere near a hurricane. Again there is ony a slight chance of a hurricane in August.

There are air-conditioned cabs on the islands. Rent one and go sightseeing.

The main objective of a honeymoon is to be with your mate come hell or high water.

Good luck to you.


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Hey Paul, thanks for your help. I like what you said about being from Oregon and not finding the rain very romantic. I DO find it romantic, but I DON'T want it coming along with us on our honeymoon. I think we've decided against the cruise thing, this time around. We'll definitely need to go sometime in our lives though.
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Have you thought about a cruise from NY? You can travel to either Bermuda or Canada. I would think that it will certainly be warm but not miserable hot and humid like in the Caribbean or Mexico. I've been to the Caribbean and Mexico during the summer and rarely does it rain all day or every day but I guess it could happen.
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Caitlin, I've been following you around all the various Forums; i.e., USA, Latin America, and I was the one who told you there was a special Forum on Cruises.
Now I know that you're in Oregon, don't have loads of $'s, and probably only a week or two.
Can't remember all the places you asked about on the USA Forum, but have you considered Lake Tahoe?

You can easily drive (not a huge expense), August weather will be GOOD, fairly warm but not too hot. The Lake itself is beautiful, and there's lots of outdoor activities to keep you busy during the day. At night, the hotel casinos provide you with other entertainment; lots of restaurants to choose from, free shows in the lounges for the price of a few drinks, playing nickel slots won't cost an arm and a leg, etc. It's an easy drive down from the Lake to the towns of Reno and Carson City (Nevada's capital) where there's other stuff to do.

You can get some fairly good deals on hotels in Tahoe; use the

Search Engine to find them.

Another locale to consider would be Las Vegas. Don't know your nearest Oregon airport; probably Portland. Either ask a recommended Travel Agent to help you or you can do the work yourself searching the Internet for air fare/package deals.
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Hi Caitlin:

I went on a cruise with my husband in August of 99. We had a great time, and it did not rain at all. We went on Carnival from Miami to San Juan, Tortola, and St. John (St. Thomas is the port). It was HOT in Miami, but once we were on our way, it was a blast! You can't get too hot on a cruise, as there is always a breeze when you're moving, there are pools and showers everywhere, and also some shady spots on deck. Also, the inside of the ship is FREEZING all the time. Go and have fun.
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thanks for your help guys. But I think we've ruled the cruise thing out this time. Although, I did see an ad in the paper for hawaiian 7 night cruises, including airfare from portland oregon for $899. I think you get to go to 4 islands. The only catch is, you stay in the smallest rooms on the ship, with portholes for windows. Too closterphobic for me for a honeymoon, but I thought I'd pass it along.

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