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Michael Widener Sep 9th, 1999 02:11 PM

Hawaii Cruises
we are thinking about an American Hawaii cruise in late February. Can anyone tell us of their experience and what kind of cabin to get. Are the cabins comfortable?

Allan Tinsley Sep 10th, 1999 07:12 AM

We were on the Independance (American Hawaii) 6/96 and had a great time. Best way to see all the islands, we just rented cars when we wanted to see more. The staff were all americans and the food was great. A little too much emphasis on hawaiian culture, but if that's what you want you'll enjoy it. The ship is old (1953) and shows it age, but the rooms were comfortable, and average size. Its' not fancy, but a different cruise than the alaska and carribean cruise we'd been on. We've been on seven cruise and felt that the kids program was very good, although we did not have our kids with us, we did see alot of the activities and they looked well coordinated. The shows have an hawaiian theme and the room is small so you're right up front for all the action.

Donna Sep 10th, 1999 10:41 AM

My husband also responded to your message about American Hawaii. IF it is the same ship we sailed on it is old, and at first I was very disappointed having recently cruised on the Monarch of the Seas - a huge difference in size and ambiance!!! However, I realized the character the ship/cruiseline embodied and enjoyed (and appreciated)it for its history and charm. I really did enjoy the cruise and most of that is because I think it is a great way to see the islands. (We had visited Hawaii in the mid-80s.) I agree with Allan. Sometimes I tired of the strong emphasis on Hawaiian culture, but, hey, after all we were in Hawaii. The food was good - my husband really enjoyed the beef entrees. My biggest complaint was what I perceived as too much emphasis on tipping (at a higher rate than recommended tipping on other cruises we had been on). Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with tipping because I know we are well cared for on cruises, but we only sat at our assigned table at the evening meal (all other meals were open seating) and we were expected to tip our waiter at a rate that was above other cruise lines. Sure, there are newer, prettier, glitzier ships, roomier, fancier ships, but I consider our cruise and adventure and appreciated the opportunity of sailing on the sister ship that carried Grace Kelly, her family and friends, to her wedding, and the sister ship on which the final scenes of "From Here to Eternity" were filmed. We sure enjoyed watching the movie on-board while enjoying popcorn and soft drink. Each cruise we have been on has had its good points and bad points.

Todd Czaja Sep 10th, 1999 11:17 AM

May I suggest a cruise on one of the newer and fancier ships out there. For example my wife and I recently cruised RCCL's Vision of the Seas from Acapulco to Hawaii in late April-early May and loved it. This is a repositioning cruise for 3 of RCCL's ships enroute to and from Alaska. They are in the spring and fall. We booked the entire trip w/ RCCL and they took care of everything! The cruise itself was 11 days. We had a prestay in Acapulco and poststay in Honolulu. Everything, including all transfers, went as smooth as could be! First you get to see sunny Acapulco. 2nd, you have 5 days at sea for rest and relaxation. I wasn't sure how I would like 5 days at sea, but it was fantastic. Last, now that your all rested up, you spend 6 days island hopping from the ship in Hawaii. There were 4 of us that went and we all had a memorable time. The cost for all of it was $2100 pp including air from N.Y. Oh yeah, the ship is 80000 tons, state-of-the-art and gorgeous. Just thought I'd give you something else to think about.

Jerry Sep 10th, 1999 08:05 PM

Michael- I agree with others who suggest you try another cruise line. I went on American Hawaii Cruises and It was not very good. The Ship is older and in need of a make over. The staff was not very professional and the food was really nothing special. This cruise line from what I understand has had some problems in the past and has not really ever recovered. Skip this one and enjoy yourself on another line.

Todd Czaja Nov 13th, 1999 08:46 PM

My Email has changed to [email protected] for anyone who wants to respond.

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