Cruise Experience Interview


Jul 31st, 2014, 12:18 AM
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Cruise Experience Interview

Good day! I'm Ma. Bernadette Valdez, a tourism student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I am currently conducting a research about the cruise industry and If you don't mind, I would just like to ask a few questions regarding your cruise experiences. Please refer to the questions below.

1. What cruises have you taken? (Cruiseline, Destination, No. of days)
2. What was the most important reason you decided to try out cruising?
3. What were the other motives you had for cruising?
4. Were you reluctant in any way about taking a cruise? What caused this reluctance? Did the actual cruise change your mind?
5. Now that you've tried out cruising, what's the best thing about it?
6. Do you plan to take another cruise? If yes, what kind of cruise will it be? (Cruiseline, Destination, No. of days)

Your response would really be a big help to me, Thank you so much for your time
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Oct 1st, 2014, 01:31 AM
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1) Blount small ship adventures - Classical Maine & the Northeast: Rhode Island to New Brunswick (12 days) [ http://www.blountsmallshipadventures...view=itinerary ]

2) I had never tried cruising before. I always wanted to go cruising.

3) To have a good time with my family and to enjoy the beautiful destinations

4) No, I was not reluctant in taking a cruise. Of Course the budget was the major reason I didn't try cruise before. But Blount was within the budget.

5) It is very different experience. A road trip and cruise trip to same destinations may appear quite different. The breeze… the beauty of the waterways … the cruise parties… its amazing!

6) Yes, I want to take another cruise. But the destination is not yet decided.

Hope you found these informations useful. Good luck with your research!
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Oct 1st, 2014, 05:59 PM
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1. Oceania: 2 Med cruises (14 days each); Orient: Scandinavian/Baltic (17 days); Princess: Caribbean, Panama Canal (10-12 days); Celebrity: Caribbean (7 dyas)
2. My parents took us on a cruise to celebrate their 50th anniversary
3. We enjoy visiting different places without having to pack/unpack multiple times and arrange to get from one place to another
4. DH gets motion sick; that remains a concern
5. See #3
6. Oceania (our favorite line), Caribbean, 12 days
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