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Kay Sep 20th, 2000 11:13 AM

Good 3-4 day cruise for 80-year-old
From your experience, what would you suggest? (I've never been on a cruise.) I'd like to take my 80-year-old mother on a 3-4 day cruise--moderate price. She would enjoy shows, food, but no dancing or physical activities. No formal evenings. She can't take stairs so needs elevators. I'd like to have a long shore visit where she could enjoy sightseeing via transportation. Her furtherest travels in her life have been Hawaii, California, Niagara Falls, and Orlando. In fact, I'd need to get a passport for her soon. Thanks for advice.

Judy Sep 20th, 2000 11:48 AM

Kay - I took my mother (75) on Royal Caribbean's 3 night Bahamas cruise out of Miami last April and she loved it! She had never been on a cruise before. She thanked me a least a half a dozen times each day we were gone. She really enjoyed the food (casual dining is offered)and the Pina Coladas on deck. Also the casino. They have shows, but we didn't go. I highly recommend this cruise. They go to Nassau (good shopping close to port) and Coco Cay (their private island). Royal Caribbean also has a 4 night cruise which adds on a stop in Key West. Check it out.

rita Sep 20th, 2000 03:37 PM

Kay, <BR> <BR>Please go. It will be wonderful for both of you. <BR>I took my mother, she was 87, on a 7 night Caribbean cruise. She loved breakfast at the outdoor buffet, the casino, the bingo and the evening shows. <BR>There is informal dining for those formal nights. <BR>She can always use elevators, no need to worry about that. <BR>There are lots of shore excursions on buses and very little walking involved. <BR>Please do it. My mother is gone now and that cruise is a wonderful memory!

peg Sep 29th, 2000 03:25 AM

Hi Kay -- <BR>Highly recommend RCCL's Nordic Empress which sails out of San Juan in winter, 3 or 4 nights, St. Thomas and St. Maarten on the 3 night, add St. Croix for 4 night. All the islands have tour bus-type opportunities/excursions. The N.E. is a lovely ship, but not too big. They do have a formal night, but you're not obligated to participate. <BR> <BR>I've sailed her from Miami and also from San Juan (SJ in Feb 2000). BTW: Mom would not need a passport for this trip, just an official birth certificate and picture ID. <BR> <BR>Do not recommend Carnival for mom--too noisy, crowded, etc. I'd stick with Royal, Holland, etc. Happy to answer questions if you want to write to me directly. <BR>Peg

Laurel Oct 2nd, 2000 09:06 AM

Hi Kay. <BR> <BR>It sounds like a Bermuda cruise would be great for your mom. Though most are 7 stay docked in Bermuda at least 3 days. Transportation around the island can be by candy striped busses or taxi. Be forewarned that the busses do travel at quite a clip--you'll feel like you are speeding. Also a ferry can take you from one end of the island to Hamilton and back. We found this to be quite can see a lot of the shoreline properties. There are combination buss and ferry tickets that you can buy depending on the # of days you are on the island. <BR> <BR>I recommend that if a beach day is desired, that you go to Elbow Beach resort. The public may (or used to in 1996) use the beach facilities for a nominal fee and it's not too much of walk to the water compared to Horseshoe Bay. Changing facilities were also available. You may want to double check by calling the resort office first. <BR> <BR>St. George's is a quaint town with lots of stores and some theatrical presentations depending on time of year. <BR>Hamilton proper is a beautiful town with lots of shops...especially antique and jewelry. They were very reasonable to me. Food prices are high because everything is shipped in, but there are some nice restuarants if you want to eat off ship. <BR> <BR>There are many tours that can be taken...and there is one, that you shouldn't miss. It's of the caves.... and nearby animal park. Your mom may want to stay on board while you take this trip...unless she doesn't mind sitting above ground while you take the tour....its really great. <BR> <BR>Anyway...hope this helps. My hubby and I had a great time and will be going back again once we get through the Panama Canal and Caribbean experiences. Bermuda is a quaint, clean, enjoyable, safe place.... <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

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