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I heard that the inaugaral cruise for Carnivals Victory out of NYC is in August. Can anyone provideb a trip report?

I heard that the inaugaral cruise for Carnivals Victory out of NYC is in August. Can anyone provideb a trip report?

Aug 4th, 2000, 07:16 AM
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I heard that the inaugaral cruise for Carnivals Victory out of NYC is in August. Can anyone provideb a trip report?

My buddy and I are cruising out of NYC on Labor Day, and Ive heard that the inaugaral cruise for the Victory is in August although Im not sure of what day. A trip report or any info on the cruise would be appreciated.Let us know if the crowd is good for singles, since we are a couple of late of single late 30s somethings. We are also going down to NYC a day early so any tips on what to do in NYC for 1 day would be appreciated. Were staying at the Beacon in the upper west side, and from what we were told that is anywhere from 15 min-to a half hour from the pier.
Aug 7th, 2000, 05:23 PM
Paul Therault
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Hi Tim,

You will not recieve a report on the Victory since it has not sailed yet.

I am sure it will be the same as the Destiny and the Triumph that I sailed recently.

Tons of fun, excellent food. New ship therefore service will be erratic. Training takes about 3 months.

Be sure to get to the deli before everyone else finds out about it.

What to do in NYC? Are you kidding?
Too varied to mention. Non-stop 24 hour action.

Traffic in NYC is horrific. Plan on 1/2 hour to get to pier.

Sep 7th, 2000, 05:59 PM
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Paul, Any information on this ship and itinerary yet? I'm looking for something out of NY.
Sep 8th, 2000, 08:34 PM
Paul Therault
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I have sent a couple of my customers on the Victory and here is their report.

Food is excellent, ship is elegant and clean. Entertainment is great. Service is poor.

Explanation: Service on any new mass-market ship will be erratic for the first couple of months. It will be a training ship. The only crew that will do a good job will be the ones that have been moved from other ships.

I am leaving on Sept. 18th. This is my 63rd cruise.

I will report here when I return. Both negative and positive.

Sep 12th, 2000, 06:57 PM
Paul Therault
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I will be cruising on the Victory next Monday. Since I have sailed the NY to Canada itinerary 5 times (just two weeks ago on the Destiny) all my observations will be on the ship, it's mechanics, service, food, decor and ambiance.

Going to see what Joe Farcus (designer and architect) did with this ship. His mind works in strange and unique ways.

I will report here when I return.

Sep 24th, 2000, 09:08 PM
Paul Therault
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Here is my report on the Victory, as promised:

The cruise to Canada was wonderful. Very few negatives. My 64th cruise.

Dining: I always sit at a table for 8 or 10 to receive varied reports. Only one entree was returned ... the fillet of sole was greasy. The waitress, although new, did a fine job and did her best to please. The busboy was excellent along with the maitre 'd and the head waiter.

The breads were freshly baked and warm. The deserts were thawed frozen. The soft drinks in the dining room must be purchased but on deck, during the day punch, apple or cranberry juice, lemonade and iced-tea were complimentary. Soft ice cream was available all day.
The buffet was .... well.... a buffet. Nothing special but the food was good. There were many alternate food areas that were excellent such as the deli, the wok and sushi bar. The Mississippi BBQ had excellent steak sandwiches, juicy hamburgers, gardenburgers, salads and McDonald type fries. The standard home-made pizza, calzones and ceasar salad was available 24 hours a day.

The room service menu was limited but the food was tasty.

The main pool was rather noisy as with other CCL ships with many fun games and an excellent band. The quiet pool is in the back with soft piped-in music.

The cabin-stewardess was new and a little haphazard but nothing serious.

The entertainment was, as expected, fabulous. Las Vegas type production shows twice during the cruise. Excellent dancers, singers music (10 piece orchestra) sets, lighting and special effects.

There are many types and styles of combos throughout the ship in all the lounges from classical to country to piano bar and jazz.

The stage shows on other nights were OK. Typical lounge acts. The cruise director was not as witty as the usual British fellow on the other CCL ships. They must have hired him for his trained birds. CCL must have saved some money here .... they did not have to hire the usual comedian/juggler/singer/whatever.

Do not miss the midnight jam session where all the best musicians get together to play blues. It will have you dancing in your seats.

The casino was one of the best I've ever experienced. Great camaradarie and service. The slots were very loose.

The embarcation was smooth. There was a line before the ship opened at 12:30 PM, not after.

The debarcation was also smooth. Those with carry-on luggage were off at 8:30 AM.

Note: For the cruises out of NYC next year. DO NOT dilly-dally getting off the ship. When your section is called, get off quick. Saturdays in Sept. and Oct. has 5 or 6 cruise ships all letting off at once and it does bottleneck NYC. Many hours in traffic. Best to carry on your luggage for those two months.

The Carnival cruise ships are getting more elegant, Not as those of the Fantasy class that were built in the past which were extremely eclectic. They, of course can not equal a Princess, HAL and the other more upscale lines.

The disco on all ships in the fall are not very active. If you care for disco fun, sail during July or August.

There is no complimentary bus service to the ship as with the Bermuda bound cruise ships. The bus from the airport IS complimentary.

If anyone would like to ask any additional brief questions, you may e-mail me at the above address.

Happy cruising,


Sep 25th, 2000, 01:44 PM
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Paul, You mentioned the complimentary bus service to the ship and that brings up a question. We are going to Bermuda on a Celebrity ship. Do they offer free transpotation also? My agent doesn't seem to know. ( I'll choose better next time....this one was chosen by others ) We were planning to take a taxi but if that isn't necessary it would be great. How far from the pier to EWR or LGA?
Sep 26th, 2000, 01:16 AM
Paul Therault
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Hi Susan,

If you are NOT purchasing cruise-line air you can purchase round-trip transfers from the cruise line. If you did purchase cruise-line air you will receive complimentary transfers.

There is one exception.... Princess charges for transfers (nominal fee). You have to request them.

The trip from the airports to the pier (about the same distance) should be short but the traffic makes the trip long. No one can predict the time. At times it could take an hour to drive three blocks near the pier area. Road construction at the pier is the fault.

If you live within approxmately 100 miles of the pier, most cruise lines will offer free bus transportation. All it takes is a phone call by your travel agent.

Is your travel agent "real" or did you puchase over the net?

Sep 26th, 2000, 05:21 AM
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He's very real! He's the co-owner of a very successful agency that specializes in cruises. He is a very good business man but I think a bit too busy on the management side to have time to provide good service. I think it can be a catch twenty-two. You want an agent that does a lot of cruises but sometimes you can get one that has gone beyond the point of really looking out for the individual client. I know that doesn't always happen but it can just as it can in any business. This is a small group thing and another couple handled all the details. Personally, I know a home based agent that takes wonderful care of her clients and will go to her next time. She is building up her business ([email protected]) and really tries hard to take the very best care of the clients. Thanks for all the info you give on here. Even if we might not always agree that is usually just a matter of opinion and it helps to look at all sides of each issue. Your input is appreciated.

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